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  1. I'm holding out hope for $1.06 because I really do feel like the SEC will make some kind of announcement down the stretch since tax season is coming in the US. The whole "is this a security not a security" debate is clearly on everyone's minds and it would IMHO make sense for the SEC to provide more clarity as we near the end of the 2018 tax season. I guess my $.24 prediction is more a "bottom" prediction for the current market.
  2. I predicted $1.06 as our EOY price in another thread about 6 months ago. I'll hold to it and hope the SEC makes some big announcement down the stretch to drive value up for XRP. But other than some overwhelming positive news directed at XRP I don't see a whole lot stopping BTC (and the rest of the market) from dropping to the $2500 range. This would drop the crypto market below $100b. If that happens I'd expect XRP to end up around ~$.24.
  3. Well I can comfortably say I really really like the position of XRP currently given the overall market confidence and BTC's latest downward price pressure. For example look at BTC vs XRP price points when XRP was at it's lowest for 2018 just a couple months ago -- on september 11th we closed at ~$0.26 while BTC closed at $6321. Now look at the price / dominance positioning. If BTC goes a lot lower XRP will obviously ladder down with it, but the shift and subsequent bounce upwards will leave us in a much better position than where we were when we saw lows just a couple months ago.
  4. Zedy44

    Banned from /r/ripple on reddit

    Reddit has some decent subreddits that exist, but literally any crypto-related subreddit is a solid step below hot garbage. They are all badly moderated and manipulated. I actually sub to r/btc and r/bitcoin just to watch the rhetoric and finger pointing between the two. I've been casually reading over there for over a year and I've yet to really learn anything useful from either of those subs. The same goes for every other crypto sub. It's quite sad, but a lot of people get all their information from those subreddits and that's kinda scary.
  5. This is true if the gain/loss is within the same tax year. The guy screwed up because he realized all of his gains in 2017, but then took those gains and rolled them into bad investments in early 2018 right before the crash without paying any taxes. This means his total losses from 2018 can’t be applied to his total gain realized from 2017. He can only use the max $3k per year going forward. He’s screwed. He’ll need to cut a deal with the IRS.
  6. Maybe it's from hype around the incoming BCH fork and the fact that SBI is heavily invested in both BCH and XRP? Beyond SBI's plans to utilize specifically both of those digital assets I don't see much of a connection between both of them and they are both pumping right now.
  7. The money obtained from selling XRP is used for whatever they want to use it for...R&D / Hiring, charity work, marketing, reporting profits to their private investors, or anything else they choose to do with it. So...what if exchanges dump BTC on the market and manipulate **** up? What would stop exactly what you are describing from happening to literally every other "decentralized" digital asset? Probably every top 50 digital asset has some extremely small number of wallets controlling high double digit percentages of those said assets. What's the argument here? Because Ripple is a centralized corporation they are somehow less trust worthy / higher risk handling a majority ownership of a digital asset than the 85% of BTC in existence that is owned by less than 1% of the wallets in existence?
  8. Well I can imagine early on Ripple was basically being pointed at and laughed at and/or completely disregarded and ignored by their competitive peers due to the idea of taking on SWIFT and international banking networks as completely fruitless. So they had a chip on their shoulder and probably were a little aggressive, but over time once they started gaining respect within the industry they've started to pull back on some of those early emotions and realize their accomplishments will open many different doors for them. Now how they go about choosing which door to use and when is another story.
  9. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Zedy44

    XRP Community Reputation

    Tribalism within all the crypto communities is one of my least favorite things about getting into the whole crypto space. It reflects poorly upon the entire community and it just shows even highly educated people can be completely and utterly intolerable when it involves greed and I refuse to believe people are so "passionate" for any other reason at this point.
  11. Oh charitable stuff is always . I only knew of those kinds of models from an investment perspective. I'll take a look at that website!
  12. Are you using an online service for such things? If so, which service? I've looked into using similar features in regards to real estate investment across the US, but I've not looked into 3rd world investment opportunities in the peer-to-peer sense. The real estate version carried with it a usual spread of risk vs reward to help build a portfolio of property investments, but in the end I felt the risk was no less than the stock market or really any other investment vehicle that can provide 4-7% returns annually with decent reliability so it just wasn't for me.
  13. Zedy44

    Any one knows price of xCurrent??

    At a minimum they are charging a one-time setup / infrastructure integration fee (probably low 7 figures) and I have to imagine they are then contractually providing ongoing real-time support and services for a much lower monthly or yearly cost. The galgitron post does mention a possible xRapid transactional fee directed to Ripple, but without a real source I'd be hesitant to say that's how they expect to rake value from their XRP-centric products. Most enterprise businesses look to implement a service and support model to rake continued business from their clients.
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    Zero need for this kind of thread. This is not what this community is about and quite honestly this is an all-time low for forum content.