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  1. automatic

    My dummy questions about xRapid

    Ok, so based on this tweet it seems that xRapid operates as a one-to-many whereby an xRapid client can theoretically use the technology to send money anywhere in the world as the worst case scenario will be that the final leg of the transfer gets completed on the receiving country's domestic payment rail. Is that accurate? If yes, then holy balls!
  2. automatic

    Question on the usage

    xrapid would be needed on both ends I believe.
  3. Yup, and that will be true for any given time frame. There is no such thing a "internet investment advice"; everyone should do their own research and decide on their own what is real and what is BS. Your money, your decisions. No one else's.
  4. automatic

    Bots Going Wonky

    I saw something similar happen with ETH on Poloniex maybe three weeks ago. My first thought was that someone really didn't want ETH to go up and that I should probably jump on a short. I got lazy and never followed through, and the following day the wall was gone and ETH embarked on a decent climb.
  5. Yes - for now. ...but not for much longer.
  6. automatic

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    In the end, yes. For now though, perception does play a role. Twitter traffic and cult-following leads to exposure, exposure leads to coverage, coverage produces leads, leads produce business. We are still in the early stages, so every bit of exposure matters; if that wasn't the case then Brad and David would not give a crap about posting on Twitter yet they still do.
  7. automatic

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Isn't she pretty vocal about XRP and diligent about fighting Twitter FUD on a daily basis? That seems respectable to me. Regarding selfies - meh, some people just *really like* taking selfies. Maybe her two passions are (selfies) and (xrp), but it just so happens to come across as (selfies + xrp). Either way, I don't get all the hate.
  8. automatic

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I'm already dreading seeing "crypto axis of evil!" nonsense splattered all over media in about three years from now.
  9. automatic

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Neutral, but leaning up. BTC looks like it has either completed it's 5 wave pullback, or will do so very shortly. Looks like there is still some downward pressure, but the wall is much smaller than it has been for the past few days. At the same time, the support has also been thinned out, so it is neither here nor there. Thus, my forecast for today is predominantly sideways with a chance of bounce later in the day.
  10. You will not find an answer to that question around here because no one can answer that question but you. Maybe one day when Ripple starts tapping out on its potential people will start talking about selling, but we are nowhere close to that point. If you are looking for a strategy in the meantime, simply pick a number that you think that XRP will reach, and then set up staggered sell orders between the current price and the target. That should work well enough until such time that you are able to come up with a personal exit strategy.
  11. Yes - booze and weed are nothing more than a warmup round. People who get fckt up together do business together. Snoop was a good choice IMO; maybe not from a PR perspective, but definitely from a business development perspective.
  12. I wasn't being serious either; did the sarcastic humor not come through this time? Damn, I knew I should have used an emoji! 😆
  13. Okay, so he has buttons to press - that is good. I'm just curious if there is a $100 button next to that $10 button, and if maybe he could just skip that first one and press the second one instead? kthx
  14. Those people are either investing in the wrong asset class or have completely unrealistic expectations. There can be no pumps without dumps; both are different sides of the exact same coin. Explosive gains are caused by explosive volatility, and volatility works both ways. Want consistency? Invest in a stock market basket ETF, rebalance against bonds and gold, and enjoy consistent annual returns of 5-8%.
  15. You can't look at it that way though because any asset that is prone to sudden spikes is also more than likely prone to sudden drops; both are equal parts of asset's inherent price behavior. What does BTC ROI look like with 10 worst days factored out? Exactly. Both comparisons are equally as meaningless, except to point out the fact that gains can only be realized by staying in the market.