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  1. Kakoyla

    Cold Wallet Walk-through using Ripplerm Wallet

    I still use it, it's already on my offline pc and has always done what I needed so no need to try anything new. There are a lot more options available now, and Toast seems to be a crowd favorite.
  2. I think account lines is the easier way
  3. Looks like the live version includes all transactions whether they were successful or not, I would suggest you add a filter for tesSUCCESS or maybe an option to only show successful transactions.
  4. you need to provide more(all if possible) of your code in the screenshot the part that is generating the error isn't shown. Does it connect if you use s1 instead? if yes, than run /opt/ripple/bin/rippled server_info in your terminal to make sure your local rippled is running. I think its something wrong in your code though.
  5. Kakoyla

    Not able to see rippled running in my console

    If you don't know how to do what sukrim mentions, you can always start rippled manually, $ sudo /opt/ripple/bin/rippled If it's already running as a service - using the command you mentioned in your original post, you can stop it first using $ /opt/ripple/bin/rippled stop
  6. Kakoyla

    Rippled using 9.5 Gb RAM

    When I first start it up it uses probably around what you are seeing or less. The 12Gb is after it's been running a little over 10 days, i noticed it creeps up the longer it runs. Probably due to what @XRPinformation mentioned about Rippled using what's available.
  7. Kakoyla

    Rippled using 9.5 Gb RAM

    I have mine set to medium as well, it's using 12.8Gb out of 16Gb
  8. Kakoyla


    @HazzaHat At the same link there is a history tab but you would have to set the address each time ... No bithomp type tool that I am aware of
  9. I had issues with wss too, including the ssl chain got everything working for me. (thanks to @rjremien) ssl_key = /'**your ssl cert folder**'/.key ssl_cert = /'**your ssl cert folder**'/.crt ssl_chain = /'**your ssl cert folder**'/.ca-bundle If you don't have a certificate yet, I used let's encrypt, which is free and relatively easy for a first timer when you follow their guide
  10. Kakoyla


    http://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ Any other wallet that let's you change the server should also work
  11. Kakoyla

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    Yes, there are also a few different file type export and report options including a pdf of form 8949. Depending on your volume, if I was on the other side of the desk, I know I would rather have a file than a printout. Also binance is supported https://bitcoin.tax/faq
  12. Kakoyla

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    I used Bitcoin.tax, highly recommended it, they give you the option to export a file which is compatible with TurboTax. I had trades on exchanges which do not have the ability to export trades, so I did have to manually add a few into bitcoin.tax, but I did not have to do the conversion to usd, you can input the XRP/BTC or ETH/XRP price you paid and it will convert the price for you.
  13. Kakoyla

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    Gatehub is such a tough call here. You do have control of your account, however good luck trying to explain this to someone who has no familiarity with crypto. I will be filing for my gatehub account, mainly because I don't know where the secret key is for this particular account, but yet I can still log in and process transactions. Gatehub has your login information and even if you don't need to use gatehub to access your account, I would think the way and outsider would view this as it is an account with gatehub. Failing to file an FBAR can carry a civil penalty of $10,000 for each non-willful violation. But if your violation is found to be willful, the penalty is the greater of $100,000or 50 percent of the amount in the account for each violation—and each year you didn't file is a separate violation. The penalties are so extreme for noncompliance, it's a huge risk not to file. Even if it ends up being not required it takes very little time to fill out the form and there are no payments involved, this is reporting only. ***Another Tax Issue that may be unknown *** If you are like me, you probably have received W2's your whole life, and have had estimated tax liability withheld. Something I recently found out about, if you expect to owe taxes at the end of the year, you are required to pay quarterly. https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc306 Example, say you sell xrp today and your tax liability on this sell is $20K, (AKA you owe the IRS 20k). Assuming you will not have credits or deductions to off set this, you need to pay this $20k at the end of 1st quarter. If you wait until next April, you will have penalties and interest accrued on the late amount added on to your tax liability for the year. It's a minefield for tax noobs, be very careful or you can walk away with nothing once they are done with you.
  14. They were on CMC and also listed on Xrpcharts. But then they had issues with the API in first half of 2017, that apparently have not been fixed.