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  1. aavkk

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    This is great news, I would have expected the transaction threshold to be much lower than ~$4000 at this stage. It's great to see that kind of liquidity at least in the UK/MEX corridor. Now let's do this 1500x per second!
  2. great news and I had no idea that Cardano is moving from Hong Kong to WY as a result of this. Thats a high-profile project that legislators can use as an example of a US win to push forward pro-crypto legislation here in the US.
  3. Just watched the full panel- really fantastic across the board including from ZCash and the gentleman on the right. Ryan did a fantastic job and got straight to the point clearing the centralization FUD on XRP as well as highlighting the clear superiority of XRP to POW when it comes to payments and serving the unbanked. The lightning network being able to help scalability and also centralization is still such a question. How far are they from actually implementing a viable solution with 100% accuracy on transactions? It's interesting that Ryan mentioned volume between JPY and Thai has doubled since that corridor opened recently. I'm really looking forward to the Q4 report that hopefully digs into detail on XRapid utility volume.
  4. haha, revisiting old threads is fun. Well I'm presently at 80% XRP, 10% NEO and 10% FCT. I have considerable less confidence in NEO than I did a year ago but more confidence in FCT. XRP confidence levels are through the roof. 2 months ago it was 60/20/20 but have been pouring money into XRP. I don't think I will add any additional capital unless we end up below .25. VET looks interesting, what do you all see as its biggest flaws?
  5. Though their conference was in Nov I never saw anything on it until now. This is great news and regarding the frustrations just set your expectations out to 2022 or so. We will almost definitely see a dozen(s) of clients with Xrapid in production this year. If Ripple continues on the same trajectory of client on-boarding this year as the second half of last year we should conservatively see metcalfe's law take shape sometime in 2020. From there I think it would be wise let your current investment mature for an additional few years once that takes shape as the returns will be exponential. Sure, there will be market ups and downs but eventually later this year or early next utility driven demand will drive XRP's price. A bull market will help that but I don't think it's required.
  6. 2017 Swell at that. This was an extremely well-written article. Thanks for sharing.
  7. aavkk

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I certainly understand your point about having any assumptions about anyone else's goals is dangerous. I suppose after thinking about it more I really don't stress about my investment because we are seeing so many different potential use cases or avenues to XRP's success without spreading Ripple's resources too thin. Sure, I'm confident that the cross-border use cause through initially very small remittences between Asia, Middle East and Brazil will be the catalyst for an avalanche of growth but if that doesn't work we have Coil and any number of XPring initiatives that COULD manifest in something spectacular. In a way we are diversified in a single investment. Thank you for allowing me to revisit the different "worst case scenarios" as I'm now even more bullish on XRP. This being said I feel Ripple isn't quite at the point where network effects take hold. There is still a lot of work to do but we aren't far. The R3 collaboration is huge IMO. 4. I will say that I'm not technologically savvy enough to respond intelligently to how Ripple solves the bi-directional demand issue you bring up. I would bet a lot of money though that @miguel has though. 5. I'm working my way though Philosophy of Metrics now and am beginning to see how and why the debt crisis is coming to a head and agree with you here. It seems there are a lot of potential scenarios where XRP holders do extremely well over a 4-5+ year holding period. I'm personally very optimistic about my XRP holdings in 2022/2023. One thing is for sure, the ride along the way will be very bumpy where known-unknowns will show up as well as unknown-unknown's. When trillions in value stands to change hands its certainly going to get ugly. Thanks for the thoughtful discussion @Valhalla_Guy
  8. Can someone please explain to me why this isn’t significant enough to materially effect the price of ETC?
  9. aavkk

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I definitely agree with this sentiment though I'd honestly be very surprised if in that price range. You are right about the entitlement, it really boils down to being in a world where we are getting more conditioned to immediate gratification across many different areas of our lives. It's quite ironic how so many of us have to jump through hoops including multiple exchanges just to buy the very asset that seeks to mitigate those very same challenges.
  10. aavkk

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I disagree with this stance. Regarding the additional savings it's all about competitive advantage and not only cost but customer experience. It's looking like through all the testing XRapid is not only less expensive but also much quicker. WU potentially holding off is likely due to their currently bloated back office staff. For them to see the cost benefits of XRapid they need to let go nearly the entire back office and Ops department and antiquated systems. Who knows though, they may be playing coy and more bullish about it then they are leading on. This leads into my second point which I stated earlier, that customers on RippleNet don't have to hold or even touch XRP to see the benefits of XRapid. The exchanges (market makers) shoulder this risk. As for RL holding a bunch of XRP and that they have gained a bunch already and could care less: Maybe but I highly doubt it. If you worked tirelessly towards an end goal for 5 1/2 years and you are on the 10 yard line wouldn't you want to try and score? If you were the CTO and you could have cashed out and walked into the sunset why would you have spun off a new company building out a new use case for XRP? So far, we haven't seen any attrition from the leadership team at Ripple. They have been rock-solid and, in fact, successfully on boarding the best and brightest in their respective fields for the last 3 years. A recent example is Jeremy Light who left a very cushy 30 year tenure at Accenture where he was probably the foremost expert on Payments in the EU to join Ripple where he will no doubt be working 50% harder. For what? Your issue with XRapid and the example you gave about your contractor not trusting it is misguided and unless I'm understanding you incorrectly doesn't apply to how XRapid is used. If you are bank A and wanting to initiate a cross border payment to bank b you send the local fiat and bank b receives their local fiat with XRP handling the bridge in the middle between exchanges. Bank A or Bank B don't have to touch it if they don't want to. The example you gave is more appropriate for currencies which XRP isn't pretending to be. The demand on the street in Mex being near 0 is because its not a currency. However, when regulation is crystal clear you can be sure banks and payment providers are going to want to be the first to offer their customers near instant remittences at significantly lower costs to their customers using XRapid. The cross border payment use case isn't at all customer facing with XRP. The unbanked who stand to gain the most from this use case successfully playing out may not even hear about XRP. All they care about is that they now get their money similarly to the way they get an email or text. Your last sentence is confusing. Do you really believe that a manufactured collapse of our world financial system and XRP as the consequential world reserve currency MORE LIKELY than XRapid being a big hit globally behind the scenes as a bridge?
  11. aavkk

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I agree with @LordVetinari here but I'm under the impression that Ripple have structured the transactions such that RippleNet members don't actually have to hold or even touch XRP to facilitate an XRapid transaction if they don't want to. I understood that it's always held with the XRapid partner exchange. This is an example of Ripple listening to the feedback of their customers and providing a solution. The limitation and lack of adoption (including USD-MEX probably) are due to until now slow to build liquidity as well as regulatory issues in key markets such as the US and EU. They are beginning to build out in Asia, Singapore, Middle East and Brazil and as an XRP hodler I fully expect to see meaningful XRapid volume in these corridors by Q3 this year. What you say about Santander having zero interest in XRapid is just not true. Finally, @Valhalla_Guy what then is your opinion on the new XCurrent 4.0 features and Multi-hop? Why do you believe Ripple decided to take the trouble to integrate customers from XCurrent into XRapid either directly or through an XRapid partner indirectly so easily? It's my belief that the team at Ripple views XRP as a critical tool toward bringing the IOV to life. Why do you think Stefan Thomas left his position as CTO at Ripple to start Coil?
  12. They have always used swift so an upgrade to GPI will soon be a requirement by Swift. Don't fret about this. It's just a messaging protocol and a direct competitor to XCurrent though not as robust. GPI does absolutely nothing to improve settlement of the payments though. This is where XRP through XRapid offer a revolutionary opportunity for banks and remittence companies saving an additional ~40% over XCurrent or GPI in some markets. As far as I can see there are currently no known competitors offering the value and time proposition that XRapid does.
  13. No worries, mate! Certainly no need to apologize It’s possible there were 5 others reading this who felt the same as you. Digging into the fundamentals of XRP takes a lot of time but with that effort comes a certain peace that unless a major black swan event occurs our investment will likely be in a muuuuuuch better position in 5 years. I’m not sure what your exit strategy is (or even if you plan on exiting) or time horizon is but I can say that if it’s at least 3 years from now I like your chances of great success.
  14. Agree with everyone’s rebuttal to scout and I’ll add that Asheesh Birla and the product team have done a great job integrating the products together and have them work together seamlessly. Banks, remittance companies and corporates can settle in XRP without having to even touch or hold it. Multi-hop allows any ripplenet member to settle in XRP where available. And according to Craig Dewitt on the previous Ripple drop episode all their tests are showing where available xrapid settlement is consistently chosen because it’s faster and cheaper. The old argument of banks will never use XRP because they won’t hold it is debunked. We just need to expand our xrapid market makers into more markets and the team did a great job in Q4 with Brazil, Philippines and Middle East. SBI in March or April will tie all these markets together with Asia. Even if US takes 1-2 years to fully clarify I’d expect all of Asia connected with Most of the developed and developing world by then.
  15. Jed legally CANNOT dump his XRP. It is estimated that Jed has as much as several billion XRP however his sales limitations are in the .75% of trading volume per day. If you want more specifics feel free to dig. I recall next year or the year after the figure rises to 1% of daily trading volume. I stopped worrying about the specifics of his holdings when it became clear Ripple structured this as a way to not have Jed's XRP meaningfully effect the price.