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  1. I'm sorry I should've said Wells Fargo specifically since I do not have experience with other banks regarding this issue, not quite sure why they are different.
  2. Thanks for all the great responses! So the real issue for him is getting a larger sum on the exchange. I do like bitstamp and use it myself as it is friendly but the banks are in a country you can't do transfers to from the United States. As for Poloniex/Bittrex they are the ones previously mentioned that have not been responding to support messages and do not have a contact number. His issue is finding an exchange that will be able to provide timely support if he needs. Basically I don't think he feels comfortable putting the amount of money he would like to without knowing he can contact the exchange and get a response. I suppose this makes sense, as more people start to adopt and it becomes more mainstream it should all work itself out.
  3. This will be my first post although I have been surfing the forums for most of the year. I know a similar topic has been brought up before so be gentle. I also want to state that I am a XRP hodler and believe that it is the next generation in payments. That being said, I have a few issues with it from an older generations perspective. My father, who has worked in the banking industry most of his life but is now retired, has obviously heard the recent stir about crypto-currency gains. I have tried to update him as much as I possibly can on blockchain tech as well as the large players as far as currency. He is very interested in investing and has plenty of cash sitting around to do so. Seeing that he is so used to banks and very good service/support as well as the professional feel of FI's he is having a hard time accessing these currencies. He has messaged several of the large exchanges with important questions but they have yet to get back to him after weeks (I won't name names but they are the bigs ones.) So my questions are, is there anything being done about the lack of services at these exchanges. Can XRP be bought in any way in the U.S. besides these exchanges? They are having issues already with service at this volume, what happens when volume increases? Thanks for anyone that takes the time to read/respond. AC
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