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  1. No. Arbitrage bots have been around for years. I think the only thing Ripple has done manipulation-wise is attempt to control the volume and transaction sizes with ODL to make data interpretation / analysis easier to better understand how to evolve their product and/or roadmap.
  2. One of the reasons I am taking the route of only dealing with stable coins / USD is for my tolerance, or lack thereof, for dealing with tax implications of LBA distributions. Uphold does make it pretty easy because they give you the forms, but getting a guaranteed 10% in straight USD with just a standard 1099-INT for the distributions is pretty nice IMHO. But I hope LBA does well. I like the team and the product and they are still under the radar.
  3. I've moved my Cred balances into the uphold based stable currency UPUSD to hit the 10% interest rate with the 10k LBA staked. Standard USD is back up from 5% to 8%, but I'll take that 10% if I can find it against a stable currency. On a side note I thought about having my payouts in LBA going forward since LBA had laddered a lot lower and has recently been on the rise back up, but there's additional risk there and honestly the USD payout @ 10% interest is a no-brainer to me. Another note -- one perk of using UPUSD you can see through Uphold's app the current UPUSD liquidity, which is fairly low since it's not a very popular stable asset. I suspect due to the lower liquidity it will keep the interest rate pegged near 10% for quite awhile on the Cred side, which saves me the hassle of converting my deposits around to chase the high interest rates.
  4. I'll admit I'm partial to the June 2019 poster.
  5. Expecting Dow to drop to $15-16k range when US announces a country-wide shelter-in-place order. There have also been rumors going the FAA will ground all non-essential domestic flights due to pretty consistent issues over the past week for certain cities to keep control towers staffed due to the virus. I think if the US jumps to these extremes we'll head off the mess that is hitting Spain and Italy currently. If folks in the US want to continue to just do there own thing it's going to get much worse. I have a pretty unique perspective as my fiance is an RN working at a level-1 trauma center up here in MA and the stories she brings home have been consistently worse every day over the last two weeks. I'd say four weeks ago the attitude around the hospital was very, very lax. Now it's complete panic and frustration that the systems they have in place are failing to protect patients and staff.
  6. @Mitty did you receive a 1099-INT from Cred with your LBA payouts? I received one because I take my payouts in USD for simplicity sake, but if Cred would provide a USD-translated 1099-INT for LBA payouts or a 1099-B I'd consider taking payouts in LBA going forward.
  7. Ripple can do whatever they want. They are a private enterprise leveraging existing infrastructure that they've built upon. Nothing stops them from building out a completely different set of infrastructure or moving in a different direction, albeit their existing customers would probably not feel comfortable with such an announcement so it's highly unlikely at this point. They also stand to profit the most from XRP's success given the company and founders are already holding the majority of it. Ripple / XRP also has significant brand value at this point.
  8. No idea. I mean it shouldn't go much lower than what the presumed cost-to-mine bottom is...somewhere in the $3000-$3500 range I think is the "technical" bottom. Do technicals matter when markets are irrational? No. But if it goes below that I think it would be temporary and right back up. If we see that range I think you'd see a big selloff in the "alts". Last week was already pretty crazy...the -50% was intense. But it doesn't seem farfetched in the crypto space to see something even more drastic right now.
  9. I have limit order set for $.02 and I think we can get there with a big enough panic selloff. Maybe even lower. Digital assets are not going to be a safe haven right now...the larger stock market bleedout is going to spillover into crypto as painfully if not more than what we are about to see. Be careful folks. I know the whole buy when people and fearful and sell when people are greedy, but this is a different ball game with the mess created by COVID and 0% interest rates.
  10. The US is in such a messed up state right now. I'm pretty sure all of this quarantining, corporate cost cutting (layoffs), and simple business consolidation / bankruptcy we're going to see a massive wave of defaults on vehicle loans. It won't be the housing this time. I think it's car loans and student loan debt that's going to ride us into the real mess long term. The interest rates heading to zero by December is just going to add fuel to the fire by giving people easy access to purchase the ever-inflating assets across pretty much every industry. But hey...we got front row seats! Can't beat that!
  11. Yeah I agree that might be the better way to go at this point. I will have to see what the market looks like in a few months when my current term ends.
  12. We should expect to see massive market manipulation between now and the halvening, correct? This should be the most susceptible time to create pump & dumps with BTC as the deadline approaches.
  13. I've been using Cred now for over a year as a passive income generator on some of my crypto holdings and a couple larger blocks of USD. Only downside I've encountered is the USD interest dropped from 10% to 5% to try and push the UPUSD usage, which AFAIK is quite low if you look at upholds disclosed holdings (another perk that I like about Uphold tied into Cred, more transparency). I'll eventually need to convert my USD to UPUSD to get back the other 5%, but otherwise I'm quite happy with the direction Cred has taken thus far.
  14. It's a joke...I had to cut my position therefore the price must now go up!
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