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  1. ...or it could be setting up for a short squeeze. Seems more than plausible considering recent mooning events in random alts.
  2. $1 and beyond IMO. 80c has somehow turned into a major LT resistance, first establishing itself during the 2018 fall pump, and then twice in the past couple of months. That makes it three taps thus far. Since decent buying pressure will be needed to break through resistance, once 80c resistance falls the amassed buying pressure should push the price much higher with ease.
  3. It's possible, but I think any drop will be temporary if it does happen. Our recent steadily appreciating price floor suggests (completely subjective) that price will explode soon.
  4. XRP is increasingly looking like it wants to run again. Moon within a month?
  5. XLM and ETH charts looking very good; Stellar looks like it could go any moment now.
  6. It's not that bad during bull markets as most coins will either be trending sideways, upwards, or pump and dumping. This approach forces you to take pump profits and place them in coins that will not crash as hard since they haven't pumped yet. Think of it as a mechanism for profit preservation. Not to be used during bear markets as it will not have the intended effect. Cash/btc balanced portfolio is best for those times. One last thing - rebalancing should be triggered by a ratio (i.e. 2:1) and not by a percentage. For example, you would wait for one asset to be worth twice as m
  7. Now that you have gotten burned, do this: allocate 1/3 of your stack to BTC, ETH and XRP each. When either balance gets 50% higher than others, then sell that coin into the other two to bring the overall distribution into the original 33/33/33 distribution. If any coin balance drops below 50% of the others, then do the same thing into reverse (sell the other two to buy the low one). This will force you to buy low and sell high. Adjust the composition, coins used, and rebalancing percentage to your own liking, but stick with the overall principle and you'll do just fine.
  8. On a more serious note, selling pressure seems to be thinning out. I wonder if this thing's going to rocket back up again. Disclaimer: For entertainment only. Not a trading advice.
  9. 1 - Zero out your liabilities first (CC, student loans, car loans, possibly mortgage etc). 2 - Balanced stocks/bonds/gold portfolio. 3 - Real estate if that is your cup of tea. Your goal should be to 1) stop bleeding money by closing out anything that causes you to pay interest to banks or lenders, and 2) place your money into appreciating assets or assets that pay you interest or dividents. Lambos don't count since cars are depreciating assets. If you make it really big (no particular number - it all depends on how you feel about it, i.e. "holy shit, I can't believe I ma
  10. Depends on the exact spot in the cycle, with consolidations/corrections becoming increasingly shorter towards the end. A month or more of BTC consolidation at this level would be a very good thing.
  11. My take is that we are witnessing the end of impulse wave 1. The retraction will probably briefly dip into 26-28k range, bounce up and reconsolidate in low 30k range for a month or two, and then impulse wave 2 will commence. The party is only getting started, and it should continue until impulse wave 3 or higher are completed. That's what my crystal ball says anyway.
  12. Divide BTC price by 10k and that should give you approximate prior ada/btc ath price equivalent - about $4 at current BTC price.
  13. I don't think that's going to matter. Institutions piling into BTC and ETH will only cause the supply to be bought up faster and the price to spike quicker than it otherwise would, thus making retail hodlers paper-rich in very short order. Once retail is paper rich, they will diversify some percentage of their portfolio into other coins as a "just-in-case". This diversification will provide the spark which will then snowball propelling the entire market to new highs.
  14. For reference - if major alts were to reclaim their previous highs against BTC, then at current BTC price of 41k we would be looking at: ETH at $6400 LTC at $1600 XRP at $10 XLM at $4 Chances are that not all will breach their previous alt/BTC ATH; at the same time, BTC is going to run 5-10x above current levels. Combine the two and we easily end up with prices twice as high as those listed above if the history repeats itself.
  15. $1mil+ buy walls popped up on Binance and Poloniex when XRP dropped to low 20s couple of weeks ago and have been there ever since. Certainly looks like accumulation to me... and all accumulation is eventually followed by distribution. I bet that we see a significant pop within the next month or two.
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