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  1. In plain English - xrp is not a security, but *even if it were * here are the numerous reasons that the complaint should be thrown out as completely frivolous (which are many, with some being rather entertaining). More than anything, Ripple's response really highlights the halfassed nature of the entire lawsuit and pokes so many holes in plaintiff's claims that they could sink an ocean liner. It will be interesting to see what the judge has to say on this matter.
  2. Binance.US will be available in most states, but not all states on its initial launch. Upon launch, Binance.US accounts will NOT be available in the following states: Alabama Arizona Connecticut Florida Hawaii Idaho Louisiana New York North Carolina Texas Georgia Vermont Washington
  3. False alarm - the sell wall got either taken down or was eaten through.
  4. 1 mil sellwall popped up on poloniex xrpbtc pair for 3010. This will serve to translate xrp momentum onto btc in the near term.
  5. Whaddya know - our whale friends have decided to join us for the ride: .
  6. xrp/btc trying *really* hard to break out; fingers crossed it sticks...
  7. Alts seem well supported atm, so regardless of which direction btc picks I think that alt downside risk will be limited. #allinalts #hopeidontgetscrewed
  8. XRP looking good. Also keep an eye on TRX - it looks like it is about to pop and the setup looks good for a quick in/out.
  9. Since couple of hours ago. To be seen if it holds, but the door seems open at this point.
  10. xrp/btc sell walls reducing in size. It may be an interesting weekend.
  11. ummm yeah...about that... my hands are strong, but I'm not sure I can hodl for two millenia...
  12. The pace of adoption is picking up quickly. This is probably a good time to remind everyone that network-effect based expansion takes place exponentially rather than linearly: already quick pace should only pick up from here.
  13. Whales need liquidity to sell. Since xrp price is already in the crapper, could it be that whales are moving funds to exchanges because they are expecting a fomo event? (disclaimer - pure speculation)
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