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  1. banks have enough business with trusts & estates alone to stay relevant for generations (at least one). JPM for example has 6 major LOBs, perhaps they lose two of them to technological innovation and new competition. The great reset has done a tone of damage to the real estate market, a market JPM for example has been heavily invested in. If you want a conspiracy try this... JPM wants employees to go back to the office because they own the building and the space is expensive - with no foot traffic, the value goes down meaning their collateral and balance sheets are affected. Why would a big bank, entrenched in the deep state and pivotal to the great reset amputate half their books? Perhaps you have an easy answer that proves this globalist narrative.
  2. I watched a yahoo finance that credited yesterday's crash to the "buy the rumor sell the news" around El Salvador adoption along with heavy use of margin trading. i found this to be a reasonable assertion, but its easier to look back than it is to see whats going on in the present. I would not be surprised if there are leaks at the SEC regarding the Coinbase lawsuit that moved the price before the headlines, that seems to be the norm.
  3. Here is an old article, a headline to read: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/trump-nominee-jay-clayton-will-be-the-most-conflicted-sec-chair-ever-117944/ If it was obvious to the writers at Rolling Stone (they have some really good articles), then its obvious to those living it.
  4. Ledger Live is their exchange platform product. If you’re quoting USD then i assume you’re American and don’t have access to it yet (available in Europe)
  5. I think protecting innovation falls on government oversight of the SEC. SEC are dumb pigs with a singular role, complicated by greed and motivated by the publicity of big cases. Gov. oversight of the SEC, checks and balances, is the problem here. DOJ should have squashed the case under presidential or congressional decry under the principal of protecting innovation and staying competitive. Right now America is a ten time world champion in the off season (overweight and slow).
  6. talking about how SEC's investigation lacks clarity, and has been done mainly in secret (from ripple and from the court). Ripple wants a fair trial
  7. he's not wrong, brad has been saying this for a while and Chris wants to push forward
  8. that moment when you realize the tv show you're 4 seasons into is reusing characters.... but it's real Life. Melissa Hodgman is taking her old job back, she is the wife of a formerly disgraced top level FBI agent who had a very public affair, Peter Strzok/Lisa Page this may only ring bells for americans with memories pre-pandemic. its just so swampy out there
  9. yes, you can bridge crypto to crypto like they do with FIAT. also, you can write an ETH IOU (e.g.), trade it at the speed of xrp many times then cash it out with the gatekeeper at which point you will have to wait for the ETH transaction to settle at ETH speed. I only read half your question... my bad
  10. Just wait two weeks and say, "see I told you so".
  11. I believe so. David S told me everything but Iota during consensus week ‘19. Iota is just different and would require a non one size fits all solution
  12. utility also fuels speculation (as in, new market opens up and we speculate on the price). overtime there will be a reduced marginal effect of utility on speculation. eventually, opening up a new corridor or adding more utility to xrp will be priced in and the weight of speculation will feather.
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