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    IAM Architect

    This smells of enterprise integration of Ripple product suite rather than anything consumer-facing (i.e. a wallet). FIs are notoriously fickle about security and usually demand that vendors demonstrate compliance with any number of security controls and/or hold recent organization-level security certifications (ISO 27001, SOC 1/2 etc). Most large organizations will likewise prefer to manage access controls centrally meaning that SSO support on the vendor side will be a must. Based on the job posting, I can only assume that Ripple is doing something on their product suite side of the house in order to make their products easier to drop into enterprises, broaden the addressable market, or potentially simplify integration (although that one is a bit of a stretch as the job posting is primarily security-oriented).
  2. automatic

    Zerpening Lurker

    haha that's a good one! Welcome, you are in!! hmmm upon second thought maybe you should stay in the newbie quarantine for just a tad longer. 😑
  3. Take a look at https://bitcoin.tax; sign up for their service (something like $20/year) and they will automatically import your trade data from major exchanges and produce the appropriate US tax forms for you. Alternately, the data can also be exported in excel format in case you need to bucket your trades into short/long term for tax reporting elsewhere.
  4. automatic

    Bull or bear

    Pretty evenly matched at "bull" vs "bear" at this point (34 vs 36). Based on the poll uncertainty and the general sentiment around here, I would say that we are at #13 below:
  5. automatic


    fwiw - It's an exercise in futility IMO. Better to accept it as it is, use it to make some profits, and then move on. Rhyme and reason tend to be in short supply in a purely speculative market.
  6. ...and Jed with Stellar going gangbusters at the moment. I wish that the party was over here instead, but it is nonetheless fun to watch. Here's a random fact for you guys - look up "FUD" on Wikipedia; the term is attributed to ex-IBM exec describing IBM's sales strategy at the time (1970s). IBM is now partnered with Stellar. Coincidence?
  7. automatic

    Iranian XRP Validator - your thoughts?

    Yes. Let's focus on the things that we all have in common - we like xrp and we like money. Let's all figure out how to become millionaires first, and then you all can fund your own super-PACs and iron out the details later.
  8. automatic

    Brace yourselves

    Also a valid point; at the end of the day crypto is unpredictable. For the sake of objectivity, here is an alternate scenario to my previous post: As described, alts keep draining into BTC as bitcoin FOMO is too strong. Whales use the ETF fomo to generate BTC liquidity and cash out their positions. The liquidity that could thus flow back into the alts leaves the market instead. BTC crashes hard, and alts crash even harder due to their present weakened state. We lose our shirts in the process as whales laugh their butts off all the way to the bank. This scenario is absolutely possible. ...but I think it is unlikely as it would leave too much money on the table by nipping the possible altcoin run in the bud. Since whales really like money, leaving money on the table should thus in theory be a pretty big no-no. And of course - this is merely my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions....
  9. automatic

    Brace yourselves

    Spot on. Current rally is being fueled by altcoin drain as people are selling their alts to get a piece of BTC action. FOMO is clearly visible in most alt charts: as BTC begins to rise, alts start their exponential dropoff as people jump ship for bitcoin; as soon as bitcoin stalls, some of those people FOMO back into their preferred coins thus producing uptick hiccups visible on most alt charts. Since bitcoin fomo is too strong at the moment, all such hiccups are followed by a subsequent alt selloff and further btc strengthening. However, it is not all for naught as alt buying pressure keeps building with each leg down; for example, xrp/btc order books look better now than they did in a while. This is exactly the fuel that we need for the next launch. Next steps: buy side gets further compressed -> xrp stops dropping as btc appreciates (people no longer jumping ship: floor is located) -> volume picks up -> boom off we go. Our last launch started on a Friday which is probably no coincidence as whale manipulation moves are easier to pull on weekends when volumes are low. Considering that bitcoin ETF decision is supposed to arrive by the 11th, I would say that 3rd or the 10th both look like pretty good possible launch days.
  10. You got it; 4.5mil order on Binance would rip though the order book and cause xrp on binance to temporarily spike. Arbitrage bots monitoring exchange rates across the exchanges would pick this up and force selling of xrp on binance and counter-buying of xrp on Poloniex. The net effect would be that Poloniex sell wall would be eaten into, binance spike would pull back to the average price, and the spread between Binance and Poloniex price quotes would be pocketed by arbitragers.
  11. Gotta give it to them, it is a pretty smart ploy: 4 million USDT sell wall at .48 will take all buying pressure and redirect it towards this order. Buy XRP/BTC --> xrp rises, xrp/usdt rises --> sell wall orders start executing --> xrp stays at 48c --> whales now have extra USDT in their wallet to use however they wish Buy xrp on another exchange --> arbitrage bots kick in --> Poloniex sell wall order starts executing --> same result as above. For some extra squeeze, whales could easily take the generated USDT and use it to bulk purchase BTC. XRP buying pressure thus gets transferred directly to bitcoin, and xrp/btc falls down further as btc strengthens. As a final act, once xrp/btc is low enough and btc well supported, all that needs to be done is use the accumulated btc to buy xrp at the rock bottom and BOOM - moon/lambos/hookers/blow and dirty whale profits! Damn, it must be nice to be a whale. Playing everyone out of their money sounds way easier than all this hodling and swing trading shebango. 🤩
  12. Thank you @TrueXRP! Slippery ******** simply moved the sell wall from BTC to USD. Well, that should accelerate the downwards pressure...
  13. automatic

    What exactly is going on at Coinbase?

    "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence" All evidence seems to point to CB simply being a bunch of jackazzes.