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  1. RobertStrong

    Swift CEO Steps Down After Era of Tech Disrupting Global Banking

    setting up a fax machine in offices around the world
  2. RobertStrong

    BCH hash war

    mish-ah-leeen lol
  3. RobertStrong

    the network is down ?

    site maintenance?
  4. you should send it to all 3 people, make it a competition to motivate them... 'you could be the first, but also so could the two others" https://www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com/
  5. Chris is SUPER level headed, if he says this guy has an agenda then I want to know exactly how much BTC he holds
  6. Ripple is a responsible company, unlike many others that over hired in December and are desperately trying to stay relevant (*coughs coinbase* (**coughs again might be getting sick**)) We want to see them take a smart approach,adding jobs when departments are stretched too thin
  7. RobertStrong

    Ripple is a potential tech giant..

    yes, and now they are also making VC investments bigly - giant status
  8. RobertStrong

    inside_r3 Paper Argues 'Fedcoin' Concept 'Deserves Study'

    Sorry, the page you're looking for could not be found.
  9. https://www.ccn.com/heres-what-it-costs-to-get-your-ico-token-listed-on-an-exchange/
  10. almost every FUD article on seekingalpha.com has " Winklevoss Bitcoin (COIN) " as a contributor e.g. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4135963-ripple-avoid-costs
  11. RobertStrong

    Eggs in the wrong basket?

    if you're torn between the two, watch a video of Brad explaining XRP, and then watch a video of Jed explaining XLM...
  12. RobertStrong

    Could this be the end of bitcoin?

    Child Forking
  13. Jed needs to working on his public speaking skills