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  1. Pretty amazing how differently people interpret the same content. I feel as though Ripple would still very much like to see a healthy XRP ecosystem. They stand the most to gain. I also feel as though they are very strategically distributing XRP to institutions. I would rather they aggressively distribute XRP to insto’s that want it now and hurt the price in the short- term. Sure, a combination of a bear market coupled with higher insto’s and programmatic (due to cmc bs #’s) sales have XRP trailing the pack in recent performance. I’m ok with that considering utility appears to be ramping up and regulatory clarity looks to be making progress across the world. I’m buying more NOW. Finally, When Ripple crossed 100+ customers they announced they wouldn’t be making announcements until 200+. They did exactly that. Now they have been saying 200+, why all of a sudden people expect them to give us regular updates on customers? They have stated demand is at an all-time high and they are adding 2-3 per week. Ashish Birla mentioned his goal is 1000 customers in the next 2 years I believe earlier this year. I see no reason for concern here.
  2. great interview, it will be interesting to see the results from Stefan and the team at Coil over the next few years. They seem so thorough and contemplative in their decision making.
  3. I don't believe they ever claimed to END them. They've always highlighted the problems associated with them and have laid out in detail how XRP can drastically reduce them. Its a paradigm shift in the way things are settled and this takes time. Just as web monetization, streaming micropayments and other quality uses for XRP are. One of the benefits of Ripple's warchest is their ability to kick start a small amount of liquidity for XRP in emerging markets. I'm sure they are incentivizing the appropriate players involved to facilitate the usefulness of XRP as a bridge asset. The price has slipped lower and lower but that doesn't reflect the necessary infrastructure being built to support global adoption of digital assets, namely XRP for utility.
  4. @Valhalla_Guy Ripple have mentioned mentioned many times through testing there is an additional 30-40% cost savings found through using XRP over XCurrent. Yes, its my understanding that some of these savings are a result of letting go of legacy processes which can be difficult- Western Union is a great case of them not being ready. They will be "ready" when their market share is being taken away likely as early as the end of this year or Q1 2020. Some of the savings will come from greatly reducing nostro/vostro accounts. Instead of holding ~30 different accounts in different currencies institutions will hold a small and flexible pile of XRP. Or if they don't want to hold it for any number of reasons they can source in real time from appropriately liquid exchanges. Please show me where it was debunked and for the love of god I really hope you don't cite Francis Coppola, lol. ANY Ripplenet clients, particularly multi-national banks using XCurrent will be immensely beneficial for XRP in the long-run as XRP liquidity continues to increase. Look to Japan, Middle East and South America to kick start the festivities.
  5. No, this dog and pony show isn't about a few retail investors who want their money back. All this was initiated in a desperate attempt by legacy wealth holders who KNOW their fate is sealed they are just holding out for as long as possible. Citibank is effectively the plaintiff. There is zero chance XRP is ruled a security whether it be federal or california. DOG...AND...PONY...SHOW. Perhaps they have stalled progress, maybe long enough for Swift to cobble together a reasonable user base on GPI but that isn't the end game. XRP will shine, it won't be a straight line and there will certainly be more hurdles and roadblocks to cross but it ain't a security.
  6. @ReinhardCate I appreciate all your hard work and am looking forward to more editions of the Ripple Drop. I love the format particularly when deeper discussions are posted separately. Is there a particular reason why it's been a little more than 2 months since the last episode?
  7. The whole thing reads like a formality so that when Ripple's private sector solution is ultimately used with some sort of oversight or Fed involvement everyone can point to the thorough due diligence performed over the past 5-6 years. I say this because Ripple have been involved here and influential from DAY 1 and everything in this submission has been spoken ad nauseam at various conferences where various govt officials have attended and certainly behind closed doors . If anything, the hold up is to see what kind of liquidity is built in certain low volume corridors that we currently have open, ie a soft launch. Either way, things look quite good for XRP over the next 5 years.
  8. Great blog as always and thanks for highlighting the ILP developments particularly the developments around on boarding. I wasn't at all aware of this. One thing I need clarity on though, you mention "There will be many people, very soon, that will be spending hours watching cat videos on Cinnamon." It sounds like we need the bulls back in a major way or else you plan to start making cat videos? Not knocking it as a business venture I just didn't see that one coming, haha.
  9. Indeed! There has never been a more exciting time as an XRP holder. I can't imagine how this asset is priced with future utility at the moment now that we have glimpses of utility driven demand. Sure, its still quite speculative but it sure seems like a lopsided and highly undervalued asset at the moment with vocally excited XRapid users. Surely, its less of a risk now that it was late 2017.
  10. Great blog as always @Hodor! Many thanks for your continued dedication to this fascinating space. A few questions come to mind. What technical developments of late have enabled them to advertise these payment channels as an option? Also, have we reached the necessary scalability to support each of the currently imagined use cases for XRP or is there still more to accomplish on this technical front? The reason I ask is that it was as recently as 3-4 months ago I recall that David spoke publicly at conferences about how the team at Ripple are working towards the scalability issue but that it was most definitely still a technical obstacle.
  11. You're not thinking long-term! This money serves many purposes. Ripple and XRP gain direct exposure to senior faculty at the most prestigious technical and engineering universities around the globe and therefore are cast in a great light in front of the next generation of brilliant engineers. Also, many of these Universities participate as validators in the XRP ecosystem allowing XRP to continue further decentralization. The fruits of these investments will be plentiful in several years.
  12. This is great and thanks for sharing.
  13. I've always enjoyed your contributions and have certainly learned from you these past several years. I share the same sentiment have limited my engagement to staying in tune with fundamentals and the latest in ecosystem expansion. Much healthier this way as we patiently wait.
  14. I haven't seen his perspective on it but it was my understanding that ETC took an alarmingly small amount of money to pull that off and it was eye opening for me. It was such a shockingly small amount of $ that even at 50-100x of capital needed for an attack on BTC a wealthy individual investor would be capable of pulling it off. Maybe in 5 years I'll look back having made a mistake but I'm ok with that and will carry on just fine. But today with the info I have at my disposal XRP is the brightest star in my portfolio.
  15. There is an awful lot that you and I disagree on. I nearly pulled the trigger on some BTC at 3k recently but I just couldn't do it. The reason being is that I realize every single day I held it I would feel there is a very real risk of a 51% attack and I just couldn't live with that- I couldn't TRUST that! I just don't believe in it as a "store of value" long-term and I'm not a trader so a short-term position just isn't my thing. I really believe that ETC is a dead man walking after their attack recently. I just can't get behind POW with any support. That being said I have diversified a bit with minority positions in VET and hopefully IOTA if I can find a suitable place to buy it here in the US before the price jumps. I own FCT and NEO from a long time ago as well but am overwhelmingly supporting of XRP and honestly what Ripple is doing for XRP. XRP is superior tech for payments, they have a team focused on delivering a massively disruptive solution using XRP. XRapid went live in Oct and I'm expecting to see growth in volume by the end of the year. Additionally, we've recently seen a myriad of ways XRP can benefit other use cases without taking away from Ripple's resources. The bottom line here is a lack of patience coupled with control issues. If you can't simply do your homework up front then trust in your decision this isn't the right investment for you. I am 100% not sticking my head in the sand but instead of thinking Ripple is "dumping" I look at as "investing". Yes, for me the escrow went a long way towards earning my trust. At the same time doing some simple math at the distribution of XRP you just can't expect an enormous price increase for several years. I'm hoping to see the fruits of my patience in 2024. Time will tell. Simply a difference of opinion between you and I, I suppose.
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