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  1. Yes, I recently invested in Crowdz's Series A alongside some really top tier VC firms. Crowdz is built on Ethereum to provide an SME invoice auction marketplace where funders can bid to purchase invoices providing optionality for SME’s to choose the most competitive rate. Crowdz also provides large corporates the ability to provide white label Supply Chain Finance as a Service (SCFaaS) on top of its marketplace model making it the first in the world to provide Supply Chain Finance as a Service (SCFaaS). The platform grew from 450 customers in Jan 2020 to 26k in December as of a couple of
  2. The only real defense is holding.
  3. This is consistent with Hester's comments from the other day on Real Vision. This is also consistent with most level-headed analysis of the proceedings. My interpretation is that there will most likely be some settlement indicating wrongdoing by Brad, Chris and potentially, though less likely Ripple itself. In the course of this it will be decided that the asset itself, XRP, is in fact not a security. The sad fact is that should this likely scenario play out most XRP holders in the US who sold on the way down will likely face a far more expensive re-entry on the way back up due to the lag
  4. The consensus thus far is pretty clear that Clayton and Gensler are miles apart in terms of an understanding of this space. Regardless of how everything transpires I feel more confident in the SEC with Gensler at the helm.
  5. Thanks for posting this. Whats interesting is that given his remarks about XRapid being in prototype and some of the figures he mentioned this likely took place sometime in 2018.- before XRapid went live demonstrating utility and before Ripple lowered their controlling UNL's on the network significantly. These developments certainly create grey area in the argument.
  6. I'm reasonably sure this video here was 1-2 years AFTER his original comments about XRP and ETH likely being securities. I watched this clip again and nowhere in this video does he talk about securities. What he does talk about is XRapid specifically, which once you understand that XRP has utility as a bridge currency its much harder to view it as a security. It seems to me his views have very likely evolved as XRP has become more useful as well as Ripple having a lower controlling stake of the XRP ledger. You've been here a while and likely recall David Schwartz mentioning in early 2018 t
  7. Just goes to show that it really was a hobby back then. If he truly thought it would become a fraction of what it is today we wouldn't be reading this. Kind of off topic but I wonder whatever happened to Matthew Mellon's XRP?
  8. It is fair because none of us as XRP holders ever entered into an investment contract. XRP itself is not a security. How XRP was treated by Chris and Brad is the focus here and perhaps, at times, they treated XRP as something resembling a security. This is the million dollar distinction and remains to be decided. I hope we emerge from this with XRP capable of affecting great changes in the global financial system AND with the markets comfortable with how Ripple and senior executives are able to, if at all, influence the long-term trajectory of XRP. Perhaps we all get the levels of decent
  9. I’m not quite as bullish as you as I see the possibility of this being a black swan as possible but very unlikely. This is aimed at Chris and Brad and not XRP directly. I’m of the opinion that it’s very unlikely XRP will be deemed a security. I am also of the view that all this is in front of us now because the top correspondent banks see XRP as a threat to the status quo. This is a formidable opponent and not one to take lightly. While it seems most, or possibly all of them have quietly set themselves up to take advantage of profiting in some way from the IOV my guess is that squashing
  10. 100% this! If you live in the US and feel that when all the dust settles XRP will be an important asset long-term (and not a security) selling now is very risky. If you sell now with the intention of buying back in once things are cleared up you should be prepared to pay a lot more per XRP than todays price. The price will move violently upward by insiders BEFORE US trading resumes. Selling now makes sense if you think XRP and Ripple are doomed but if you think Brad and Chris take it on the chin with XRP being deemed a non-security, this is IMO the most likely scenario than selling now may
  11. This was my initial thought as well but as I thought more about it XRP's price of .006 was really before there was any pipeline of clients that offered expected utility. Flare appears to be coming out of the gates with quite a lot of utility or at leas the expectation of widespread utility. I would certainly expect quite a lot of volatility... even for crypto! There may very well be some money to be made here for just holding XRP. Of course, even with my limited technical understanding of the protocol it seems if Flare does what it claims and we see utility than this would appear to bring e
  12. @Flintstone They sold some coins back in March and have yet to release more info on further sales/distribution. I just recall them making specific mention that US residents where shut out.
  13. If you don't live in the USA you can purchase XX Coin. I've been following them since inception and am presently shut out from purchasing the coin at the moment, it's quite frustrating as this looks to have great promise.
  14. Probably more of an ethical issue with no right or wrong answer but if Brad bought his BTC between 2011-2013 which is the most likely scenario (based on when he was exposed to the space and started at Ripple) than is simply holding it going against ones principles as an ESG driven investor? You could easily argue that selling now only fuels that fire. Better to hold until there is less volume. He’s always said he holds but never that he’s buying. It’s certainly a fair assumption that when he purchased it that the massive centralization issues as well as environmental issues would not be suc
  15. We know what he thinks about XRP... in 2018. Ripple has a strong argument that since the time of that writing that XRP has become significantly more decentralized across all different metrics; ie XRP holdings by management, Ripple controlled nodes, etc... I recall David Schwartz mentioning in early 2018 that a primary goal of his throughout that year was to further decentralize the network and the team has done exactly that. An awful lot has changed since then. Let's see how this plays out.
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