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  1. Much of this makes a lot of sense and I agree with. The one conclusion I don't however is that lower average transaction value is correlated with increased remittence traffic. It makes sense on the surface however all it takes is one exchange to move 1 Billion XRP and the average transaction value metric is completely useless. Which transactions do you control for then in an effort to single out utility based demand vs speculative and retail? These are challenging to distinguish between with certainty and I'm certainly not qualified to lead that analysis but it seems galgitron is doing a good job of tracking this. I believe he concluded we have in fact lifted off the ground and are seeing steady and slowly increasing xrapid traffic. Its my view that once this is confirmed by leading market analysts and we have several corridors utilizing xrapid with verified and confirmed success we will see an avalanche of speculative and retail interest in holding XRP from the big boys. This will precede official regulations because the smart money gets in before that and one could argue they manipulate the regulation in their best interests through lobbying efforts. Buy and hold. That is all.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on this. The UBRI initiative is such a great example of Ripple having an excellent long-term vision. For those that don't know the IIT network of schools in India are considered by many to be the best engineering/computer science schools in the world. It's more selective than Carnegie Mellon, Cal Tech and Berkeley and churn out incredible talent every year. Having them host a validator and demonstrating first-hand how superior the XRP ledger is to POW and other options will probably not make a big difference today but in 2-5 years these initiatives will pay massive dividends. It will be really interesting to see if/how AI and ML are integrated into the XRP ledger in the future.
  3. What are your thoughts on the very real, albeit currently low XRapid volume that is steadily growing? A few customers in a few corridors are USING XRP in their payment flows and every day more and more liquidity is building! I think we will see a lot of speculative volatility until xrp is used massively in payment flows though which is fine and doesn't really matter if you are a long-term investor. I do think though that a big increase in this utility driven demand will happen sooner than many expect, perhaps later this Summer and into Fall which is a total game changer. I'm convinced at this point that XRP is an incredible long-term investment.
  4. good, quick read. Thanks for sharing and I love this "I've heard people say that buying the right crypto is like buying Amazon 20 years ago, or Apple, or Microsoft. I see it differently. I think buying the right crypto or cryptos will be like buying Amazon 20 years ago AND before there was a stock market infrastructure to trade it."
  5. Good read and it finally got me off my arse to set up a coil account. Well worth $5/month and took 45 seconds to setup. Also, I've only ever seen pieces of what you included in the bonus content so thanks for that. I won't reveal what that content was but will mention if you are interested in how Ripple plans on expanding XRP straight from the horses mouth its probably worth $5 for you.
  6. I’ve never heard of them either. In addition to the big consulting firms such as Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, etc... there will be many, many more looking for a piece of the action.
  7. And to build on what @Julian_Williams and @Truckdriver have mentioned please take some time and study network effects, Metcalfe's Law and Jevons Paradox. These are all things that @JoelKatz and @BobWay has alluded to over the years and has been proven true with tech innovation from the very beginning. Also remember the 200+ is todays number and Ashish Birla mentioned a goal of 1000 partners in a couple of years last Summer. This is the network effects I was referring to. Once you reach that tipping point, also written by Malcolm Gladwell, it becomes something banks and payment providers will be required to use. They have already planned this out which is why I believe its no coincidence that between Ripple and R3 they have EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CONSULTING FIRM as a partner. These are the global leaders in large scale enterprise integration. Right now Ripple is working one on one with clients and on boarding them but very, very soon they will have to leverage these consulting firm partners to keep up with the demand. My guess is that if you asked Brad today if things are on schedule he'd probably say we are slightly behind due to lagging regulation but I can assure you that when network effects take hold if you are sitting on a pile of XRP you'll quickly forget about the lag and be glad you held. Whether we are talking 12-60 months from now I hope you will be holding with me to find out. XRP is way ahead as they are just beginning to build real liquidity. It's very early but liquidity is rising. Additionally, David Schwartz has also been very vocal about how even XRP isn't able to scale for the throughput they are expecting. Well currently they can handle 1500 txs/second on chain and it seems whenever I look at current metrics I usually see 4-7 (pls correct me if I'm way off). I think he's mentioned we need orders or magnitude higher levels of available throughput which they are actively working on. He is actively working on scalability to allow for thousands more transactions per second than we are currently seeing, that's slightly bullish if you ask me! I'm not sure if david schwartz mentioned a specific necessary amount but I clearly remember David Chaum mentioning 750,000 txs/sec+ needed and I'm closely following his project Elixxir which interestingly Chris Larsen is an early investor. Folks, its really damn early and you need 5+ years of patience from today I believe if you want your current investment to really see the benefits of compound growth. Even if XRP is somehow sitting at $50 in 2-3 years there will still be so much more market saturation and penetration to be had 3-5+ years from now I won't be selling much more than my initial investments worth. Thats just me and I see XRP as maybe a 2 or 3 in a lifetime type investment that I want to squeeze as much juice from. Don't be Greg people!
  8. Absolutely, and I think I agree with you. However, as a thought exercise the counterpoint to this is Trump's ego and wanting to secure a Win by bringing a whole bunch of manufacturing jobs back to the US. A weaker dollar would incentivize exported goods from the US. Which is more important for him and which is more important for the US? I'm not smart enough in these areas to intelligently venture a guess but it does seem that on a global level there is a significant push to move away from the dollar as a global reserve currency whether the solution involves crypto or not.
  9. I've been buying for the past 6-7 months as much as I can and will continue to do so while under .40 even if that raises my DCA. Ive added greatly to my stack since initial purchases in Aug 17'. Also, congrats @cuber on that sweet, sweet DCA. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
  10. Perhaps in the short run but in the long-run I strongly disagree here. I feel that because this is an entirely new asset class meaning big boys have been prohibited to enter due to lack of regulatory clarity coupled with many potential retail investors waiting to see how this new asset class matures creates opportunities for us. Perhaps we are taking on additional risk but looking at the fundamental developments of RippleNet and the product suite developments as well as strategic build out of markets that have happened throughout 2018 and certainly this year I'm more confident than ever. Our current price is a distraction. We are coming out of the depths of a bear market and the drum beat while hard to hear continues and slowly gets louder and louder. A massive bull market would absolutely help fast track XRP utility volume but I'm extremely optimistic about our future given we are progressing forward through the worst of times.
  11. As others have stated the ad is focused around remittences but wouldn't this also help with Coil adoption having that brand (XRP) recognition? The more people hear or see XRP and/or Ripple the better. I like every bit of this especially because these ads are definitely not in lieu of hiring the best people and investing in their people and ecosystem. It's all in addition to it.
  12. Ugh, sorry to hear. I, too was living in NYC until several years ago. Unfortunately, Coinbase and support are oxymorons. I hope this is sorted soon for you.
  13. Fantastic question! If you believe Ray Dalio and others who's outlook is less than terrific in terms of the US Dollar's outlook from ~2020 onward I think it can be massively impactful. I live in the US and I'm investing a portion of my earned income and savings into XRP. If Ray Dalio and others are correct than perhaps I stand more to gain than someone in the EU or perhaps China who's investing an equal % of their income into XRP. Thats on the individual or micro level. On the Macro view I don't think it matters too much as a successful global adoption of XRP or some other better bridge asset (please let me know if you stumble on one!) enables true globalization and that rising tide helps all ships.
  14. And hopefully the implementation teams at the big consulting firms who are either direct partners with Ripple or indirect through R3 are taking notes on this for when the avalanche of network effects takes off! This is outstanding news as the increased interoperability achieved through XCurrent v4.0 should allow for increased XRapid volume.
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