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  1. XRP = eXtra Relaxing Pair (of socks that is). Bad - I know, you don't have to remind me.
  2. There was a pretty good overview of the status in this Feb 8, 2019 article on AMB Crypto. One encouraging sign is that the SEC has more or less moved from a 'Hell No' stance to a 'Ok, you can do it if you can deal with the market manipulation concern'. Although, given the SEC's track record on insider trading on stocks, it kind of looks like the SEC just needs a "fig-leave" of a reason in the ETF proposals from VanEck and SolidX. Originally, the SEC was going to Yay-or-Nay this by end of February. But the deadline was pushed back due to the US govt shutdown. Don't ask me how you get a deadline
  3. Poloniex has always been very scary to me so I've stayed away from them. But that said -- I use 3 other crypto exchanges and I went through a similar process when my US drivers license and US Passport expired within about 3 months of each other and I tried to pass along updated docs to the 3 exchanges. My accounts had already been verified and validated and there was no changes in residence or anything like that. But - Wow --- talk about letting no good deed go unpunished. In fairness to all 3 exchanges -- they were nice enough about it, and extremely apologetic --- but they put me thru the w
  4. hmmm ... if this British banker was 3 sheets to the wind when he said this, it might indicate some problems with the bank's liquidity preference models. Don't Verrie --- I'm here all veek!! ?
  5. Sorry to slightly "hijack" your post with another with another story right below the crypto-currency rating link you posted --- But did you see this one also on Cointelegraph? Germany's 2nd largest stock exchange to launch new trading app (XRP included) https://cointelegraph.com/news/germanys-2nd-largest-stock-exchange-to-launch-zero-fee-crypto-trading-app
  6. Given the current US government environment -- both executive and legislative -- I'm not sure how much longer the "FANG" group of US Tech companies (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) can simply waltz into whatever business line tickles their fancy and not - at some point - run into anti-trust by US Dept. of Justice. Plus -- the major US banks will totally freak - BofA, Wells Fargo, Citibank, JP Morgan will definitely pull-out all stops to fight this. This is not the right time for FB to contemplate this - they could regret this and fast if they push this idea.
  7. I could be mistaken -- but wasn't BTC dominance well over 50% in early 2017? Like all major market shifts, changes in dominance start out as incremental declines and then there is a major event or a series of major events tightly spaced together that drive major changes in make-up. I'll be the first to admit that my perception may be shaded by my strong belief in Ripple and XRP. But in the words of a bumper sticker from the late '90's "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you" -- just because I've consumed the XRP Kool-Aid - doesn't mean that BTC isn't losing its gr
  8. The crypto explosion -- price wise - that gripped the market during the fall and winter of 2017 and the subsequent pullback in prices in early 2018 is carbon copy of what the Web went thru. Web stocks went nuts from 1996 to 2000. During that time Amazon was nothing more than an early online book and CD retailer. AOL was a big email provider. Pre-IPO internet stocks had billion dollar valuations. The bottom dropped out on Internet stocks in late 2000, but the Amazon's of the world expanded their reach. Between 2004 and 2008 --- Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, etc. were formed. Oracle made a killing p
  9. @Tinyaccount -- That what I was trying to convey with my term " Ripple is planning to use their own technology to make that happen."
  10. @Tinyaccount --- I was going off of this paragraph from a Coindesk story from May of this year: https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-pledges-lock-14-billion-xrp-cryptocurrency/ A sense of security To help give potential future XRP owners certainty that the market won't be flooded with this trove of cryptocurrecy, Ripple built 55 smart contracts using its own escrow feature released for public used in March, each holding 1 billion XRP and expiring on the first day of every month for a period of 54 months.
  11. I would add that there are no "ethereum" like functionality planned for SWIFT such as the smart-contract like features being incorporated into Ripple nor is there anything like the escrow features of Ripple in SWIFT -- note - I'm not referring to the planned 55 BB XRP lockup -- although --- Ripple is planning to use their own technolgy to make that happen. Also, to my knowledge SWIFT has never made their code available to the open source community. If do web searches on SWIFT code reviews -- you'll get references to the unrelated Apple/IoS Swift offering.
  12. Double Check the numbers. You started out with 5 Trillion in your post and then I think you shifted to 50 trillion in Daily volume. I think the number is 5 Trillion.
  13. I agree with @galgitron -- banks will move fast when their profit and fee pants are on fire. The other thing I'd put forth is that the arguments SWIFT has put forth smell of a "red herring". Correct me if I'm wrong, but given that SWIFT is an endpoint-to-endpoint solution in the banking world -- i.e. few if any modules need to incorporated into a given bank's IT infrastructure to use SWIFT -- I'm not sure how Wim Waeymakers of SWIFT can put the burden of slow development of new tech in SWIFT on its member banks. Even SWIFT has stated that they're a messaging platform. If anything -- you'd have
  14. R3 has done a great job of signing up partners and other interested parties. But you have to wonder: 1) Lots of partners --- Lots have left (JPM and Santander the most well known). 2) It costs the individual banks NOTHING (other than 1 to 3mm I think) to join R3. That's tire kicking money for a bank. 3) R3 is only now saying they'll release code before the end of the year. How long do you you think it will take for the member banks (who are still involved) to get serious about R3? If you're a bank --- R3 is 2 years down the road - easy before they even get to Pilot stage. H
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