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  1. I believe that using the metric of the respective "communities" relative growth or shrinkage has very little correlation with a utility tokens success or failure. Comparing XRP to BTC is erroneous, they are solving different problems for different people. XRP's success hinges more on its ability to realize more efficiency in the way money moves across borders and less about grassroots community development. I'm not saying its completely wrong I'm suggesting other metrics are a better indicator. I believe XRP will be very successful long-term and am perfectly happy to wait so I continue to build a position when I am able to regardless of the community cheerleading it or not.
  2. Its also important to notice that the 2 biggest remittence markets for Sri Lanka are Saudi and UAE which I know Ripple have been focused on for ODL.
  3. As usual you provide wonderfully concrete specifics on the general point I was making, thanks. I'll add though that although the markets will be much tighter on spreads it's likely we see Jevon's Paradox unfold as a result of this greater efficiency making it a win/win.
  4. Because the costs of this inefficiency manifests somewhere- either the customer pays for this on the front end or provider takes less profit. The improved settlement layer which XRP is very uniquely positioned to address will likely be adopted- the question is whether its top/down or bottom/up. Other "solutions" we are seeing such as this and swift's GPI are nothing more than a stop gap to the paradigm shift XRP will facilitate. Whether its local regulatory hurdles that prevent the adoption or other roadblocks the large correspondent banks are putting up behind the scenes to slow things down I see a bright future for XRP AND Ripple.
  5. Oh, I think XRP still has just a wee bit of runway left... if I were you I’d do my best to find some fresh powder and leave your XRP alone. I do think VET is a fantastic long-term hold but xrp’s unrealized potential is massive.
  6. I own both XRP and VET. No, I don’t expect VET to get to $1 before XRP and yes, my holdings dictate I would LOVE to be wrong, haha. I’m very bullish on XRP long-term and Don’t trade. You can be right 5x in a row but if you are wrong the 6th time and are on the sidelines it’s a very painful spot. But maybe you have it figured out or maybe you just don’t believe in XRP Long-term and are just looking for the most attractive horse to saddle up to? Look at all the charts from nov and dec 17’ carefully and use that as a guide. XRP has historically been very late to the party but when it moves, it does so aggressively.
  7. Interesting you brought up Bakkt, still plenty to get excited about here. They are one of a few key players involved in the US institutional investor market with the retail products being released later this year. Perhaps you were looking for instantaneous gratification? Patience, my friend. Good things come to those who wait. And to stay on topic with this thread, there is plenty to get excited about with rails deep into India.
  8. My investment thesis in XRP hinges on increased liquidity will result in an ever increasing XRP price. As more and more utility is discovered in XRP and more market participants leverage this utility price will need to rise. The benefits of a rising XRP price and deeper liquidity are the ability for XRP to serve other larger use cases. It’s beautifully serving to improve back office treasury operations at remittance firms and corporates now but we are just getting started. With deeper liquidity it could be the grease in the FX markets serving to bring greater efficiencies to a trillion dollar market. This just can’t happen... yet. Separately, I’m speculating that as XRP delivers real world utility to the largest institutional players in global finance it will serve as a greater and greater store of value, a superior one to Bitcoin. Only time will tell how all this will play out but increasing demand with static or decreasing supply typically is a good thing if you hold some of that supply. ODL volumes indicate we are on the right path.
  9. Thanks for sharing. This is an important contract. Without these key relationships it will be hard to be prepared when ODL is given the green light in India and throughout the Middle East. Of course, once India and the Middle East are powered via ODL the volumes will be exponential.
  10. Cool, thanks for putting that together. Kinda surprising how we’ve only grown 2.5x in members since Dec 17’. This place looks and feels completely different.
  11. Out of curiosity, it would be great to see a visualization on sign ups since inception or even just users before Dec 2017 and after.
  12. This was a great report. That ODL volume increase is massive! I also like this gentle reminder that both BTC and ETH are grossly unprepared to handle anything resembling mass adoption. Will ETH be able to move away from POW successfully? We shall see. "As digital asset holders rushed to transfer digital assets to either meet margin calls, sell out of their positions, or take advantage of price dislocations, the BTC and Ethereum (ETH) networks became overwhelmed and suffered performance issues. According to Coin Metrics, “median transaction fees measured in dollars for both Bitcoin and Ethereum shot up almost five-fold.”
  13. As a professional recruiter I'd say 60-75% of the people I place with my clients aren't unhappy with their current employer. Rather, I explain the benefits of being open-minded and I introduce them to something fantastic. If they are the best at what they do they are able to carve out something uniquely tailored to them and use this unique skill for leverage with my client. For a role as high profile as Brian Brooks just filled this is more than likely the case.
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