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  1. I have tried to work out exactly how many XRP's and for what dollars both Brad and Chris have sold. I had some confusion after reading the document. With Brad selling 321 million XRP in one table for approx 150million dollars in another place. This would imply an average price of just below 50 cents including commissions. I have been holding since mid 2017 (the period the sales were alleged to have taken place) and except for the mad exponential pump end of 2017 through to June 2018 I think you would need to be a good trader to manage this price over 2017-2019. I went to Bitstam
  2. I have a Codius based domain name that expires shortly. Haven't really used it as had trouble setting up my spare computer and other things came up Need advice.... should I bother keeping it going or just let it go.? Not big dollars involved ($50) but every little bit helps given the current conditions..
  3. Maybe they could just send 0.001 xrp's to someone and have the min cost of transfer to be 10billion and the max cost of transfer to be 10.1billion. That burn would certainly make the nightly news!!
  4. I rarely visit general discussion because the topics are usually light weight or moon talk or FUD. Your analysis deserves praise and considered responses. Thanks for the good work and for those who have contributed to the discussion. Agree with you re the gifs. It's your post so you don't have to say "please" :-)
  5. Recommended XRP to 2 friends in August 2017 who are in the hitech area. Neither did anything. Know one person who tried some mining of Bitcoin in the early days but then has misplaced the one coin he mined. Don't know anyone who has bought anything.
  6. For info. Received a response from Ledger. as per below. Pity the exclusion for Ripple wasn't clear on their site however their response was fast and clear. I will wait for the application in 2018 or maybe use the Chromebook for an anchor on my yacht when xrp moons. Tiago (Ledger Customer Service) Mar 27, 11:38 CEST Hello , Ledger devices work on: Windows (7+) Mac (10.9+) Linux (Nano and HW.1 do not work on Ubuntu 16.04) Chrome OS (except Ripple) Android for Bitcoin only, using Mycelium https://ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ar
  7. To improve my security I have a new Chromebook and another NanoS. This system is to be only to be used for XRP long term transfers. Ledger advertised NanoS as Chromebook compatible Updated NanoS to latest rev, downloaded Bitcoin app but can't download an XRP app. Can't find app button to download. Anyone know anything about this? Please don't advise me to I'll have to use it for bitcoin as I only buy one coin type :-)
  8. With all the talk about young kids made me think of our own two. Enjoy them at every stage as they grow up so quickly. We now have grand kids. Arguably grand kids are better because they're like kids...... but you can hand them back!! Bought some zerps for all of them before xmas at a good price. Needless to say they are really long term hodlers.
  9. small jump just happening on bitstamp while BTC remaining stable ??
  10. To much time on my hands waiting for BTC to die and XRP to rocket so changed your chart to make the 7d graphs show an upward trend. :-) (hope it shows as first time I've attached a jpg)
  11. To all aussies it is expressly forbidden by the ATO to use a Super Fund (SMSF) to trade or purchase currencies and this includes cryptos. Your accountant will advise you this.
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