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  1. I believe this is what you were referring to. She made some very conservative adoption assumptions (hard to predict XRP utility in different use cases particularly FX) which resulted in her rather low multi-year price estimate ($8-$32). https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/fundamental-valuation-framework-for-cryptoassets/A+Fundamental+Valuation+Framework+for+Cryptoassets_June+2018.pdf
  2. Please understand the errors by omission here. The original strategy involved having banks hold XRP- the team realized that wasn't going to happen right away so they went after remittence firms and positioned XRP adoption to happen without banks/remittence companies even needing to hold XRP. This is genius (see details on xcurrent v 4.0 and multi-hop) and will allow (admittedly mostly theoretically at this point) a steady increase in XRP liquidity via adoption. Yes, we are still waiting on meaningful XRapid volume and its something I'm very much looking forward to. More liquidity yields greater utility and adoption. Down the road (my guess 2-3 years from today) banks and remittence companies will be incentivized to hold their own pool of XRP. This is not my speculation but its been publicly mentioned by David Schwartz and was echoed by Bob Way.
  3. Uhh, from the article below. When was this written? "According to Ripple, three out of the top five money transfer agencies in the world have expressed interest in using XRP as a liquidity solution by the end of 2018. Western Union and MoneyGram have already started pilot projects for xRapid."
  4. So well said, thank you. For those that insist on criticizing Ripple’s decisions please understand you are making judgements with very incomplete information. We have access to 2% of what’s really happening behind closed doors both with Ripple partners, regulatory bodies, central banks, etc... They have consistently hired the very best talent across every discipline for years now and have managed to have incredibly low turnover. I can’t say it often enough- the price of XRP is nothing more than a distraction right now unless you are a trader. As a long-term investor look at how they are positioning XRP for adoption and growth as well as Ripple, Coil and Xpring for growth and continued adoption. I very much like what I see.
  5. I disagree completely. If Ripple’s resources were tied up with each Xpring investment than sure but you don’t seem to understand the structure and purpose of Xpring. Ripple is laser focused on payments and will remain so. Xpring is an arm of Ripple led by Ethan Beard. Since this video was released they have publicly mentioned they are focused more on decentralized finance.
  6. definitely bullish! It's great to see such positive regulation moving through in Japan. Kitao's eyes are drying, he's probably considering blinking...
  7. Good read, thanks as always. I didn't realize Xpring was focusing their efforts into specifically decentralized finance, that's a bold move considering just how broad XRP can be applied. The future is bright.
  8. Exactly. They are building a diverse start-up portfolio across many different verticals. Depending on the size and scope of each start-up I think 3-7 years is a more reasonable timeframe to expect direct positive results to the XRP ecosystem.
  9. As an XRP holder I'd be much more concerned about Libra if: 1. It actually existed. Libra is just an idea and one where regulators around the globe are salivating over holding FB over the fire and at the very least delaying its development. If its released before the end of 2020 it would be a miracle. If and when Libra actually happens XRP's utility will be demonstrated every day at scale across most of the worlds largest remittence markets and probably several pioneering banks. What will be the incentive at that point to back track into something else that's unproven? People seem to lose sight of the fact that Ripple circle the globe working with regulators and have been since probably 2014. 2. The XRP ledger didn't spend the last 18 months focusing and executing on decentralization. The team at Ripple have done an amazing job at nearly completely eliminating their influence on the ledger, something FB is going to have a major uphill battle completing. 3. XRP wasn't the best DA for micropayments. This will be huge. There are others such as Nano and XLM that share some impressive tech numbers but can't be used due primarily to inadequate liquidity and ecosystem development. I'm sure there are many more reasons why Libra isn't a major threat but these are what immediately come to mind.
  10. Agreed. Hopefully they can open additional corridors before the 4th quarter. With or without additional corridors 3rd quarter #'s are going to demonstrate a massive increase in SRP utility which is I'm sure why Ripple planned Swell in Singapore 1-2 weeks after they will announce the 3rd quarter XRP markets report. I know many are sour on the SBI delays but its a matter of when, not if, and will have a huge impact positively for the ecosystem as well. Still, I don't think the real fun will begin until next year. The massive conservative players will be watching and waiting for the Moneygram and SBI results before committing in a big way. Thats fine as I have incredible confidence in the team at Ripple to quickly address any quirks and unexpected issues that will certainly pop up. Finally, since you mentioned Libra from what I can tell late 2020 is the absolute soonest we will see it Live. Given the initial pushback, which I'm sure they expected, this could be a 2021 go live.
  11. I love Dilip and am hopeful we might hear his thoughts on how beautifully positioned XRP is for not just cross Border payments but also securities settlement as the other speaker on the panel was chosen for.
  12. I really want to hear David Chaum's take on Libra. His new Elixxir project, backed by Chris Larsen and many other high profile figures is more of a consumer facing product than XRP and seemingly targeted towards the same user base as Libra. Many people aren't aware that David Chaum is a true OG in the crypto space and arguably one of the brightest stars in this space. I, like others here am excited and not fearful for Libra with respect to my XRP investment. This is a win.
  13. What a brilliant summation of the bigger picture. Thank you for your time and efforts. I realize its speculation but @mars75 do you see a move away from the USD as a global reserve currency? If so, what kind of time frame would you guess and how do you see XRP specifically positioned in this?
  14. I read them all @Hodor and this one was really good. Somehow after a quick perusal of xrpchat daily you seem to find important topics I've missed. For example, I didn't catch the XRP ledger decentralization update which is awesome on so many levels. Between IIT, Waterloo and the myriad of other world class engineering institutions involved in the XRP ecosystem they continue to build a more robust platform.
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