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  1. Yes - most likely the exchange itself. Liquidity exhaustion is generally not good for business.
  2. It's mechanical rather than intelligent. A good trading bet is to offload your investment before it reaches prior peak high; this is depicted as "heavy supply" zone above, and this will be the zone where both traders and algos will take their profits. On the other side of the equation, some bots may be running wave counts and setting stops or buys based on general trend direction and wave sequence highs and lows. Put the two together, and one could see how our recent pattern could have been caused by nothin'-but-bot action: price appreciates, runs into an automated TP area, this causes the price to dip, this triggers stops placed by another set of traders and bots, regular humans also jump the train and dip the price lower, this triggers another set of stops, we are now at pullback impulse wave #2 which mechanically places us at a good spot for longs reentering. All hypothetical, but plausible.
  3. The only thing that CH showed us was what a public schizophrenic breakdown looks like. He would be wise to get that checked out. Regarding the price, this looks like stop loss hunting more than anything else. Check out the recent xrp/btc and xrp/usdt price action and notice how breakdown wicks conveniently dip below levels where key stops are set: So yes, price may be breaking down.... or someone may be looking to get in without exhausting already thin sell side liquidity.
  4. Next futures gap is supposedly at 11,800. Onwards and upwards?
  5. Not sure about the "reliable" part; there was an academic paper published in 2018 outlining the relationship between usdt and btc, and I believe that their conclusion was that back in 2017 btc pumps were always preceded by tether issuance. I haven't been following whale usdt and btc movements, so I don't have a feel for whether that relationship still holds true or not. Overall information is probably useful when coupled with other signals for confirmation, but it is probably not meaningful enough to be considered in isolation.
  6. It's possible; generally speaking usdt printed and moved to exchanges signals an incoming run, whereas btc moved to exchanges signals an incoming dump.
  7. Sounds about right. If bitcoin reacts in the same way to halving as it had in the past, then I would expect the price to hold or appreciate leading up to halving in May, then pull back during the summer months, then go on a strong run for the next 12-18 months.
  8. Indeed; short-term still looking good. Keeping an eye on this formation: Expecting significant resistance at 3900-4000 sat range; a strong breach through this level could get the party started:
  9. 60c is the top of our long term sideways channel, and a break through the top of the channel would signal a long-term reversal to the upside. Are you saying that you do not foresee this happening and are expecting prolonged sideways movement instead?
  10. Strong rejection of that dip to 7300 is a good sign and may signal a trend reversal. If btc can manage to crack 7650 then we could be onto something here.
  11. So many fancy words yet so little substance. Care to elaborate?
  12. @Molten here's a triangle for you to play with: a giant descending triangle on a BTC long term chart with a projected apex in late 2020: This should be fun!
  13. Not sure to be honest. BTC is bouncing against slightly ascending support at the moment, so it could easily bounce up from here. On the other hand, recent price action has had a downward bias which would suggest more bottom trawling in the near future. It's a 50/50 then; we'll have to wait it out and see what happens.
  14. Looks like BTC is about to go on sale. Keep an eye on 7550 for a bounce; if that fails then next stop 5700.
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