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  1. Wow, this space is exploding based on institutional investor demand. NYDIG, Fidelity, Bakkt, etc... You bring up a good question, these guys claim to have built everything in house but I wonder too how Polysign fits into this. Time will tell. I don't see this as a slight in any way. Perhaps Polysign isn't finished with their product?
  2. It's analogous for the reasons I mentioned. I don't need ownership rights or dividends based on my expected risk adjusted return over a 6-9 year hold. I also feel that Brad spoke too soon regarding certain milestones which required regulatory approval. They missed these milestones and because of delayed regulations they have had to adjust their strategy. You seem to be concerned for the value of your holdings based on certain statements that were made and didn't come to fruition. These weren't lies they were expectations. What most fail to grasp is that what Ripple (and XRP as
  3. Not to beat a dead horse on this topic but anyone with any experience investing at the seed stage across most verticals can expect their investment to be completely illiquid and tied up for 7-10 years before a profitable exit. You can certainly draw parallels to XRP being at the seed stage in 2016. Sure, it was created several years earlier but the market wasn't ready and the plumbing wasn't ready until 2016 to start marketing and laying out use cases for its promising utility. While I, too, didn't discover and decide to invest in XRP until 2017 my mindset with it is to pretend my zerps are
  4. Ripple is currently building their own loan products in house. It’s something that Chris Larsen has extensive experience with. Look for these products to be rolled out early next year.
  5. no, he mentioned in another thread recently that he's been shorting XRP since 2018. I asked him specifically how he shorted it and whether he still has that trade open and I couldn't get a clear answer. I then asked specifically if he was at this very moment short, on the sidelines or long and didn't get a specific answer to that question. My take on it is that it's important for him or her to feel correct and the possibility of publicly being wrong is too much for the ego to handle. I suppose its possible I wasn't clear enough in my original what I thought was very clear and very direct
  6. I tend to agree with your overall premise but disagree on these specific examples. With respect to RTGS global what we have here is a press release about a solution they have designed but are far from delivering. Kinda like LIBRA. Also, as @Pablo outlined above nothing we have seen thus far from RTGS global indicates a threat on ODL. Perhaps XCurrent or perhaps SWIFT GPI. They made an announcement that their patent is pending and that they expect to roll this out commercially "sometime in 2021". I guess we disagree that Ripple have failed to deliver. I see them as being very successful
  7. Or perhaps Ripple will simply welcome them to the playing field... when RTGS is finally done putting on the uniforms for which have been designed but not approved (no patents completed and no regulatory approval yet) and certainly these uniforms haven't actually been made yet. Probably gonna need a tailor to work around the clock and on weekends if they hope to be able to have those uniforms done sometime "in 2021" according to the CEO. For now all the star athletes are just hanging around naked in the locker room for the foreseeable future.
  8. What is the realistic timeline for adoption of this system provided they don't hit any roadblocks? What does stage 2 even mean This is great news for x border payments. I'm curious though, even if they don't hit any major roadblocks what is a realistic timeline for utility on adoption? Their patents are still pending and "stage 2" doesn't indicate anything being production ready? It may or may not commence an integration with Azure this Fall. That integration could take 4 years for all we know. Libra was an XRP killer when it was announced and yet we still have no idea when, and
  9. Actually, we've been talking about the idea of the flywheel in here for 3+ years. It's a metaphor, they don't actually have a giant flywheel taking up physical space in the basement of the SF offices. The entire market is still extremely speculative so the "terrible price action" is very loosely tied to what any project is or isn't delivering. Why did XRP go up in value 600x in 2017 when they weren't delivering anything to any customers? I can't begin to explain why price does what it does in the short-term and what's happened from 2018 until today is short-term in my view. I'd be surprise
  10. Well, I know it may seem difficult now but try to look at the bright side here. Most likely there will be a massive bull run that will have you well in the green if you are patient enough before XRP's true utility is captured. If you don't believe in the project and long-term prospects you can likely sell sometime in the next 4-18 months at a huge profit. Most of the time in life learning valuable lessons such as how to do proper due diligence comes at a high cost. However, here I'd venture that you stand a very high likelihood of learning a valuable lesson AND profiting off of it. Its li
  11. Absolutely not trolling. I take the Ray Dalio position of asking people from all different backgrounds and opinions to try and see all angles. I would say the one thing I actually do well is remove emotion from the various investments I own, whether it be private seed money in startups, XRP, residential RE or otherwise. It really doesn't bother me one bit that you openly disparage XRP and Ripple and I'm just trying to understand your view on this. I don't care to know how much XRP you have long or short just your stance and position in general. I am making the assumption that because you
  12. Perhaps this is a more appropriate thread to delve into this. @LetHerRip here in this thread a couple weeks ago how you mentioned you've been shorting XRP "since 2018". Do you mind sharing some more details? Are you still short or have you seen any broader market changes that would warrant a change of course on XRP? I believe our low was .11 or .12 during the March meltdown. I was lucky enough to grab a bunch at .15. I'm not an expert on trading and curious how you execute a short trade years ago and leave it open? If you did and thats still open do you expect XRP to find new lows? I'd
  13. No, it's not dead from what I'm told by Ripple employees who have nothing to sell me. In fact, they are excited about the most recent ODL figures. Unfortunately for you, I don't ask them to provide any info to me which would get them in hot water and if they did I certainly wouldn't post it on a public forum so you'll have to just take my word on that. Believe me, I wish I could post irrefutable data. Perhaps a good question to ask is whether the data you cite is the complete picture? Is it possible that Ripple values the privacy requests of certain customers more than transparency on kn
  14. Yet another key person here in the US who will be helpful in overhauling the legacy payments infrastructure. Great interview and extremely bullish for Ripple AND XRP.
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