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  1. and considering his old boss, Jeremy Light joined Ripple late last year they know where we are headed. I remember being astounded reading Jeremy's predictions on 2015 and 2016 when I was doing my due diligence before investing in 2017. It's like he had a crystal ball how accurate he was.
  2. Haha, like ILP both of these mentioned can settle in any asset however when asked IBM mentioned they are agnostic (not focused on XLM) and R3 specifically mentioned they have chosen XRP for the Corda Settler. Every single client using the Corda Settler is a major win for XRP! TBD on IBM but XRP is way ahead of the game with respect to liquidity. So while you will back pedal and claim that you aren’t anti-XRP I’ll just thank you for pointing out what I’m so bullish about.
  3. You beat me to it, literally to the word! I have to admit when I saw the headline and gaming I wasn't really excited. I have no personal interest in gaming but it is big business and this will be yet another avenue for diversification. I love that andreesen and other prominent investors are involved along with big $. Certainly one to follow.
  4. Bob, thank you so much for your generosity of time and wisdom. Also, it's great to hear you are on the road to recovery and doing well enough to kick around your amazing ideas with us! I've been mostly lurking since Aug 17' and have to say that your introductory thread had me completely gripped for the past 3 days. I haven't been that engaged and excited since my first 3 weeks on xrpchat. I gladly accept your terms and really look forward to the engaging discussions that result. Also, of course I'll be buying your book when it comes out!
  5. Probably no higher praise you can give than that in my opinion. David Schwartz speaks in 1's and 0's so to speak. You can't argue with what comes out of his mouth. He seems to only share opinions where he can cite irrefutable proof to support that opinion.
  6. Oh, absolutely. Follow the money and the source will reveal the truth. However, even through the eyes of a biased XRP hodler its clear to see Thomas's points are sound, his tone and approach are fact based and not inflammatory. He's simply stating facts and even conceded that in certain corridors and in certain situations cbdc's may be more appropriate than XRP. That to me screams independent journalism.
  7. I suppose anything is possible but then has ripple been paying Thomas all along? Putting that possibility aside its hard to refute the points he makes in the article.
  8. This is fantastic and extremely thorough!
  9. really looking forward to hearing the tone throughout these panels. Will it be one of caution to see what results in the pioneering Asian countries or will we see more of a trailblazing “we will lead” type attitude?
  10. Instead of sending the ACH opt instead for the wire transfer. There is a $10 fee but I have fiat in CB usually 2-4 hours after I walk out of my bank.
  11. Interesting, I know the CTO at MonetaGO. Will have to dig into the why's around this decision.
  12. I feel similarly. The only thing he could improve upon is his technical depth and ability to break down aspects of the XRP ledger at a slightly lower (more granular) level. Obviously its unrealistic to expect David Schwartz depth but I get the feeling he understands it at a very high (less granular) level. Or perhaps he does and I've just not listened to the right interviews?
  13. You and I love and appreciate Ripple as a "sponsoring organization" as you correctly put it and view it as an asset. Others who don't do the research view this as a liability. You just can't compare Ripple's strategy and execution towards goals with anyone or anything else in the industry. Are there some aspects of the overall stewardship that could use improvement, probably, but I'd expect them to be open and listening to that feedback. Another fun read, thanks.
  14. I remember feeling this way in Nov and early December of 17' when everything else was surging and XRP was seemingly being left behind despite so much great news over the Summer and Fall. I decided to hold. I purchased more XRP today and thought about allocating some $ to BAT but haven't done enough research on the technicals to warrant an investment. I can't bring myself to invest in XLM with the risks associated with Jed and his track record. Bottom line for me is that I think about diversifying but at the end of the day when I evaluate other options with the same strict investment criteria lens I used with XRP almost everything (except FCT) falls short. I did also invest in NEO but am less optimistic about it long-term though I still hold it. I personally feel there is sooooo much happening behind the scenes with XRP but discounting that and only looking at the public info we know about its enough to keep me extremely excited about 2023-2024 and perhaps likely much sooner. Of course, there will be competitors in the space but what other decentralized asset either currently has the necessary liquidity to pull off the IOV or is actively building the liquidity? I just don't see it. I know it seems like we are standing still but we are most definitely not! I'm not sure I understand your strategy? Are you suggesting moving 5% of your XRP holdings into other assets per quarter starting 12 months from today? What metric will you use 12 months from now to make that decision? What would make it "mainstream"? 10 banks using it? Looking forward to learning more about your thought process around this.
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