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  1. Damn! Have .2 ETH in my metamask. Do I 1. sensibly park that back into Celsius 2. Buy another Official Surreals on opensea 3. Ape into DogeGF?
  2. She's amazing and we should all be grateful she is as outspoken as she is on these points.
  3. Looks like Bitrue is handling about $4MM/day in volume. Just them though. I'm patiently waiting on coinbase to do the right thing and release mine.
  4. wow, I've never seen this pic. David Schwartz decided to work alongside him again at Polysign. Cant wait to see what they do with that project.
  5. yea, let me know what you do there. I meant to ask you whether we were receiving additional staking rewards for LUNA yet since the Col-5 update? I read somewhere that staking rewards were expected to double but I don't think I've noticed much of an increase.
  6. super creative, I like it. It seems like selling the ANC rewards for UST and putting it back in Anchor is a safe bet with reasonable gains. I think overall in the market its possible that Q4 is mostly about BTC gains and it may end up sucking the air out of the room. Maybe alts take it on the chin or trade sideways for a little while. Obv no-one really knows but whats your comfort level with that scenario? I have a friend who's involved in the Apollo project so I dropped a bit of coin into that project. Its a solid yield mgmt platform and I just went all-in on the Mine-UST autocompounder that's sitting at 136% apy. I like it cause its passive. Plus I earn Apollo rewards. Check it out if you haven't already and let me know what you think.
  7. I'm looking to see a week or two of uncorrelated gains against XLM as a turning point in XRP's fundamental analysis by institutions. This will be a sign of a breakout. Until then its just algo's trading as they always have.
  8. Absolutely nothing of value here IMO. Claims that the SEC has robust authority to regulate via enforcement and wasn't even pleading with congress to offer more clear guidance. I know so many would have paid lots of $ including me for him to be put on the spot and asked this exact line of questioning. 1. "Is ETH presently a security"? 2. If not now, was it ever a security? 3. If it isn't currently but was previously how would the next ETH starting today be allowed to flourish?
  9. actually from 10:00-15:34. They go on to discuss after 13:30 how the power of blockchain tech can drastically change clearance and settlement. Yea, no Sh*t, the very asset that you all are going after was specifically designed to facilitate this exact use case. Globally, there will not be consensus to utilize USDC for this. Counterparty risk. They know this, we know this, everyone knows this. Such a dog and pony show. Clarity in due time...
  10. Not yet but I hope to utilize anchor as a major part of my passive income strategy post moon so I'd love your thoughts on the options available. I heard the annual % to insure was around 2%. If any of the options prove to be comprehensive this is a no brainer for me. Keep me posted.
  11. Given the price action following the lawsuit I'm taking the view that much of the downside with XRP has already been priced in. Also, given the timeline for the lawsuit we wouldn't see a trial until early next year. For anything to happen in the next couple months it very likely would result in a settlement. I'd be very surprised if Ripple decided to settle without clarity around XRP. Perhaps a sizable fine but if that coincides with legal and regulatory clarity on how XRP is viewed than I believe we have price discovery to the UPSIDE. Zooming out to the broader crypto market I believe from here until about the end of the year we will more likely than not see a sizable upside along with a 25-40% correction or two perhaps. History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes and with BTC still largely leading the show I think looking to the charts in 2013 and 2017 is ha helpful guide. What happened in Q3 and 4 of those years? Anything is certainly possible but I'd say that $9 is more likely than .40 cents between now and Q1 next year.
  12. Not anymore, UST listed on coinbase today. I hear that LUNA will be listed on coinbase pro soon followed by CB shortly after.
  13. Great to see this finally launch live. It will be interesting to follow the volumes and growth of ODL.
  14. It would be great to see big volumes leading to closing down the taco stand in several months.
  15. You seem to be well informed. Have the SEC brought forth all the documents that Ripple requested via Discovery yet? If not, is there some kind of timeline on that?
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