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  1. Here you go: https://www.cointracker.io/blog/how-are-cryptocurrency-airdrops-taxed
  2. Some random musings on this topic for entertainment purposes: - If BTC price cycle is in fact lengthening, then at some point in the near future (next cycle?) the tail end of one price cycle will begin to overlap the halving event of the next price cycle. Once this happens, the stage will be set for sustained price appreciation, and with it the reduced volatility. - At some point in November, PlanB was forecasting some pretty high numbers BTC was going to reach in November and December since according to his projection the average price for this cycle was 100k (or something like that). The amusing part is that he seemingly failed to consider that a cycle average of 100k could also be achieved by virtue of duration of time spent above 100k rather than solely by the size of the transient speculative parabolic wave. A longer cycle this time around means that he could still be proven right by the time 2024 halving takes place. To be determined. - Speaking of PlanB, his original S2F analysis still seems like his best work. As early as March of 2019 he was calling for avg BTC price of 55k post halving. Prescient thus far.
  3. Halfway there: Meanwhile, alts are getting compressed and BTC dominance is riding the support line: This could go multiple ways, but I'm leaning towards a weak BTC recovery coupled with a strong alt recovery and a sharp drop in BTC dominance. Afterwards... we'll have to see. It will either be dump o'clock, or the cycle final BTC pump fueled by alt-to-BTC rotation.
  4. To any longs out there - watch out for a possible backtest of 45k-54k range before the next move higher. I'm not saying that it's gonna happen, but I don't think it can be fully ruled out quite yet either. Reasoning: longer cycles this time, everyone thinks that 60k will hold and the BTC will rocket upwards from here. I also think that BTC will rocket from here, but it will be easier for it to do so after wiping out all stops in the 50k range.
  5. First things first - past performance does not guarantee future results. Having said that, current setup does resemble 2013/2014. If the history were to repeat itself, and assuming that the stock market doesn't tank in the meantime, then I would expect a choppy but sustained ascent back into high-50s/low60s followed by a brief (lasting weeks rather than months) and violent breakout to 100k+.
  6. My money is on BTC having at least one or two more legs up this year. We needed a cool off period, and now we got it. I'm reloading on the way down.
  7. Yeah, BTC looks to be all out of "61k bounces". It's all just compression at this point, and when it punches through it should do so with conviction. Also, 100k is a good extension target and not just a figure of speech in case anyone was wondering.
  8. Ah, that sweet smell of xrp 43% daily gain. Nice to see you too, it's been a while; how've you been, wife and kids still doing ok?
  9. Yes, the timing lines up with my view. As far as magnitude is concerned.. that is anyone's guess, although this seems reasonable. I should add that there still exists a risk that instead of breaking 60k BTC rolls over instead and heads down to mid 40s. This would signal a prolonged trading season and invalidate the timing depicted in the cart.
  10. Yes, xrp has been sucking for some time now. At the same time, the chart setup is quite good AND btc is rising. If btc keeps going up, chances are more than good that it will push xrp sufficiently higher to trigger a technical breakout. Lawsuit/no lawsuit/utility/no utility/your feelings/my feelings/hopes and dreams are irrelevant. The setup is purely technical.
  11. xrp/usd cup and handle on the hourly residing within a cup and handle on the daily. If it breaks upwards, it should do so violently.
  12. Yes we do, straight down the crapper along with BTC. lol circling the drain is fun! But yes, alts are showing some *mild* resilience. How they behave with respect to BTC once it begins to rebound will be key to whether the alt season starts in earnest. If they start rising in tandem, then we may be onto something. Otherwise, it could be more of the same for a while.
  13. I don't know. At the end of the day we are all just guessing, but based on the way alts are behaving at the moment I'd say that any significant pullback in BTC could spark a bull run in alts.
  14. Yes, that is what I'm saying: if BTC closes at 75-80K in the next 2-3 weeks, then we are looking at an early cycle peak in May or June. If it falls out of the ascending triangle prior to then, then I have no idea. More data points (more time) would be needed to determine the new pattern in that case.
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