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  1. Any other method would likely result in destabilization of the asset. The market liquidity is too thin to make large spontaneous sales.
  2. Interesting connection in the deal, but my eyebrows raised more when I read the mention of Tencent in the article..
  3. Quick explanation for my sentiment -- I find that many people believe in the ~$3300 bottom due to the reflection of that same price back when China announced the ban in the fall of 2017 just prior to the ATH run up. There has also been a tremendous amount of discussion around that pricing bottom also being reflective of the miner break-even value point for Chinese miners, but I'm not sure the data presented for this is really that valid to make the argument for a $3k price floor. I'm certain there are enough miners crunching on near free or stolen electricity so the price floor is potentially a lot lower. Looking at asset prices across the whole market I see BTC in it's absolute worst case reaching the $1000-1500 range where value compared to ATH is in the -90% to -95% range before things have really bottomed out. Do I want it to go that low? No. But could it? I think so. What has really changed since late 2017 to justify a bullish trend going forward? All eyes are on digital assets now, but there are more questions being asked than answers being given. I just don't see the potential that would lead to justifiably higher prices outside of the "halvening" scenarios.
  4. I'm in a similar boat in regards to really nothing else attracting my attention. I did invest in BAT awhile ago and have multiple positions initiated between $.13 and $.36. Other than that my basket is XRP and a little bit of LTC. I don't think BTC would be a bad investment, but I strongly dislike the BTC maximalist viewpoint and the relentless BCH vs BTC arguments thing is just bizarre to watch unfold in real time. It keeps me uninterested in really looking at the asset. That being said I still feel XRP is the best long term play as of today's market fundamentals. There simply isn't enough transparency with other digital assets or development teams behind other digital assets that would make me believe any of them could lead to major adoption within today's existing financial systems. A form of payment is one thing, but to be used as anything more than that would be a complete long shot in my eyes. Personally, I feel the recent BTC bullish trend is going to lead to a bull trap and eventually test a new low. I just don't see the fundamentals having changed yet in the underlying technology and adoption. Of course if BTC rallies it'll be good for all digital assets so I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Most of the market is stagnant right now as money is flowing into BTC. I still don't think fundamentals have changed at all so I don't see this "bullish" viewpoint leading anywhere but a bull trap to test a new low before the end of the year. This is only my opinion.
  6. Two obvious reasons I feel XRP is held back today: 1. There’s really no consumer facing product. Everything is targeting backend enterprise systems. You end up with “powered by” opportunities for Ripple, but no real driver of XRP adoption on the consumer side. The mainstream media mostly cares about consumer grade products for digital assets. Actually they barely report on actual utility of many assets and just look at liquidity overall. 2. Regulation. Ripple’s lofty goals are focused around mostly enterprise class payments solutions. Enterprise businesses don’t muck around with regulation uncertainty. They make too much money already to put risk on the table. Regulation will resolve a lot of valuation issues I think. The products and teams that end up on the wrong side of regulation decisions in the US will pay the price and those whose futures look brighter will benefit from an influx of speculative investors once the landscape shifts. The whole market is going to trade sideways or average downwards until the US regulation framework is presented. Remember a lot of the world looks to US law/regulations in the financial arena to base their own regulations. Once the US makes a move there should be a domino affect globally.
  7. If they offer some kind of rewards benefit similar to certain credit cards it might encourage folks to utilize their crypto holdings and/or maintain a holding with Coinbase. That's about the only thing I can think of. Or Coinbase begins to offer some kind of interest-based product in conjunction with the card so people feel they aren't wasting their money with the product.
  8. That won't happen. There's too many fundamental differences between the classic security classification and what many digital assets represent as a tokenized object. Yes, an overwhelming majority may end up with a security classification due to their inherent attributes mirroring what a security offers, but certainly not all of them.
  9. Are you based in the US? This isn't too surprising in probably any country right now simply due to the unregulated nature of digital assets. Give it another year or two once governments and financial regulators actually implement some structure around how to view / treat specific digital assets the banks will be able to collateralize the values. When I purchased my last condo I didn't even bother to disclose my digital assets for this very reason, though I also had enough other liquid assets outside of my digital ones to still get the loan secured so I can understand not everyone has the same option to skip attempting disclosure.
  10. I think there's a pretty decent chance of testing a new low once the hype around this recent rally fades over the next couple of weeks. A single $100mil entrant to the BTC market with really no measurable change in the underlying fundamentals of the technology is not exactly the news we've all been waiting on to turn things around. I hope the markets move upwards, but I just don't see a real chance at reaching previous ATH's without a definitive answer from the SEC on a number of digital assets / products / networks, including Ripplenet / XRP.
  11. Historically when we underperform BTC by double digit % over 7-day / 30-day average we pretty much always pump when the broader market dumps.
  12. Yes, but the $3 run up was contributable to Korean FOMO. If you look at the BTC/XRP charts during the 2017/2018 peak you can see XRP eventually deviated significantly from its correlation to BTCs price at the time. None of the asset valuations were even remotely increasing in an organic way, but XRP in particular seemed to run up even more dramatically at the very end compared to other assets.
  13. Coinbase is starting to pivot. They are positioned better than anyone else in the US to move into digital payments and/or pseudo “banking” with digital assets.
  14. Looks like Ripple is focusing in on finding different liquidity building opportunities. This one falls in line similar to Coil where they are looking to an industry built around micropayments and DLC content to open new and/or take advantage of existing payment corridors. The game now is to find ever increasing liquidity by any means possible.
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