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  1. I can agree in sentiment with what you are seemingly saying, and God forbid if 2022 rolls around and Ripple is still making progress without its reflection in XRP price, I can't imagine what I'll do then even if I have a “plan” now.
  2. I've been in since Oct 2017 and for all intents and purposes held the whole way. I'll be lying if I said it wasn't at least slightly discouraging to hear those "don't look at or worry about price till X date" type of posts, where X keeps getting pushed back as time goes on. I get that Ripple is progressing just fine and I'm happy for Ripple. At the same time, 99.9% of us don't benefit directly from Ripple's success unless XRP appreciates. I'm asking you, for you personally, what the date is when you'll acquiesce XRP isn't gonna work out as you thought it would investment-wise (assuming no significant appreciation before the date). For me, I'm giving this 2 more years. If 2022 rolls around and we are still below 50 cents, I'm cutting bait. Of course it could go to 0 or skyrocket before that date too. I'm just saying I'm willing to wait till then. And I'll refrain from bitching about price or whatever as I haven't till now or from now till that date.
  3. Practical use of quantum computers is still years away probably, but it would end cryptography as we know it today. Not a feel good for crypto... I still hold from Oct '17 😢 https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/23/tech/google-quantum-supremacy-scn/index.html
  4. If you really held for 6 years and didn't sell in Dec 2017, I don't know what to say about that.
  5. Mark Cuban, Hillary Rodham Clinton... No idea what's DR. That's why I said this thread jumped the shark.
  6. Answer to your question depends on will XRP be used elsewhere, assuming banks really won't use them. I think your question is, is XRP worth buying if it's not used by anyone. The answer is probably no, but that's not what we're betting on obviously.
  7. Why are people not more excited about this?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/swift-records-13-second-cross-border-payment-from-australia-to-singapore-in-global-trial/ Could xRapid be behind this?
  9. "Partners" is such a nebulous term that means very little unless much more details and context are given.
  10. I'm more concerned about the xRapid numbers released and they turn out to be tiny. Edit: typo
  11. Why are you comparing "market cap or valuation" of an asset to that of a company??? What's the valuation of the dollar, or Euro, or gold? You get the point.
  12. Good point but not entirely true, IPO is also a liquidation event for founders, shareholders, and investors.
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