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  1. Nice bump @zerpdigger... Seeing Korea come out of nowhere to light up the volume, has had me wondering why... I don't believe the crazy Korean volume is because the Koreans are a bunch of gamblers or that they like to trade for small %'s more than any other country. I have been thinking with the strict currency inflow / outflow regulations in Korea, the huge volumes are directly related to this topic. Looking at the below link, the top two South Korea Remittance received by origin country(US and Japan), have the strongest XRP markets(besides Korea) ... https://countryeconomy.com/demography/migration/remittance/south-korea
  2. Before this is possible, you will need securities to be ditigalized first. There are other groups working on this now. Diplomas have already been, so it's just a matter of time, IMO. It has been asked many times, if XRP Ledger could be used for equity trading, and the popular response is it is possible, but you wouldn't want to due to ledger bloat and speed. Just like crypto has found its preferred home for trading on exchanges rather than XRPL, thanks to speed and capacity, the same would be true for securities staying on exchanges for trading. BUT, you aren't asking about trading, you are asking about settlement, which is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. A couple of years ago, Ripple appointed Donald Donahue, former CEO of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) as an advisor to the company. So you can safely assume the topic was at least discussed. I am not sure sure the goal would ever be to have securities custody framework on the XRPL, but I can see it being possible, especially when you can issue your own IOUs, if you are only moving securities for settlement processing, rather than trading, maybe the bloat wouldn't be too bad. I do not know how many tradeable securities + derivatives there are in the world, but according to this, there were about 45k listed domestic companies in the world. I think the most likely scenario is that someone else figures out the security digitalization issue, they connect to the ILP, and when settlement is needed against cash, settlement is done via cross chain transactions. I assume in the future securities will also settle against other securities, like we see on crypto exchanges now with Alts and BTC, no need to go to cash, this will also be possible thanks to ILP. All IMO.
  3. "if xrp is going to be inserted deeply into the financial system, the market cap needs to be orders of magnitude bigger, it has to be able to support institutional flows in orders of magnitude of trillions of dollars" https://youtu.be/64Eacp46BQo?t=3633
  4. XRP Storage

    @lusa You have to understand, a lot of people do not have either the technical knowledge or the time to gain that knowledge, inorder to feel confident in using one of the many software wallet options available. Time is money, and these ledger products allow people to feel confident their holdings are secure, without much fuss. I understand your points but I don't think you understand theirs. This is coming from someone who doesn't use a ledger product.
  5. BitGo should be rolling out anytime now
  6. Also Ken Kurson, who is on the Ripple board of directors , is close with Kushner. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/24/business/media/ken-kurson-steps-down-as-editor-of-the-observer.html
  7. Noticed a couple new, to me at least, pdf's on the ripple collateral page Over 25 global validators operated by institutions like MIT, Microsoft, AWS, Bahnhof and CGI. I do not remember seeing 25 global validators mentioned officially before. https://ripple.com/files/xrp_overview.pdf https://ripple.com/files/xrp_exchanges.pdf
  8. until
  9. I know there are a few forum members from Massachusetts, figured I would share this as it seems to be under the radar.
  10. @Ultratron Deleted (don't want to give bad advice)
  11. Cold wallet

    https://bithomp.com/explorer/ I prefer this to the ripple account explorer page.
  12. FWIW, In the west, unicorn is a label given to startups with a valuation of $1 Billion or more.
  13. Higher Transaction Costs

    Anyone who has ever complained about the concentrated position of XRP in Ripple's possession, has to see why this can be so beneficial to XRP holders. This is a perfect example. When this issue is resolved, and we all know it will be, consider how fast the turn around time was, compared to what your reasonable expectations would be of another crypto community, where not everyone has the same focus, goals or motivations.
  14. FWIW, while playing around on the testnet one night, I was able to re-enable the master key, using the current regular key.
  15. Secret Key doesn't match public key

    You still need to have cooperation between the two accounts, really what he is saying is, if you make a mistake just have the recipient send the same amount back. This is similar to the current wire process,yeah you can recall a wire, it doesn't mean it will happen, but usually does because the majority of banks in the system either have relationships with each other or worrying about their reputation among their peers. Also the mistakes are usually relatively low amounts.