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  1. It was a great year, in fact. Ripple accomplished more to build out the financial plumbing necessary for mass adoption of digital assets in 2018 and 2019 than in all the years 2013-2017 combined. They more than doubled their sales and engineering teams and have more than doubled their signed paying customers. In this time they have streamlined their product suite to make it significantly easier for heavily regulated institutions to use XRP if they aren't able to hold it. The current price of XRP is a distraction. I remember watching a conference late last year with I believe it was Ashish Birla who said that in a bear market the team gets more accomplished due to fewer distractions. It's unrealistic to think that XRP will reach our goals on speculation alone, let alone being loosely tied to BTC. It's great to see continued interest and usage in XRP with institutional clientele which will establish full scale utility in the coming years. Sure, in Nov 2017 I would have guessed XRP will see global adoption by 2023 and today I estimate closer to 2024 and maybe 2025 for the more lucrative use cases such as trade finance. Has this bear market and falling price contributed to that delay.... NOPE! Its more to do with delayed regulation and custody. I think its worth mentioning again, the current price of xrp is a distraction. If BTC fell off a cliff tomorrow with a 51% attack bringing XRP down with it to .05 it still wouldn't change my expected scope of adoption, I'd just buy more XRP. If you and @Valhalla_Guy think this is a bonehead move I am perfectly ok with that. I'm positioning myself long-term for a big win and am just trying to build a sizable stack.
  2. Whats fundamentally different about XRP is that it becomes exponentially more useful the more and more it is used. At this point there is only enough liquidity to handle very small remittences in only certain markets but that's changing. Right now the available use cases are limited based on available liquidity. However, as liquidity grows (AND IT IS RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES) more and more available use cases with exponentially greater utility become available. What kind of use cases? Ripple knows that XRP will soon have enough available liquidity to support Trade Finance, derivatives and the FX markets. Not only is this exponentially (not linearly) larger utility but with that comes an explosion in speculative demand due to significantly lower risk. I have no idea where the price eventually settles when XRP is mature and has saturated the financial markets with utility but I do know that it will behave like no other type of asset the world has ever seen. If and when there is enough liquidity for XRP to facilitate the FX markets worldwide and pension funds park 2+% of their capital in the digital assets with the most widespread utility then I believe it will be a mature asset. Wen mature asset? 2023-2025 seems likely. Maybe we will see 2-3 market cycles throughout this time but I won't be selling any XRP until its penetrated much more utility. It's exciting to watch the liquidity finally get off the ground and demonstrate meaningful bottom line changes to ODL clients. It may not seem like it but the people running the innovation labs at the banks are closely watching what ODL is doing for Moneygram and other pioneer clients. We will hopefully see Jevons Paradox and Metcalfe's Law beginning later next year or sometime in 2021. @superavd88 I believe the current price and overall crypto market sentiment is a dangerous distraction. I'd urge you to look at the financial plumbing Ripple has built over the past 6 years and continues to build through bull and bear markets. They are signing clients at greater and greater frequency and most importantly its never been easier for clients to utilize ODL (formerly knows as XRapid). Research multi-hop and what this means for clients unwilling to directly utilize or hold digital assets. They have a warchest of cash to expand the ecosystem and sure along the way certain ventures (such as Omni) won't work out but thats the nature of start-up business. Finally, they have successfully decentralized the ledger and have an increasingly diverse set of UNL's. I like that they are focused on the long-term and not doing short-term stunts such as burning 1/2 the supply. Instead they are offering grants to the worlds top universities through the UBRI initiative. The next generation of top talent will know Ripple and XRP because their education was funded by them. There is no one else in the entire blockchain industry doing these sorts of things.
  3. haha, you're hilarious. On Demand Liquidty was formerly known as XRapid. Volumes being used by actual customers of ODL are exponentially increasing. I just hope you are still holding your bag of XRP, begrudgingly or not.
  4. Really well done, thanks for the synopsis. What a long way Ripple have come from the tent at Sibos a few years ago.
  5. Agreed regarding China potentially moving the timeline up. Lets hope so. As for us being the boldest and smartest, perhaps a bit of that however the reality is that we don't have shareholders to face when our "investment" is wiped out by a hacker. The custody piece is a firm must for any regulated insto and based on the market it appears thats not 100% taken care of. cough, cough POLYSIGN cough, cough. In 10 years we are all going to be telling stories and laughing about our ledger nano's and shady ass exchanges that are in undisclosed locations around the world. We will have navigated successfully through the wild west of a whole new asset class. BEEEEEEEEETCOOOOOONNNEEECCCCCT!!!!!!!!!
  6. I agree XRP is far from a stock but let me ask you a few questions. 1. Because this is a completely new market will you concede that we don’t yet know how the digital assets who serve a valuable utility will be valuated by the market in the long-term? 2. Is it also possible that the DA’s with the highest utility driven demand may also prove to be the best store of value? You see I’m taking the viewpoint that XRP will likely serve a valuable and unique function in the “internet of Value”. As a result of this unique functionality I believe the market will place a disproportionately large value on XRP. While I think there is a fair chance the market has been manipulated down in an effort to accumulate I think it’s more likely that current prices offer incredible upside because of the uncertainty of the market overall as well as the utility of the assets themselves in the market. When XRP proves valuable to MGI as demonstrated in the Q4 report in Feb. it won’t just be other remittance firms, banks and central banks taking notice. Wall St. will have their eyes wide open. I also feel that most regulated institutions (hedge funds and banks) would prefer to buy XRP at $2.00 after it’s ODL and associated cost savings are proven than getting in today at .29 before it’s proven. It’s the family offices and unregulated insto’s that have entered already and even they have just dipped a toe. 2020 will be a year of emerging utility against a backdrop of ever more clear regulation. 2021 is where things begin to expand and 2022/2023 The real party begins- trade finance, other use cases, Jevons Paradox and Metcalfes Law. Where will the speculative runs occur in this timeline is anyone’s guess. When is the best time to plant a tree? Yesterday*. When is the next best time? Today. * unless Jan 2018 😂
  7. Key takeaways for me with this is: SBI is interpreting the ability to expand its crypto related business in April 20' per Japanese regulations but are setting things up now in anticipation of that. Also, Money Tap is likely to receive capital directly from Ripple in the future though not sure when. Let's hope this is as big as we think it is.
  8. Navin is so solid. I love the mention of On Demand Liquidity and why its such an important ingredient in the PSP's cost savings model.
  9. How confident are you a major correction won't happen prior to the election? Anything specific to support that? Why do you expect the next correction to be less impactful overall than 2008?
  10. This was my favorite take away from the report and very bullish: "Ripple customers live with ODL, including MoneyGram and others, increased by 75% last quarter and dollar volume on ODL increased more than five times from Q2 to Q3. In addition, Ripple announced its acquisition of team Algrim to support the ongoing development of ODL. To keep up with strong customer demand, Ripple is rapidly expanding its team on a global scale—Iceland will serve as one of Ripple’s engineering hubs with plans to bring on more technical talent in Europe." While at the moment were probably taking 5x a very small number it doesn't take many quarters of 5x type growth for the world to take ACTION, not just notice. I can't wait to see MoneyGram's Q4 report in late Jan/Feb.
  11. Do you see bitcoin improving? I see things getting progressively worse from just about every possible quantifiable metric.
  12. wow, good instincts @kanaas. I wouldn't mess with that at all. This conversation demonstrates how early we are and how badly needed Polysign is @JoelKatz. David, we are (not so) patiently waiting. Looking forward to updates.
  13. Welcome! There are people from many different backgrounds here and a treasure trove of info. Be sure to dig through the archives and make liberal use of the search function. Enjoy!
  14. Yes, many thanks for distilling mountains of data/news into digestible bits with a wonderful sense of balance and without sensationalism. I’ll certainly miss Hodor’s contributions though change is often challenging but good. You can’t learn and grow as a person without change and getting a bit uncomfortable. Kudos to you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!
  15. I do miss him. Haha, do you remember that conference Miguel opened things up to questions and someone introduced himself as @MaxEntropy for a question? Miguel’s reaction was hilarious.
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