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  1. As a professional recruiter I'd say 60-75% of the people I place with my clients aren't unhappy with their current employer. Rather, I explain the benefits of being open-minded and I introduce them to something fantastic. If they are the best at what they do they are able to carve out something uniquely tailored to them and use this unique skill for leverage with my client. For a role as high profile as Brian Brooks just filled this is more than likely the case.
  2. They are there, represented by Joe Lubin. However, nothing compares to Ripple's depth and presence across the globe on committees and expert panels related to blockchain. Ripple's continued investment and support into the UBRI will pay massive long-term dividends.
  3. Great article and this below is what gets me jazzed about the recent India and S Korea news which would appear to open up those regions to ODL. The use case is being solidified right here and if 5x cheaper than a typical wire will be rolled out globally. Particularly when you see how it streamlines back office Ops, Accounting and Reconciliation departments at corporates. "A typical wire transfer costs more than five times what Bitso’s partners now pay when they exchange using RippleNet’s ODL. Briseño believes that this is a game changer for corporate customers as it completely transforms how businesses manage their working capital. But it is the end customer who will truly experience the value of faster, cheaper cross-border remittances. “There are millions of migrant workers in the U.S. who send money back to Mexico,” she said. “Their families are often surviving week to week on these remittances, so the immediateness of ODL versus the traditional process that took days is significant. Also, the costs are a fraction of wire transfer fees so more of the sender’s hard-earned money makes it back to their family.” With more than 11 million Mexicans living in the U.S., Bitso estimates that the remittances market between the two countries is worth USD $35 billion a year. In 2019, Bitso gained 1.5% of that market and aims to increase its share by ten times that in 2020, by leveraging ODL, while also expanding to other valuable corridors across Latin America."
  4. Allowing remittence flows powered by XRP into India will massively benefit the underclass there and the massive number of people scraping by on <$2 per day. What % of cost savings will eventually end up in the hands of these people is still unknown however whatever the % is will be a huge win for India and humanity. Now let's build that liquidity!
  5. Through all of this what is so reassuring for me as an XRP holder is that Clayton and colleagues have explicitly stated several times that its very possible for a digital asset to once look and act like a security while maturing out of something that looks and acts like a security. These public statements were made with XRP specifically in mind. He and colleagues have gone on to say that if the owners of these ecosystems come and engage with them they can work together. As soon as I saw these public statements it was pretty clear to me that the worst that would come of this is a fine and a slap on the wrist for past behavior. It's not really talked about how beautifully the network has decentralized since David Schwartz mentioned it was a primary goal for the team. Ripple no longer control the majority of the UNL's. They are more transparent than any prominent private company I've ever known. They realize this transparency builds trust and therefore bolsters the long-term value of the digital asset they hold so much of. They have sacrificed short-term price chasing for building the internet of value.
  6. Where did Moneygram mention they don't expect ODL volume to increase throughout 2020? Everything Alex and Ripple have said and indicated thus far has suggested we should see incredible growth in ODL volume throughout the year as new corridors open and existing corridors continue to build liquidity. We have already seen very black and white figures showing an increase from 3% to 7.5% and growing on remittences into Mexico in less than 2 months. Given Moneygrams current financials it may take several more quarters or possibly a year or more of this incredible growth to manifest in sizable corporate profits. Of course Ripple will be investing in the development of the ODL ecosystem and as an XRP holder I fully support them investing in this. The flywheel is in motion. There is an awful lot of noise and headwinds though.
  7. I'm really confused by this statement. How does XRP being "so quick" prevent it from increasing in value? You may want to have a look at this link below and the rest of the website for that matter. Also, what does having 2000 other cryptos have anything to do with xrp's value? It's unique in its ability to transform the payments space including micropayments. XRP's speed makes it uniquely useful and this utility will result in unprecedented use. I firmly believe that once people see it used at scale and the team continues to decentralize its holding of the tokens themselves it will become a superior store of value. The network itself is now extremely decentralized. https://fudbingo.com/price-won-t-rise-because-xrp-is-too-fast
  8. This is a really important development! This is perhaps the most important decentralization milestone on the network to date. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Its primarily the optics associated with changing the course. If he decides to halt his sales tomorrow it would indicate he has greater confidence in XRP than he does his own project, XLM. It is speculated that the entire XLM house is propped up on the sales of his taco stand and it may very well be true. He can't afford the barrage of articles that would rightfully surface about him abandoning his support for XLM if he were to stop or even sell less than the maximum allowed. I'm speculating that its every bit as much to do with ego as anything else. Jed and Ripple selling XRP puts downward pressure on the price of XRP today but is quite good in the long-run further decentralizing the holdings.
  10. "For some reasons, XRP has long gained popularity in these countries. Perhaps this is due to the fact that large banks are experimenting with Ripple technology, and people here tend to believe in banks and large institutions with which Ripple Labs collaborates. Therefore, we can assume that large volumes of fresh money flow into this token and, by coincidence (or maybe not), XRP is the hottest TOP-10 coin in terms of the current price increase." The author attributes the XRP price increase to new retail money flowing in and that is partially correct in my opinion. However, I believe the author missed a valuable opportunity to attribute this newfound retail interest to the actual usage of ODL, Ripple's flagship product. Its my opinion while ODL volumes are currently very small in absolute terms their continued rapid increase in % volume will have retail investors worldwide taking notice very soon. This could happen very quickly and my hope is that its this small scale proven utility that will break XRP free from the chains of XLM and to a lesser degree BTC. Ultimately, utility has to become the standard for value I believe the question is how far ahead of large scale utility will the speculative money flow?
  11. I’ve been interested in this project from day 1. It seems the coin is unavailable to purchase if you live in the US. If anyone has any information as to how I can invest please let me know. I’m sure others here would be interested too. Chris Larsen announced his support and investment early on. My very general take on this is this could be a fantastic consumer facing and focused option with XRP handling more of the enterprise/govt/financial services side of things. They could be very collaborative.
  12. Yea, and phones weren't really all that exciting when 8 people were using them... The thing about corridors though, is that its exponential growth and those network effects move blindingly fast once they take hold.
  13. January of which year 19' or 20'? Of course, I strongly believe its us who will have the last laugh.
  14. Not exactly sure and I suppose this could be defined a number of ways but I would say VE Chain.
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