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  1. Thanks for the update. The last word I heard from Zach and the firm they were looking to pursue legal action against Uphold, which I did not opt into at this time. I have not heard or seen really any updates for the original case against Cred. The daily email updates from the court process tapered off a few months ago so I'm not sure what the current progress of that case is.
  2. Same firm. I'm sure there may be others eventually.
  3. I know they are actively or about to get sued by a law firm out of NYC for the fiasco involving Dan Schatt and the Cred Bankruptcy. You're probably not going to get very far unless your losses were involved in that bankruptcy and/or your material losses were a significant value in USD. You said 1200 coins, but you didn't specify what. I know some folks who lost $100 in the bankruptcy of Cred and were ready to sue for it. They might get $5 back if they are lucky. Others lost potentially millions...
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-acquires-40-stake-in-asias-leading-cross-border-payments-specialist-tranglo/
  5. No idea if the timing is related in any way, but Binance announced they are now supporting Moneygram e-wallets as a payment method starting today to allow transfer of funds towards crypto purchases and withdrawals. It's not a partnership in any way between Binance and MGI, but it does integrate support between MGI's e-wallet and Binance's exchange profiles. MGI hasn't been shy about wanting to get as much exposure to digitization as possible, but who knows maybe they feel their branching out could be hindered by a partnership with Ripple at this time. https://www.binance.com/en/support/announcement/8037a456c98843d883b354e191e5526b?ref=JLI1VBLA&utm_source=BinanceTwitter&utm_medium=GlobalSocial&utm_campaign=GlobalSocial
  6. The CEO made comments just a few weeks ago indicating the partnership was in a holding pattern and they had an incentive heavy multi-year deal in place that would resume once some clarity was provided. Maybe Ripple's statement is really just a dissolution of the literal incentive-based agreement, but the partnership is not being ended? It just feels like a really awkwardly short statement from Ripple because they hold a significant percentage of stock and the news announcement has MGI down afterhours 7%. If they really wanted to keep the peace then why say anything at all and simply let the partnership sit on the sidelines and pick up where they left off once the SEC clarity comes through?
  7. https://ripple.com/ripple-press/our-statement-on-partnering-with-moneygram/ Very short statement from Ripple. My guess is this split is way less than amicable given the recent comments made by CEO at MGI's earnings report around incentive-laden partnership being put on hold for the foreseeable future due to not wanting to get tangled up with SEC in any way.
  8. There were some quotes from Alex in the earnings call related to MoneyGram's commitment to digitalization of payments and their continued effort to partner with products and company's which meet those digital requirements. This looks like a step in that direction, especially with Ripple on the sidelines.
  9. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4408010-moneygram-international-inc-mgi-ceo-alex-holmes-on-q4-2020-results-earnings-call-transcript From the Q&A on Ripple w/ Alex Holmes and executives
  10. I had someone contact me privately on this forum to discuss my thoughts and decision on the firm and their terms (which I thought were reasonable / normal cost for contingent litigation). I disclosed that I too joined the lawsuit after speaking with Zack for about 20 minutes. The link of Dan to Uphold through the board of directors is pretty damning for them I think.
  11. I haven't spoken in detail with them yet, but I guess it's clear that Cred has no money so Uphold is the next logical target. They can try and argue Uphold failed due diligence on behalf of their users by not having a clear understanding of exactly how the money deposited by their users would be reallocated and they failed to properly assess and reassess the state of Cred after the March drop, which allowed Cred to take advantage of the partnership to help consume more investment money and pursue the ponzi behavior. There is certainly some liability there I think regardless of all the contractual mumbo jumbo Uphold throws around when accessing Cred or using Uphold services.
  12. I briefly exchanged emails with one of the attorneys at this firm. I think they intend to pursue Uphold next. I am going to schedule a zoom call with them to learn more about their plan and find out what legal action they feel exists against not just Cred but Uphold.
  13. Yes, but Wuhan was also a city with 11 million people and the bulk of the entire population strictly followed mask mandates which we now know greatly reduces transmission. The local governments also massively restricted public transportation between provinces, cities, and villages. Not a true "lockdown", but there was widespread reports of people being stranded for weeks and months at a time. Many areas implemented strict curfews. In China I believe they have an expectation that local governments assume responsibility in disaster events with accountability being put firmly on local / regional political officials. This sort of incentivizes proper response measures where as in the US we tried to do the same thing except the Fed isn't holding states that are messing around accountable for poor responses.
  14. @NightJanitor / @AlejoMoreno the lockdowns work because the normal flow of trauma patients is stymied to alleviate the overflow of covid patients into ICU and trauma floors, which then causes rapid spread through the already sick hospital patients and equally hits all the doctors and nurses who then need to quarantine and this further increases risk to non-covid patients with reduction of staff and equipment. Back in May I think they had something like 85 doctors/nurses/PCA go into quarantine over a single weekend at the hospital because covid began spreading to non-covid floors. This just lead to more of everyone dying even if they were covid negative. But yes obviously a lockdown cannot be indefinite. We have three small children ourselves and I was losing my mind trying to work from home with them while my wife was either at work or sleeping because she worked the overnight. We sent two of them back to school this fall knowing that it’s highly likely they and/or us would eventually get covid just with the mixing of kids at schools. The risk was considered low for all of us since we are young with no pre-existing health conditions and the reward high in that we have better overall mental health relief and can perform better with our jobs to keep the family financially sound. Unfortunately there are millions who don’t have that ability and the lockdowns wreak havoc on those families without proper social nets provided by appropriately targeted stimulus packages to save them. Looking back on China I’d say they did it mostly right. Full lockdowns / quarantine with government assistance. It wasn’t perfect by any means and the way they did it would never fly constitutionally here in the US, but it prevented a collapse of their hospital networks and they’ve mostly put this mess behind them aside from the lasting global economic impact. China ripped the band-aid off early and kept it off. We ripped it off halfway and then put it back on because corporate profits, politics, and greed.
  15. My wife is an RN at a level 1 trauma center so I get to experience everything a bit closer than most. We've also seen first hand the ugliest parts of the virus affect people close to us. We've had friends of ours not just lose their grandparents in their late 70's, but also their parents in their early 50's to the virus in the same month. It has destroyed some families. Of course for most folks who are either asymptomatic or otherwise unaffected by the virus it's just a big waste of time to lockdown. The whole virus would be a non-issue if people in the US took the first lockdown seriously. But yeah I'm sure no one wants to discuss the virus and the politics around it on this forum. My point was I just don't see a large collapse in equities driving more institutional money into BTC. Stimulus will do it along with inflation driven by the ridiculously low interest rates.
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