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  1. There were some quotes from Alex in the earnings call related to MoneyGram's commitment to digitalization of payments and their continued effort to partner with products and company's which meet those digital requirements. This looks like a step in that direction, especially with Ripple on the sidelines.
  2. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4408010-moneygram-international-inc-mgi-ceo-alex-holmes-on-q4-2020-results-earnings-call-transcript From the Q&A on Ripple w/ Alex Holmes and executives
  3. I had someone contact me privately on this forum to discuss my thoughts and decision on the firm and their terms (which I thought were reasonable / normal cost for contingent litigation). I disclosed that I too joined the lawsuit after speaking with Zack for about 20 minutes. The link of Dan to Uphold through the board of directors is pretty damning for them I think.
  4. I haven't spoken in detail with them yet, but I guess it's clear that Cred has no money so Uphold is the next logical target. They can try and argue Uphold failed due diligence on behalf of their users by not having a clear understanding of exactly how the money deposited by their users would be reallocated and they failed to properly assess and reassess the state of Cred after the March drop, which allowed Cred to take advantage of the partnership to help consume more investment money and pursue the ponzi behavior. There is certainly some liability there I think regardless of all the contra
  5. I briefly exchanged emails with one of the attorneys at this firm. I think they intend to pursue Uphold next. I am going to schedule a zoom call with them to learn more about their plan and find out what legal action they feel exists against not just Cred but Uphold.
  6. Yes, but Wuhan was also a city with 11 million people and the bulk of the entire population strictly followed mask mandates which we now know greatly reduces transmission. The local governments also massively restricted public transportation between provinces, cities, and villages. Not a true "lockdown", but there was widespread reports of people being stranded for weeks and months at a time. Many areas implemented strict curfews. In China I believe they have an expectation that local governments assume responsibility in disaster events with accountability being put firmly on local / region
  7. @NightJanitor / @AlejoMoreno the lockdowns work because the normal flow of trauma patients is stymied to alleviate the overflow of covid patients into ICU and trauma floors, which then causes rapid spread through the already sick hospital patients and equally hits all the doctors and nurses who then need to quarantine and this further increases risk to non-covid patients with reduction of staff and equipment. Back in May I think they had something like 85 doctors/nurses/PCA go into quarantine over a single weekend at the hospital because covid began spreading to non-covid floors. This just l
  8. My wife is an RN at a level 1 trauma center so I get to experience everything a bit closer than most. We've also seen first hand the ugliest parts of the virus affect people close to us. We've had friends of ours not just lose their grandparents in their late 70's, but also their parents in their early 50's to the virus in the same month. It has destroyed some families. Of course for most folks who are either asymptomatic or otherwise unaffected by the virus it's just a big waste of time to lockdown. The whole virus would be a non-issue if people in the US took the first lockdown seriousl
  9. Watched this. I am completely onboard with his analysis of the "perfect storm" coming between US / Europe economies coming into the holiday season. Covid is absolutely rampant in the US right now and 100% we will have to have a nationwide lockdown after the holidays are over. Look at what is going on in the NFL right now they are still trying to play football games with no quarterbacks (Denver) and 18+ starting players on a covid list (Baltimore). People don't care in America and we will pay the price unfortunately. So I can see a devastating drop in Q4/Q1 equities market in the US. The
  10. I’m watching oversold alts or alts which missed the recent run up in the same proportions as xrp / Xlm / ada. Plenty of money to be made as new money flows into underpriced (or presumed underpriced) alts.
  11. Reached out to both. Cred gave me standard mumbo jumbo. Uphold at least acknowledged with... “We are working with Flare to finds ways to distribute Spark to Cred XRP holders, when we know more about the Cred's situation we will post here:”
  12. Next thought...since they are technically in chapter 11 they should still be operating with intent to continue the business and resolve their debts in some manner. Cred is technically supporting the Flare Network airdrop to XRP holders on Dec 12th. I wonder if they'll honor this airdrop assuming they still have some semblance of a pulse on the 12th.
  13. Well my losses (theoretically) continue to pile up given the recent rise in XRP valuation. It's crazy to think had they survived another 6 weeks they probably could have gotten themselves out of the bankruptcy hole with their bullshit ponzi of taking in assets and the recent rise across the board in digital assets. Maybe they can stay the course with chapter 11 (really our best chance I think) now that their balance sheet is improving every day (though their losses would increase too, right?).
  14. There was some descriptions I found indicating tokenization of game credits so they probably started with this ludicrous idea of pay to play loans for apps at 40% interest (makes zero sense unless apps are gambling apps) and then tried to create micro loans for in-game currencies. But it’s China and I figure this is one area that’s highly under-regulated because microloans are a very popular thing in China. Just look at that whole Ant IPO fiasco from a few weeks ago.
  15. Yes this appears to be what has happened. This means they were likely unable to reorganize in such a way to keep the business in a reasonable operating mode given the missing money, lawsuits, and day-to-day operational costs (not to mention the complete lack of support of any incoming investor money at this point). So getting money out of the liquidation will be near impossible. My only hope is Uphold recovers *some* monies from suing them on behalf of those of us who used their yield earn product, but I've already considered my deposits as a complete loss at this point.
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