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  1. Probably more of an ethical issue with no right or wrong answer but if Brad bought his BTC between 2011-2013 which is the most likely scenario (based on when he was exposed to the space and started at Ripple) than is simply holding it going against ones principles as an ESG driven investor? You could easily argue that selling now only fuels that fire. Better to hold until there is less volume. He’s always said he holds but never that he’s buying. It’s certainly a fair assumption that when he purchased it that the massive centralization issues as well as environmental issues would not be suc
  2. We know what he thinks about XRP... in 2018. Ripple has a strong argument that since the time of that writing that XRP has become significantly more decentralized across all different metrics; ie XRP holdings by management, Ripple controlled nodes, etc... I recall David Schwartz mentioning in early 2018 that a primary goal of his throughout that year was to further decentralize the network and the team has done exactly that. An awful lot has changed since then. Let's see how this plays out.
  3. I’m not the type to brag as it doesn’t help either of us. What I would like to do is help. Your tone leads me to believe you are impatient and that could be for a number of reasons. Here is a decent article discussing expected time horizons for an angel. I wish you the best of luck. My point is that these investments by Ripple are focused on the long game. I’m not saying you or I (assuming you hold xrp) won’t see sizable returns in XRP before, say 2023. When I bought in 2017 I had at least 2024/2025 in the back of my mind as a reasonable time frame for both XRP and the overall space to
  4. Maybe we've misunderstood each other a bit as I am quite familiar with Ripple and its progress. Xpring was initiated as an investor and incubator to help foster development of companies with proven entrepreneurs. It was also structured so that it didnt distract or take away from Ripple's core focus. Xpring's focus was seed stage opportunities and if you go on AngelList or some other early stage start-up platform (if you are an accredited investor) you'll hear over and over again that your funds will be illiquid for 7-10 years in most cases. If you are consistently entering opportunities in
  5. You deduced this from the article above? You do realize that Xpring was a separate entity and didn't take away any resources from Ripple, the company? Did you read the peanut butter manifesto from his time at Yahoo? Also, for those critical of Xpring's investments probably aren't aware of the lifecycle for an early stage startup. The investments Xpring has made are likely a 7-10 year payoff and few, if any, updates will be available for those various investments along the way. Thats how this works, its not a bearish sign and Ripple haven't lost any focus on XRP. These are private entitie
  6. I was also considering using them for the Flare drop but won't until we see some clarity around this. Thanks for sharing, @Fladams and best of luck with a timely resolution.
  7. Same for you, right? Oh, wait are you shorting XRP like you said a couple weeks ago for the past 2 years? Or are you on the sidelines waiting for the right time to buy? Or are you long and just disappointed with the progress? I have zero problem waiting until 2023-2025 which is when my original timeline for a successful exit was assumed when I invested in 2017. I feel much better about XRP's long-term prospects now today than I did before XRapid was launched. Also, I don't think most who invested 3 years ago before the bull run sensibly with an amount they could lose and not lose sleep a
  8. Hello, would you mind editing your thread title to read "doesn't come here as often"? Thank you!
  9. #ignoranceisachoice This is just a high level overview of the strategy and plumbing necessary to build an open protocol to allow for the IOV. The ILP is essential and isn't something thats whipped up by a couple dev's over the weekend. https://ripple.com/insights/why-open-protocols-are-the-first-step-in-the-distributed-ledger-movement/
  10. Wow, this space is exploding based on institutional investor demand. NYDIG, Fidelity, Bakkt, etc... You bring up a good question, these guys claim to have built everything in house but I wonder too how Polysign fits into this. Time will tell. I don't see this as a slight in any way. Perhaps Polysign isn't finished with their product?
  11. It's analogous for the reasons I mentioned. I don't need ownership rights or dividends based on my expected risk adjusted return over a 6-9 year hold. I also feel that Brad spoke too soon regarding certain milestones which required regulatory approval. They missed these milestones and because of delayed regulations they have had to adjust their strategy. You seem to be concerned for the value of your holdings based on certain statements that were made and didn't come to fruition. These weren't lies they were expectations. What most fail to grasp is that what Ripple (and XRP as
  12. Not to beat a dead horse on this topic but anyone with any experience investing at the seed stage across most verticals can expect their investment to be completely illiquid and tied up for 7-10 years before a profitable exit. You can certainly draw parallels to XRP being at the seed stage in 2016. Sure, it was created several years earlier but the market wasn't ready and the plumbing wasn't ready until 2016 to start marketing and laying out use cases for its promising utility. While I, too, didn't discover and decide to invest in XRP until 2017 my mindset with it is to pretend my zerps are
  13. Ripple is currently building their own loan products in house. It’s something that Chris Larsen has extensive experience with. Look for these products to be rolled out early next year.
  14. no, he mentioned in another thread recently that he's been shorting XRP since 2018. I asked him specifically how he shorted it and whether he still has that trade open and I couldn't get a clear answer. I then asked specifically if he was at this very moment short, on the sidelines or long and didn't get a specific answer to that question. My take on it is that it's important for him or her to feel correct and the possibility of publicly being wrong is too much for the ego to handle. I suppose its possible I wasn't clear enough in my original what I thought was very clear and very direct
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