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  1. Dollar-cost-average your way in, meaning rather than buying all at once spread your buys over several days or weeks. This will give you an overall entry price of the price average over that same time period. Lastly - hope for the best, plan for the worst. Assume that all money invested is as good as gone, and never invest funds that you need to cover living expenses etc. There is nothing worse than seeing prices tank when you are already overinvested.
  2. No, the effect is gradual as it takes some time for liquidity to dry up with prices historically peaking 12-18 months after the halving. 2020 could still end up being a down or sideways year with action picking up in 21. While halving only affects the supply, demand is a complete wildcard; if the demand dries up then prices will tank regardless of the supply, so there is that. Typically there has been a speculative demand-driven run up to halving, which may or may not play out this time. There are many contrarian views out there (looming mining catastrophe, miners will go out of
  3. Sure, it is a combination of several things: 1. BTC is in a long term ascending pattern, and is currently consolidating into an increasingly compressed trading range after the 2017 impulse to 20k . The end state of any price compression is a violent breakout with a particular party (bulls or bears) finally prevailing as the defenses on the opposite side crumble. 2. Rounded bottom formed in early 2019 as the market rejected 3k btc is a good sign. Round bottoms on pullback waves are bullish imo as they signal mounting buying pressure that usually produces trend continuation; in thi
  4. Sometimes you just have to zoom out to figure out what is really going on. Here is BTC long-term price chart: If that setup alone doesn't make you all hot and bothered, then I don't know why you are even reading this lol. Here is what I expect to happen after halving takes place; you can use your imagination to fill in the rest: HODL tight, have a plan, and familiarize yourselves with tax implications if you haven't already.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/bitcoin-sharp-price-drop-may-115522666.html "While the sudden price drop has taken place alongside a bloody day in the traditional markets, there may be another factor driving down bitcoin’s value so severely. On Saturday, scammers in control of the remaining wallets of the China-based Ponzi scheme moved 13,000 BTC (worth around $101 million currently, but close to $120 million at the time) to so-called “mixers” and may have offloaded their holdings, causing prices to fall sharply, according to Singhal. Mixers are used to obfuscate the source of a c
  6. Hosting in Amazon or Google clouds is not the same as "partnering with" Amazon or Google. Clickbait.
  7. From the press release: Total operating expenses were $311.0 million, an improvement of $21.1 million over the fourth quarter of 2018. This is an improvement of 6% from 2018's fourth quarter. Net loss was $11.9 million compared with $12.5 million for the fourth quarter of 2018. Adjusted EBITDA was $57.6 million compared with $60.0 million in the previous year's fourth quarter. Adjusted EBITDA margin improved to 17.8% from 17.4% in the fourth quarter of 2018. In my view: Revenue is a product of how a particular company operates today, meaning that it is essentially a
  8. Not the first time, and it won't be the last either. There are horror stories out there of NEO flash crashes and people losing everything in the same fashion as described here. PSA: Margin trading on pairs with low liquidity is a recipe for disaster. Stops execute at next available best price, which in absence of adequate liquidity could easily be close to zero. Price crashes, you get margin called, exchange triggers automatic stops to close your positions, stops fill at the best possible price (next to nothing), you wake up and log in, only to find out you are fkt,
  9. Up until halving -> pullback and consolidation -> up until ridiculously overbought -> dump to 30-60k. ATH next spring/summer unless moonboys all jump on the bandwagon and accelerate the ATH timeframe to the end of this year (unlikely but possible).
  10. Earnings call was expected on the 10th, but now supposedly it is scheduled for the 28th or something like that. There is much speculation online that this delay is somehow related to some major incoming announcement since the only time MGI has previously delayed the call was when a potential buyout was in the picture. Prospects for a speculative P&D will be high over the next couple of weeks or so.
  11. I think it'll be a while longer before we have our moon. Xrp is showing no signs of life (flat volume, significant fiat and btc resistances ahead and not much effort to push through thus far) while solid momentum builds behind other coins. 3-12 months IMO before we break 60c. Need more dry powder in the market, and need xrp faithful to jump the ship. No moon launch until then. The rocket is still too heavy.
  12. 10mil doubling every 36 days equals 10bil in exactly one year. Sounds pretty good to me!
  13. Yes - most likely the exchange itself. Liquidity exhaustion is generally not good for business.
  14. It's mechanical rather than intelligent. A good trading bet is to offload your investment before it reaches prior peak high; this is depicted as "heavy supply" zone above, and this will be the zone where both traders and algos will take their profits. On the other side of the equation, some bots may be running wave counts and setting stops or buys based on general trend direction and wave sequence highs and lows. Put the two together, and one could see how our recent pattern could have been caused by nothin'-but-bot action: price appreciates, runs into an automated TP area, this cause
  15. The only thing that CH showed us was what a public schizophrenic breakdown looks like. He would be wise to get that checked out. Regarding the price, this looks like stop loss hunting more than anything else. Check out the recent xrp/btc and xrp/usdt price action and notice how breakdown wicks conveniently dip below levels where key stops are set: So yes, price may be breaking down.... or someone may be looking to get in without exhausting already thin sell side liquidity.
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