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  1. yes/yes. Delay depends on the exchange you are using vs exchange on which the trade was executed, but arbitrage bots generally do a fine job at keeping all exchanges mostly in sync.
  2. Word to the wise - xrp bleeds slowly and for what seems like forever, but when it flips it does so very quickly. If/when the breakout does occur, you'll be lucky to catch it at 15% premium over the starting price. The breakouts have thus far also not followed any particular FA announcements / triggers. fwiw - your approach is sensible, but I'm not sure that it fits the personality of this particular coin.
  3. That's the way to get it done! Cashing out the initial investment makes for a much more relaxed ride.
  4. Zero; playing with profits from the last bull run, so it is all house money at this point. When I first started though my rule of thumb was always to invest "some meaningful amount". Up to you to decide how much is "meaningful" given your personal circumstances.
  5. ^^ this. @thebigrisky1 - make sure your strategy is bulletproof first with absolutely no gray areas. Mock-trade your strategy without physically looking at charts to make sure that it holds up; you'll be surprised by the number of minuscule contextual decisions that your brain will automatically bridge when looking at a chart, but that will be very difficult to translate into code. Lastly, be careful with self-tuning algorithms optimized against historical data as they will have a tendency to perform what amounts to a logical curve fit which falls apart very quickly when put into action. If doing anything with TA, go for microtrades with minimal duration and profit margin just slightly above spread and commission as those will tend to be the most reliable. Good luck.
  6. If xrp/btc floor of 8000 sats holds and btc keeps going up then we may have a breakout soon.
  7. Context of "liquidity" is important, and in this instance "liquidity" implies the ability of the network to transmit cryptocurrency payments. LN exists as a sidechain that needs to be prefunded whereas no such limitations exist with xrp where any transfers will be performed on the main network. Even for crypto payments then, LN is already far behind. For fiat-fiat, I haven't seen anything that would suggest that btc/ln have any capabilities approaching xRapid fiat-fiat or liquidity pathfinding abilities. BTC trade liquidity may be there, but it appears to be largely unreachable (at the moment) for the purposes of streamlining payments.
  8. Good job - you just described nearly every investment that ever existed: the primary way to make money is to sell it to someone who finds it more valuable than what you initially acquired it for. Are you saying that you are bummed that xrp is neither a security nor a debt instrument nor does it pay dividends? Because if that is what you are looking for then you are definitely in the wrong place.
  9. Bob, ever since you joined the rest of the site has been eerily devoid of activity; your insight apparently takes precedence over all other site banter. The community was thirsty for knowledge, and you have helped quench it's thirst. Thank you again for joining, and yes it was definitely worth it!
  10. That may be, but they are moving in the right direction which is the important part.
  11. "Xrp will never go above 40 to $50" ....where do I sign up?
  12. ^^ this. More details here: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/13/jp-morgan-is-rolling-out-the-first-us-bank-backed-cryptocurrency-to-transform-payments--.html
  13. True, but in this instance broader market events seem to support the tea leaf reading. BTC wallet numbers on the rise, btc/crypto news coverage increasing, Starbucks, LN being added to Square, random coins starting to moon... all signs of the incoming crypto thaw. So yes - it is circumstantial, but there is also some substance behind the reading.
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