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  1. There’s a massive difference between a proper petition via a medium such as change.org and throwing verbal feces via Twitter. Properly organized and with a clear message such as this does have potential ramifications here as it discredits the SEC’s case. Who exactly are they protecting?!? The reason why the SEC doesn’t have its own proponents applauding their efforts and every move is because they are protecting the top correspondent banks and legacy finance who haven’t yet maneuvered their way into strategic bets in blockchain and crypto. In my opinion it’s rather clear the motivation behi
  2. @Ripley I understand but I was curious what the specific alternative was? I’m genuinely curious because as I see it real inflation for most of our baskets of goods and services is likely closer to 10-15% a year not the BS 2% they would like you to believe via CPI. Money in a savings account is effectively holding a melting ice cube. when the “bird in the hand” equates to a savings account Im genuinely curious where the better alternative is than crypto right now? Personally, I’m planning on exiting my crypto positions later this year into a few different alternatives I just don’t see the c
  3. Taking profits now has considerable risks when taking into account the opportunity costs. Every choice has opportunity costs. A few questions for you: 1. Where do you park your new realized profits and why? 2. From this point forward do you expect global financial systems to find equilibrium and stability? Do you expect G20 currencies to avoid BOTH inflation and deflation? 3. Do you see the network effects of broad digital asset adoption and utility reversing? If so, why? I ask these questions because the one thing that is quite clear is that BTC and digital assets as
  4. The stock to flow models have BTC between 84 and 100k by August then it levels off for a few years. We’ve seen historically upside and downside deviations from this line particularly in 2013, 2017 and I’m betting once again this year. Interestingly, once BTC breaks upwards beyond the s2f model it usually takes 45-60 days before the blow off top and subsequent bear market. I think the most likely scenario is the top somewhere later this year and as high as $375k but most likely something in the $175-250k range. Fun times ahead. Of course I’m expecting greater multiples from ETH and still g
  5. I’ve always lived by the adage that you treat everyone well as you have no idea what battles they are fighting which you know nothing about. I’m so sorry to hear about your fathers loss. At the same time it’s really encouraging to hear how excited you are for your children’s future. My children are very close in age to yours and I feel the same. Ray Dalio says that Growth often comes through pain plus reflection and you seem to be smart enough to learn from past experiences which is great to see. That experience you’ll pass along to your kids will be worth more than XRP at $24 later this
  6. Something I’ve been thinking about as well as hearing from Raoul Pal is the fact that at least some of this price appreciation is likely due to the denominator losing value. It may be hard to see because every single major Global currency has had to issue various forms of QE. For those with specific exit $ targets it might be prudent to add a bit of premium to that given it’s likely devalued a bit. Just because the USD/EUR or USD/GBP have traded in historic ranges doesn’t mean they both aren’t a little shittier than they were 2 years ago. All that being said I’m really liking what I’m
  7. I should probably allocate some of my shitcoin exits later this year into silver. Whats making that type of play less appealing is the Stablecoin yield on Celsius, BlockFI, Next, etc... What resources do you use for research into the space? Id love to read more about the silver oxide battery outperformance. As for Lithium I bought PLL Piedmont Lithium in the $40 range. They redomiciled from Australia to the US and have a contract with Tesla. I'm seeing a trend towards the US going to great lengths to tie up local supply chains for natural resources so that should prove helpful. They also
  8. Hey @Alluvial I don't own any Silver but looked at it seriously before buying into a few different Lithium and Uranium plays. Perhaps they are considered a little further out on the risk curve by most than Silver? Although, you and I both own XRP so that's about all thats needed to know about how comfortable we are venturing out to the far reaches of the risk curve. The data I was looking it regarding serious supply crunches in combination with huge upside demand pressure looked really interesting. They both look to be setup well from a regulatory perspective as they will likely be a big p
  9. I disagree. The US govt can certainly close down the on and off ramps for US citizens however there is huge risk in massive capital flight that would dwarf anything we've ever seen. Also, this very act would demonstrate incredible weakness in terms of the values that the US was established by and for whether you agree with them or not.
  10. Have you tried Uphold?
  11. Oh, they must have shifted a bit from the previous schedule. That’s fine and thanks for the correction.
  12. Yes, we should receive 30% of our FLR in May or June (followed by 1-2% per month for a few years) and I’d expect alt season to extend out until later in the year.
  13. Exactly. In fact, while the CPI figures are "right on track" for the Fed estimates I know a lot of very smart people that feel CPI isn't a very good representation of inflation for most people. Many of those same people feel that at least some of the recent asset price appreciation is due to the underlying FIAT weakness. The Fed would like us all to believe that inflation may be coming and we'll even gladly accept 2+% but we just aren't seeing that yet. Also, thanks @lucky for explaining the BTC incentive structure much more eloquently than I ever could. I'm beginning to wonder how
  14. but, but, but BTC is great because its the catalyst for real change and expresses the need and urgency of renewable energy sources, lol. Its a wonderful spin and I can already see the CNBC debates happening in Oct.
  15. Lucky I'm gonna predict that an important catalyst for the next bear market later this year will be the increasing awareness of BTC's energy demands. I saw some recent estimates that BTC at $250,000 later this year will be responsible for 10% of the entire globe's energy demands! Thats insane. Perhaps a big one week or ten day blow off top in the $175-350k range?
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