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    aavkk reacted to King34Maine in No Consensus in the Ripple Network —— blog from Christian Cachin, Cryptology and Data Security Research Group, University of Bern   
    This was David S. response to the newly release critique of the XRPL consensus process: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1334290914609532928.html
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    aavkk reacted to Camerpl79 in New Use Case for XRP as a hedging instrument in Futures Markets   
    It means More Liquidity for XRP.  More Liquidity = More Demand.  More Demand = Higher Price.
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    aavkk reacted to macropolo in Ripple Partner Forte Signs Legendary Sim Developer   
    Ripple partnered gaming marketplace to be integrated into Will Wright simulation:
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    aavkk reacted to Julian_Williams in Asheesh Birla - General manager and SVP of Ripplenet - podcast   
    You are extrapolating my words into things I never said and in the same paragraph complain I am spreading blatant misinformation. I wrote "The growth should multiply exponentially as the network grows" not that it had been observed to have happened yet.  You response seems emotional and wrong, are you OK with that? Actually your comments are not usually this angry?
    Yes things have developed more slowly that Ripple predicted and many investors hoped (I have often written this myself without need to be prompted).  Big projects do get delayed by roadblocks and regulations, and always have to work around difficulties.  That this is happening is not invalidating the services Ripplenet are developing and rolling out. 
    Yes, I am impressed with the technology and impressed that they have got it working in the Mexico corridor and other corridors to a lesser extent. I impressed with the diversity of use cases, SBI's work in SE Asia and Flare and Forte to name a few.   I get it that you are not impressed, in which case you should perhaps be looking for projects that do impress you and entice you to invest, rather than wrongly maligning people who you disagree with.
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    aavkk reacted to Julian_Williams in Asheesh Birla - General manager and SVP of Ripplenet - podcast   
    utility scan has built up to 7 billion a day and it is missing a lot of what is going on.  ODL is less than two years old and the old ways are working whilst the public are willing to pay high fees and suffer the delays.  This situation has come to an end between Mex and USA, the biggest remittance corridor of all, where 10% of the business has already transferred across to using Ripplenet.  The limiting factor is the Deep Liquidity which needs to be grown before the corridors become active, and this is very hard to do.
    The growth should multiply exponentially as the network grows.  The announcement that the Bank of America have joined Ripplenet is very good news.
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    aavkk reacted to Julian_Williams in Asheesh Birla - General manager and SVP of Ripplenet - podcast   
    Did you know that 80% of international FX transfers pass through 3 megabanks?  It's mad, obviously this monopolistic situation needs to be changed and Ripplenet are providing a way for that change from trusting Banks like HSBC into doing it yourself cheaper and in real time.
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    aavkk reacted to Dario_o in Asheesh Birla - General manager and SVP of Ripplenet - podcast   
    Can RippleNet bridge 'local CBDCs' efficiently? This exec thinks so   https://eng.ambcrypto.com/ripplenet-local-cbdcs-exec/
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    aavkk reacted to Julian_Williams in Asheesh Birla - General manager and SVP of Ripplenet - podcast   
    two extracts from a very long interview
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    aavkk reacted to hamasugu in Twelve Japanese exchanges will distribute Spark Token.   
    I think Spark is important as bringing smart contracts to XRP.
    When DApp or DEX comes in the flare network, XRP will be converted to FXRP.
    If XRP is converted to FXRP, sparks need 2.5 times the value of XRP. 
    The demand for sparks will increase as flare networks become more widespread.
    And sparks increase value.
    It seems that DEX is also being developed, and FXRP will be locked up when yield farming in DEX becomes popular.
    In that case, the number of XRP on the exchange will decrease, so the selling board will become thinner and the value of XRP will increase more easily.(Circulation supply is reduced)
    Sparks will be gradually distributed to XRP holders. Therefore, the spark will also go up.
    Spark also has oracle rewards like mining.

    And in the long run, Spark will bring in tokens from other blockchains, depending on the governance that XRP holders allow.
    It's necessary as collateral.
    If you come to flare network with ETH or BTC, ETH or BTC can also solve the scaling problem and the problem of rising fees.
    It may be the fastest way to solve those problems. At that time, Spark will be needed as collateral, so demand will explode.
    Spark will also be relevant to those who have ETH or BTC in the future. If all tokens come to the flare network, all tokens will be able to use smart contracts. This is the biggest advantage for those who have XRP early on and the effect seems to last long!
    Ethereum can also bring in tokens from other blockchains. However, a custodian, such as Bitgo, must hold the tokens. 
    But the spark would allow this to be done without trusting a third party (trustless) with a wide range of tokens and assets by giving the spark a value as collateral. (perhaps No vendor can do this on a large scale with any token or asset.Probably Bitgo would also be difficult to custody any assets on a large scale.) 
    Ethereum makes it tough to get past the blockchain barrier mechanically, but Spark makes this very easy. 
    Many people still seem unaware of the value of spark.
    Sparks will be of great value if all tokens can use smart contracts.
    And in the flare network, XRP will be the key currency.
    Because it is the XRP holders who have the most sparks. Therefore, XRP (FXRP) will be the most important currency in the flare network.
    The Flare Network is a platform that may allow smart contracts to be used on every token of every blockchain as flare network grows.
    And the heart of it will be XRP(FXRP).
    Binance will also distribute sparks.
    Many exchanges, not just Japanese exchanges, will handle sparks.
    XRP and Spark will have a great synergistic effect.
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    aavkk reacted to Scout in Sr. Director, Central Bank Engagements   
    Has nothing to do with Spark or Bitcoin. This has to do with Japan and them running tests on the live XRP network. This was very obvious watching all the XRP traffic in and out of Japan on Fiatleak.
    Speculators have nothing to do with this movement.
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    aavkk reacted to WuWei in A possible good reason to why ripple holding a large supply is a good thing.   
    I see an amazing philanthropic opportunity for Ripple's utilization of the escrow, and based on their past efforts, I think that this would make for a spectacular business plan. If they were to balance the company's ongoing needs with regular generous philanthropic disbursements, the governments of the world would have to take notice and would have little to complain about. Approximately 50 billion of an asset could do wonders for this world, if it were to appreciate into double or even triple digits. For example, that 50 billion could erase all current U.S. student debt at $30 per xrp. However, I believe that if they were to embark on this path, that they would surely take a world view on what benefit they could enable. I love that Ripple has demonstrated such a high degree of philanthropy along the way and hope that as xrp's value gains momentum, so do these efforts.
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    aavkk reacted to King34Maine in Ripple XRP: Expanding Payment Activity in Africa Xago Utilizing XRP to Move Money Across Africa (Reason for latest pump?)   
    What's even more interesting is that Xago has received significant investment from Capitec Bank, the largest retail bank in South Africa, and a VC firm called Empowerment Capital Investment Partners to expand their services into the broader African marketplace. Wonder if Ripple will tap Xago to be a ODL exchange. Afterall, they serve as an XRP Ledger Gateway. On a Moneyweb podcast (06:03 - 07:00), one of Xago's co-founders, Mark Churnside, said that the company is currently in on-going discussions with over 25 global exchanges integration with the Xago platform to open up South Africa crypto market place. Mark goes on to say that they have been working with the appropriate South African financial authorities/regulators regarding the rules-of-engagement for their cross-border payments business down to the point of sale for retail clients.
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    aavkk got a reaction from paym8 in I Hold Bitcoin, I Want It to Be Successful –Brad Garlinghouse   
    Probably more of an ethical issue with no right or wrong answer but if Brad bought his BTC between 2011-2013 which is the most likely scenario (based on when he was exposed to the space and started at Ripple) than is simply holding it going against ones principles as an ESG driven investor? You could easily argue that selling now only fuels that fire.  Better to hold until there is less volume.  He’s always said he holds but never that he’s buying.  It’s certainly a fair assumption that when he purchased it that the massive centralization issues as well as environmental issues would not be such a factor.  
    Finally, no one at Ripple comes out and says that XRP is a better investment than BTC, ETH or others they only point out facts which demonstrate certain advantages XRP has over others.  These are 2 of those advantages which are more and more apparent by the day.
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    aavkk reacted to mars75 in Ripple - The Dawn of Central Bank Blockchain Corridors   
    UPDATE (11-20-2020):



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    aavkk got a reaction from Lamberth in Brad Garlinghouse Cautions Public Companies against Investing In Bitcoin (BTC)   
    Maybe we've misunderstood each other a bit as I am quite familiar with Ripple and its progress.  Xpring was initiated as an investor and incubator to help foster development of companies with proven entrepreneurs.  It was also structured so that it didnt distract or take away from Ripple's core focus.  Xpring's focus was seed stage opportunities and if you go on AngelList or some other early stage start-up platform (if you are an accredited investor) you'll hear over and over again that your funds will be illiquid for 7-10 years in most cases.  If you are consistently entering opportunities in the Series C stage than 2-4 years is reasonable but thats not what we are talking about here.  And if you hit a success rate of 1 out of 10 you'll likely make substantial profit.  Most people just aren't aware of just how long it takes to build and grow a startup and just how challenging it is- particularly in a burgeoning field such as blockchain.  To the uneducated investor it appears this endeavor failed but all I'm saying is that its just not clear.   
    Finally, all the while Ripple have been growing their core team and at least within the engineering side of things I know they are happily employed.  
    We dont know each other and I'll resist making certain assumptions about you based on your response above but if you expected routine updates on developments for companies invested via Xpring which started in 2018 and/or any success stories from those investments at this stage in the lifecycle you need to recalibrate your expectations.  As I originally mentioned, these along with UBRI and other Ripple initiatives are aimed at very long-term payoffs.  If you want to know wen moon than look elsewhere.
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    aavkk got a reaction from Lamberth in Brad Garlinghouse Cautions Public Companies against Investing In Bitcoin (BTC)   
    You deduced this from the article above?  You do realize that Xpring was a separate entity and didn't take away any resources from Ripple, the company?  Did you read the peanut butter manifesto from his time at Yahoo?  Also, for those critical of Xpring's investments probably aren't aware of the lifecycle for an early stage startup.  The investments Xpring has made are likely a 7-10 year payoff and few, if any, updates will be available for those various investments along the way.  Thats how this works, its not a bearish sign and Ripple haven't lost any focus on XRP.  These are private entities that don't have to disclose info.  Another great long-term bet is UBRI, the research institute where Ripple donates to the top education institutions world wide.  This is the type of long-term strategy and thinking, in addition to the short-term strategy of pivoting into real-time payments for XRP that we need.  Sure, it looks terrible on the publicly available liquidity index but a little birdie mentioned to me that those aren't telling the whole story.  
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    aavkk reacted to Skippy in Ripple: New bull cycle may push XRP price to $0.92 – Analyst   
    $10 analysis or more, no likes for sub-tenner posts
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    aavkk reacted to KarmaCoverage in A possible good reason to why ripple holding a large supply is a good thing.   
    Ripple's ownership is just a thing that is. All other comments painting either bad or good are opinions about the existence of the thing. Bearing witness to the fact that Ripple has a lot of XRP.
    Personally I think it is very good that Ripple has so much XRP because their strategic leadership has preformed like a rudder, in the turbulent formation period of the crypto industry. I'll call it "Ruddership" just for fun, and behind that ruder is a Navigator determining the desired direction.
    In time we will see, and I'm not surprised that we have seen Ripple come out with an XRP LoC. This will become a Marquis revenue source for Ripple, and a key talking point on their investor relations calls after they go public.
    I was originally perturbed by the idea of Ripple being a bank, or lender even though I wrote about it in How xPool, because the ultimate end game would play out in a way that Ripple ends up preforming functions similar to a Central Bank of the XRP ecosystem. 
    However now that I'm getting a sense for the direction that some of the regulatory frameworks are going, I'm actually viewing this as a very good outcome.
    Because, due to Ripple's "Ruddership" acting as a counterweight to the tragedy of the commons, which has neither an effective Navigator nor a rudder to avoid sailing into troubled waters.
    It also occured to me that BTC & ETH may have swallowed a poison pill when cheering regulatory clarity while being deemed a Commodity. This may in time turn out to be a curse, due to the per transaction taxation laws, capital gains/losses complicating the functional capabilities of those deemed digital commodities from preforming like a digital currency.
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    aavkk reacted to nikb in I don’t understand the Spark Token Airdrop   
    I can tell you that setting the MessageKey on your account should not impact your account's security: the current rippled code doesn't use it for anything; it just stores it. I can even tell you that unintentionally compromising your account your account by setting the MessageKey field is so unlikely that it is, effectively, impossible.
    But I can't guarantee you that it's actually impossible for you to mess it up. Nothing and nobody can prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot and since I don't know your intentions and can't control your actions I cannot and will not guarantee that you won't, as a matter of fact, shoot yourself in the foot.
    Please understand that I'm not trying to discourage you from setting the field. As I said, it should not affect the security of your account and unless you actively and very deliberately try to mess it up, you won't.

    If you follow the instructions provided by Wietse Wind in his post, you should be fine.
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    aavkk reacted to Julian_Williams in What kinda lambo can you afford?   
    Yes its my home, but I never intended to have a big place, it just sort of happened.  Life is like that, never know where it will take you.  I bought this house in a backwater for 230k in 1999 and sold some properties in London to renovate it.  But honestly anyone investing sensibly now in things like XRP (ie up coming crypto assets that have a place at the centre of the action) and staying calm will be much richer than I am.  I am not saying XRP is a certainty, but it is a certainty that assets like XRP will be the centre of huge business empires.  
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    aavkk reacted to peanut56 in What kinda lambo can you afford?   
    If that is truly your home. Congratulations on your success over the years. It is a lovely building. I'll be starting my first home construction in around six months. It will be an insulated split face block on the outside (I like the look of the mixture of industry and stone). The design is Georgian. The interior walls will be a hempcrete for both sound insulation and an addition of thermal mass. This will have a back porch overlooking a 32 acre farm which will have sheep on one and half and if I'm lucky the acre of perigord truffles will begin to produce in the next few years and I will expand that into the entire farm.
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    aavkk reacted to Julian_Williams in What kinda lambo can you afford?   
    I see so much talk about buying lambos, and guess many of you who took Let Her Rip's advice to capitulate and sell at a loss are disappointed you will never to be able to afford one even after XRP blossoms.  Can I suggest a solution?  A pot of yogurt and a second hand car will turn more heads and gain you more respect than any fancy Ferrari or Aston Martin.  Take my car for instance; 200k miles plus, never broken down and not been washed for about ten years (if you are patient you do not even have to buy the yogurt).
    It is also a green solution:  My car is a moving garden, it has a variety of lichen and mosses and a general slime that changes colour with the seasons.  In summer it is warm brown, in winter it is vibrant green.  The colours and textures are far harder and rarer to achieve than the boring seen it all before standard red or yellow choices Ferrari offer.
    Carbon Credits?:  I am taking this up with my MP.  Surely my car is green and deserving of special tax discounts?
    Respect: It is amazing what respect I get from the posh Ferraris and BMWs.  The get out of the way without fuss however rude I am in my driving, in fact the ruder I am the more they seem to respect me. 
    Head Turning:  Definitely a head turner.  When returning with my trolley at Tescos I find crowds around it, and even children stare from the back windows of cars when I am using the hard shoulder to overtake a traffic jam on motorways.
    Inexpensive:  No more repairing dents, no more fixing fixtures that fall off when you go too close to the walls and hedges, no more wasting money and time at the car wash.  More money to invest and lose on XRP.  What's not to like?

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    aavkk reacted to denverks in The Ripple Drop: Developing the XRP Ledger and the Future of Crypto Regulation in the US   
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    aavkk reacted to Scout in Jed McCaleb sales reach new all-time high amid XRP volume increase   
    Jed would dump all his XRP for XLM if he was allowed to. XLM has a much better position to recognize gains since they burnt half their tokens. Jed can’t exchange all his XRP because he is being limited as Ripple has custody of Jed's XRP and the rate of release is subject to a contractual agreement between Ripple and Jed. The details of this are public and he is limited to how much he can dump per month. Otherwise he would tank whatever value is left of XRP.
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    aavkk reacted to Dutchpinoy in CEO Brad Garlinghouse Highlights How XRP’s Regulatory Uncertainty Has Affected Ripple   
    Wonderful podcast imho. It's great having him adress him jumping the gun on '19 progress.
    I see the developments abroad as very much in line with what he said here. E.g. we're seeing countries and regions with with clear stipulations, now forming business relations founded on the premise of digital asset usage (specifically xrp). Projects are now building out that they simply can not fathom in the u.s.
    Now, one can argue SBI is a massive stakeholder and their progress in asia is biased and incentivized directly by Ripple and that, somehow, this implies this isn't organic growth... But just look at what is happening and most importantly, and this is the clue, what is ALLOWED to happen.
    For example (and this is just a pinch of recent results:
    -moneytap (xrp involvement is inevitable and they have been open about this being a reality). 
    -paying e-sport athletes in xrp (this is actually bigger than most realise as it directly implies and validates da's and specifically xrp being used for "salary", or simply put: this is without disguise or pretence a substitution for FIAT. This is allowed, they can do this. They're not getting sued. This sets a precedence for other applications somehow, someway in some capacity.
    -holding/trading/custody of da's. I dont have to explain the implications of this.
    Let alone the movement of surrounding countries with banks and institutions directly linked to sbi's reach.
    Asia moved first and just look at the set-up.
    So what does the u.s. allow? Some vague greenlight for custody (Individual states cant even agree on the specifics)? There is nothing there and the stark contrast with asia is mindboggling. We have all seen the developments happening right now and how entire payment landscapes are now 'DA ready'. I cant be f'd for the specific sources but it's all here on xrpchat: the roads are there and Rome is connected. Open the gate.

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