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  1. Dividends are usually paid by publicly owned companies which can't find a path to justifiably higher revenues / market share compared to the expense of R&D to obtain those gains. It keeps investors actively vested for the dividend and/or stock buy backs. Those crazy market analysts talk about how great it is that big blue chip stocks do huge stock buybacks with billions of their profits to reward shareholders with a guaranteed 2-5% stock price increase on top of some dividend, but IMHO it's a sign that the business can no longer innovate via R&D to find competitive increases to their bottom line. So yeah...I don't think Ripple pays a dividend. They are going to burn cash like a wildfire to fund R&D and be as proactive and reactive as they need to be in the fintech space over the next 5-7 years.
  2. That's the point of Sam's discussion though...the NDA has likely more to do with a separate initiative around spinning up a new business unit at MGI for providing an on-demand settlement liquidity pool product using Xrapid in addition to Xrapid usage to perform what they already do today when moving money cross-boarder in certain corridors. So MGI isn't just an Xrapid overlay...it's probably a launch of a new liquidity product that leverages XRP and Xrapid as a service. At least I think this is what Sam is getting at in the video.
  3. Volume could be all over the place daily given MG operates nearly 24/7? They have signs in very Wallmart and CVS I walk into so people can send money any time.
  4. I'm certain the SEC / CFTC can and will continue provide exemptions to company's operating in this environment on a case by case basis. Maybe Ripple will need one of those exemptions to remain in business in the USA and maybe not. But I doubt the government would make an aggressive move against domestic fintech company's or at least would provide enough clarity to company's operating in the space even with a broad reaching regulatory base to keep the wheels moving.
  5. I'm not sure of your age or location, but products like MG and WU are still heavily used by an older generation that physically go to a location to send money remittances. Not everyone uses digital apps or FB. I can tell you my father who is 64, is on FB, and owns an iphone and was a software engineer for 40 years, would never fathom the concept of using FB as a P2P money service. That whole generation isn't adopting usage of products like venmo or other digital solutions for P2P payments. They don't have a need for this kind of technology. And that entire generation is currently ingrained in US politics and owns a majority of the US wealth so Libra isn't exactly winning the hearts and minds of the broader US population overnight.
  6. I think that $31.3mil write off makes it look worse than it is. Although they did adjust revenue guidance downwards for the year to something like -8% Y/Y their weakness is in US domestic payments and it will take a few quarters to see their new trajectory. I like that the Ripple deal concludes in June of 2020 for the remainder of the $20mil equity as MGI must expect to see a definitive good or bad result from moving ahead widely with Xrapid for international corridors in relation to their future revenues and profitability. Basically we’ll know if the experiment is a success or failure within the year.
  7. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/moneygram-international-reports-second-quarter-010000892.html FYI MGI stock up 6.5% on their quarterly earning results.
  8. This only works in an unregulated market. It's a gold mine for anyone with real money in the game right now that can push the liquidity around so easily and use leveraged margin trades to profit off price manipulation.
  9. I think if someone actually correlates increase in volume through utility (i.e. go look at VET and their transactional data pouring in right now) and subsequent price increases occur over time, then this would be the smoking gun large investors are waiting to see. A guarantee that demand drives an increase in value through utility. Even if it's small increases over months, but can be correlated to real meaningful transaction volume.
  10. Yes ADP is a great example of a business which relies extensively on processing back-end data for major corporations on a global scale. Though I'm not sure if ADP actually handles the transfer of value for it's customers or simply supplies the software and accounting hook-ins so corporations can link their own accounts to their software and their software simply tracks everything. If they are responsible for actually transacting client payroll funds that would be staggering usage for Ripplenet.
  11. In theory, yes price should appreciate with less supply hitting the markets from Ripple as long as the current demand stays constant or even increases. However, Ripple seems to think there is ample supply available in major markets to the point that they no longer need to sell OTC to buyers in those markets. They want folks to go to exchanges and those folks previously buying OTC from Ripple could also buy OTC from the exchanges too. It's not a given, but targeting less-supplied markets with their OTC sales seems like a good thing,
  12. This is why your private seed can be used to restore / recover your wallet. If your Nano S/X gets lost, blown up, stolen, or becomes antiquated you can simply recover your wallet given you still have access to your seed phrase and use any piece of hardware that is deemed suitable to run and access a wallet.
  13. Ahhh OK. I understand now. Yes if that is the case it's a very bullish sign for adoption going forward.
  14. I agree with this theory. Ripple can't pump the brakes so easily unless they have a pretty obvious ramp up in value coming from somewhere. Maybe it's the price of XRP or maybe it's their own product sales because projections show they are going to have a lot of potential customers knocking on their door over the coming months. Interesting times!
  15. If the 900m number is coming from the funds that were not returned to escrow I believe that total does not equate to solely sales. Ripple does state that funds not returned to escrow are either sold or used as they see fit towards Xpring initiatives, which includes funding (i.e. gifting) with XRP and NDA's to prevent rampant dumping by companies which received blocks of XRP for integration purposes.
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