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  1. Had a dream last night where I woke up in the dream and XRP was trading in the high $3s. Some inception shit. So we'll see.
  2. With Elon Musk's SNL hosting last Saturday, I really wonder whether that signals the beginning of the end of this bull run cycle. I certainly don't want that to be the case, and I still think there could be plenty of reasons why it's not (looking to hear your arguments on why not too). I won't go into ALL the reasons why this COULD be, but among the most obvious ones are that virtually every coin is at ATH, some several times over. And this morning, I came across this FB post below from a friend that really hit home for me (personal info removed obviously). Before you make con
  3. I'm not a trader but I tend to imagine the more liquid the asset the closer I tend to place the two price points.
  4. Not sure if I understand your question. So the $1 in your stop limit order is the activation or stop price as you said. Then you also need a limit sell price which is $0.95. What happens in a stop limit sell is that once price drops below your activation/stop price, even if it goes back up, your limit sell order of $0.95 is triggered. So from that point on, if the price is above your limit price, it will sell. It's not a market order. Think of it this way. If the price is currently $1, and you enter a limit sell order of $0.95, it will execute at $1. But that's still a limit ord
  5. Good post. What jumped out to be is far from your central points though. At $50+ fees again, is this a leading indicator to the bull run's end in your opinion?
  6. Honestly the Coinbase thing may be taking money away from crypto and funneling it into the stock instead.
  7. I see you joined the forum in December 2017 and THIS scares you still? Maybe you were joking.
  8. So... With "general consensus" sentiment around here and other forums/chats being that the price going to $5+ or even $10+ being a given, does that make it more likely to happen or less? Love to hear your thoughts lol.
  9. 30% of the stack give or take is bought with their money back in Q4 2017.
  10. Recently I've done some quick study of the top 500 coins by market cap, throwing away projects that are clearly dead, over 90% (I didn't do the exact math, may be over 95%) of coins reached NEW ATHs in this bull run. Now I'm not saying XRP will do that, nor I'm saying it won't. I know my wife and in-laws are telling me to take out up to half of my stack now and I'm hesitant to do so. My current plan is to sell 5 to 8% of whatever my stack is at certain intervals. I'm still debating what the intervals are though. 😐
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