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  1. Why are people not more excited about this?
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/swift-records-13-second-cross-border-payment-from-australia-to-singapore-in-global-trial/ Could xRapid be behind this?
  3. "Partners" is such a nebulous term that means very little unless much more details and context are given.
  4. I'm more concerned about the xRapid numbers released and they turn out to be tiny. Edit: typo
  5. Why are you comparing "market cap or valuation" of an asset to that of a company??? What's the valuation of the dollar, or Euro, or gold? You get the point.
  6. Good point but not entirely true, IPO is also a liquidation event for founders, shareholders, and investors.
  7. Good news, but how many are using xRapid. Yes I get the flip a switch and it'll turn on thing, still.
  8. Honestly anything anyone says now, even people from Ripple, is nothing but a shot in the dark. How it'll affect price is not known until we see greater adoption.
  9. Just my own opinion, but the one announcement I'm looking for is where an xCurrent customer is using XRP for settlements without officially using xRapid. That really opens up the doors for quick adoption as xCurrent seems to be the overwhelmingly most popular product used my Ripple customers at the moment. Thoughts?
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