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  1. I think short term WU and Ripple have a lot more to figure out in their xRapid trials. I have a pretty good feeling WU will come around and see some measurable (profitable) benefits eventually.
  2. Zedy44

    Western Union Motives

    Edit: Meh...they don't like crypto, but they do have interest in blockchain. I don't understand what WU would accomplish by openly discussing what they consider a negative result from the Ripple trials. Particularly when their competitors seem to like the products. But maybe WU has really tight cost controls in place and dropping xRapid in doesn't give them much benefit without a significant overhaul to their legacy work flow.
  3. I would expect if court cases against Ripple unintentionally drag out the SEC's hand in acknowledging that XRP is in fact not a security that Ripple will force their hand sooner or later irrespective of the impact of the court case. The SEC has opened a can of worms by stating Ethereum is generally not to be considered a security. They'll have a ton of pressure to make some broad and official statements to really eliminate the uncertainty for a number of digital assets.
  4. I'm somewhere firmly between both where you are at and @XRPHornets. Certainly if someone from the SEC is going to comment on specific digital assets it would have made sense to give examples of potential securities to go along with the two examples of non-securities. Definitely the open door comment about having people come to them was huge. I have to believe a lot of Ripple's recent announced focuses are aimed at meeting the requirements the SEC is recommending behind closed doors.
  5. Pretty much what you are saying is the vibe I'm getting. Ripple always moves with intent. They are playing chess while everyone else plays checkers. However, more than likely due to the private closed door discussions with the SEC they have been forced to play certain moves now if they want to avoid the securities designation. In the end being classified as a security won't be a deathblow, but I can understand Ripple wants to avoid it because it negates a lot of complicate discussions with their customers and partners.
  6. Below is the speech given by William Hinman Director, Division of Corporation Finance SEC live at the yahoo finance all markets crypto summit a few minutes ago. Some very interesting comments made - particularly some discussion around how decentralization appears to play a role in a potential securities classification or not. Also, there was a fairly clear comment regarding the fact that neither Bitcoin or Ethereum could be reasonably classified as securities at this stage of their development. The SEC director was also repeatedly mentioning for enterprises and/or digital asset authorities to come to them for clearer clarification around the status of a given assets status as a security. We already know Ripple works closely within the regulatory framework, but I have to believe Ripple is already way into discussions with the SEC about the status of XRP and their network and where they stand classification-wise. Thoughts? https://www.sec.gov/news/speech/speech-hinman-061418
  7. I turned it on right when the SEC is making a statement about the status of digital assets as securities. A shitload of information being put out there for interpretation right now.
  8. Zedy44

    Lack of XRP Purchased Each Month

    Quite honestly XRP is still a speculative investment for just about every company that we (XRP fans) would expect to want to buy the digital asset right now. The products (xRapid) and platform (Codius) aren't fully baked yet so there isn't any real demand for XRP from a business or institutional level outside of large blocks of exchange purchases. Eventually Ripple will find the demand, but it's going to take time.
  9. Zedy44

    The old XRP symbol is horrible

    The *only* complaint either old or new is I need to buy new Ripple swag to properly represent
  10. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cryptocurrency-tether-used-boost-bitcoin-191710239.html Nothing we all probably don't already know, but it's interesting that the concerns around manipulation is definitely being studied and simulated at an academic level.
  11. Well it's interesting that they measure no benefit at all even with only the 10 transactions they've completed. It sounds like WU wants to drop xRapid into their existing environment and change nothing else and see the 40-70% benefit. However, to maximize their savings based on the feedback in that article WU probably needs to (expectedly) eliminate some cost overhead with xRapid in play to really see the measured benefit. If they don't want to drop their legacy framework because transitioning would be too expensive in the short term, then they might have a hard time leveraging the full benefit of xRapid over the long term.
  12. Zedy44

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    I'll be honest I hated the look of it at first, but since you complained I went over to cmc.com and actually really like the look of it next to Ripple at #3. It looks professional and stands out from the rest of the crowd, which mostly look like graphics some kids would come up with.
  13. Great little read from David after a long day at the office. He always manages to find the right words in the most direct way possible to build a complex thought and get his point across to a wide audience.
  14. Zedy44

    Head of China Operations

    This will be one of if not the most difficult position for Ripple to fill. They have to be very careful about who they hire. Dealing with China long term is going to take not just a seriously talented leader, but someone with an existing relationship with the Chinese government and a strong global image to go along with all that talent. Also, to this point I'm not sure there is anyone in US-based mainstream tech that has had great success in China outside of maybe Apple. From Apple you're looking at maybe trying to steal Isabel Ge Mahe, Apple's vice president and managing director of Greater China. Or maybe look to one of the major US car companies as they've had great success in China and most of the car manufacturers are heavy on tech these days. Maybe Matt Tsien, President, General Motors China. I don't know. Whoever steps into the position will probably very high profile.
  15. Probably more than the 25% we witnessed today with the announcement around Ethereum Classic getting the list next. However, it would be a total pump and dump situation and I hope if we do eventually get the list that it happens when the price of XRP is a bit higher (say $3-4) so it's a bit more stable.