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  1. Honestly I'm starting to accept that we may be in a bear market and won't consistently see prices well above a dollar for months at least. I know nothing about TA and have not much interest in it. This is just a guess. Hoping to be wrong, but sure sucks to hold through Jan 2018 and again in 2021 if I'm right lol...
  2. I see what you're saying. Retail investors are always going to be severely disadvantaged due to information asymmetry and other insurmountable obstacles vs. tutes. Regulation may limit the extent of damage retail takes, but it's still caveat emptor to me for retail.
  3. If they ain't gonna regulate the manipulation in the stock market they sure ain't gonna care about crypto.
  4. Haha I only said that because last week @xrp-nuke replied to a post as it he was quoted when you were actually the one quoted. Plus you guys have similar names and I frankly never noticed the language difference or whatever. Like I said, it's just my curiosity piquing and it really doesn't matter at the end of the day you are or aren't. And the fact you're both bearish is of no concern/difference to me either.
  5. We all assume that @Xrpdude and @xrp-nuke are the same person right? Not that I have a problem with either or that it matters too much, just checking whether it's common knowledge.
  6. Is @Xrpdude your other account? Cuz that's who he quoted, not you.
  7. What am I reading in this thread...
  8. Well it seems your portfolio is fairly sizable so hopefully you're all good.
  9. It's hard to get good advice online, but especially true when it involves money. Everyone will say things along lines of "not financial advice" or "make your own decision" only to basically give financial advice or say things that invariably attempt too influence your decision. So here I go, first it's not financial advice, second make your own decision... I personally am prepared for this to drop to zero as I am prepared to see this rebound past two dollars or more, all possible in the next 3 months. Personally, no way I'm selling now after this big of a drop.
  10. I personally don't have much gripe with the contents from xrp-nuke (to each his own), but those 🤣🤣🤣 are pretty tilting lol.
  11. Why couldn't we all have said I was possibly right... Here's to going back to years of bag holding. Glad to revisit this and saying I was wrong. Just hope it's in days or months, not years.
  12. Reading your post history you said you have fingers on the trigger. Have you sold anything substantial this run? And what's your plan from here? If you don't mind sharing...
  13. I'm a 2017 hodler technically. Started buying in the 20s but averaged up a bit on the rise up in December. Didn't sell a single zerp last run. I have tiered sell orders lined up starting in the $1.8 range, but only after we dropped below that this bull run. Needless to say, haven't sold yet again. I'll be lying if I didn't think about selling the past day just so I guarantee any gains. But I'm coming closer and closer to making peace with the prospect of dropping to the 20s again. Not that I think it definitely won't happen (dropping that low), but I just can't bear the prospect of s
  14. So if I buy Flare IOUs from an exchange, how and when does what I buy, which are IOUs, turn into actual Flare tokens?
  15. I'm on ZB cuz I was looking at a shit coin on there. XFLR is $0.18 on decent volume (over 2M). Is that crazy low price? Seems like I should load up since it's much higher elsewhere?
  16. That's what I don't get, so does what's happening now (with the second big crash) constitute that A B C correction he talked about?
  17. Had a dream last night where I woke up in the dream and XRP was trading in the high $3s. Some inception shit. So we'll see.
  18. What's on Sunday? Just the weekly btc dump?
  19. With Elon Musk's SNL hosting last Saturday, I really wonder whether that signals the beginning of the end of this bull run cycle. I certainly don't want that to be the case, and I still think there could be plenty of reasons why it's not (looking to hear your arguments on why not too). I won't go into ALL the reasons why this COULD be, but among the most obvious ones are that virtually every coin is at ATH, some several times over. And this morning, I came across this FB post below from a friend that really hit home for me (personal info removed obviously). Before you make con
  20. I'm not a trader but I tend to imagine the more liquid the asset the closer I tend to place the two price points.
  21. Not sure if I understand your question. So the $1 in your stop limit order is the activation or stop price as you said. Then you also need a limit sell price which is $0.95. What happens in a stop limit sell is that once price drops below your activation/stop price, even if it goes back up, your limit sell order of $0.95 is triggered. So from that point on, if the price is above your limit price, it will sell. It's not a market order. Think of it this way. If the price is currently $1, and you enter a limit sell order of $0.95, it will execute at $1. But that's still a limit ord
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