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  1. I agree with your overall assessment, but I think Facebook irrespective of them using this "coalition" approach to protect themselves from scrutiny will still have to deal with a tremendous amount of regulatory issues, especially privacy, as they integrate themselves into a massive global payments network. There is a difference when some alleged terrorist dollars flow through the SWIFT network compared to a global consumer product like Facebook. They are going to have a lot of hurdles to clear with how their system is used and any flaws or missteps they make along the way are going to be scrutinized far greater than anyone will scrutinize ripple or any of these other fintech blockchain companies. It won't all be roses for them. Remember they pretty much automatically starting with the largest payments network by default. Lessons learned will be painful ones.
  2. Not sure they "won" yet, but clearly the US businesses were looking for a competitor to Alipay and they found it with FB and Libra. They are going to try (and probably succeed) in building out a consumer-facing instant payments network within the US just like in China. I don't know how effective it will be on a global scale, but FB is popular in many other countries so it might work pretty well for international payments if they can keep fees low. I'm not exactly sure if it competes with the remittances or Ripple's enterprise-class payments network. It certainly could. I feel like this will still be a fee driven network and a number of those partners will be looking to fees to drive revenue to their company's bottom line. In particular I could see this being advantageous to Uber and Lyft who have yet to address scale issues with their business models. I mean...this is what people want, right? People want blockchain to be used and integrated into everyday life. If the product works well, is it a boon to Ripple and other players in the blockchain space? Competition is good in a capitalist society. It forces people to make moves, invest in R&D, and drives innovation forward. This will also help to kill off lesser competitive digital assets that are taking up precious value from the rest of the blockchain industry.
  3. Well they are going to own somewhere between 6% and 10% of the company depending on how much total capital MGI calls from them. This is not a trivial amount of ownership or cash to throw around. Investment firms with <3% ownership stakes can redirect a companies entire direction through board pressure and Ripple is starting with double that and contrary to what the FUDsters say Ripple doesn't exactly print money. Ripple could in some ways feel that holding a percentage of a security like MGI could benefit them in the short-term if they are able to help turn their business around vs. just holding XRP or hoping someone else builds out the XRP ecosystem to find value. They can't just sell XRP forever and the fintech industry is on fire right now. I'm sure the cash burn is ever increasing. But yeah to folks like us MGI gives them the ultimate platform to prove XRP is usable as a utility asset and maybe even drive value into the asset over time.
  4. I agree a lot more information is needed. They are paying a pretty serious premium for only a 10% cut of the business so they must have a plan ready to go to make sure they are going to aggressively get a return on their investment. Im wondering if XRP is going to be the short term play here (1-2 years) or will MGI stock going to be the better play from a speculative investment perspective.
  5. I closed out an old Groupon position I had and rolled it into MGI last week to play the rumor. Basically made back what I lost on Groupon in a day.
  6. I hope people haven’t forgotten that MGI has an exclusive partnership with Walmart. We basically just bagged Walmart indirectly for the time being.
  7. As I suggested it would be far more likely didn’t ripple to enter a major partnership than outright buy them. Seems like a good move for Ripple and their product portfolio.
  8. Dropped my ZRX and REP entirely. Rebalanced 10% into USD and 10% into LTC for an overnight hold. This morning I rebalanced the that same 20% over into XLM now that XRP has started to move a little and XLM just sat there and blinked the whole time.
  9. I think if you’re going to take the CEO’s exact word on an emerging disruptive technology targeting one of the most established markets you’re in for a rude awakening. Look at the things Elon Musk says regarding Tesla’s progress and how little of what he claims actually occurs by certain deadlines yet they are clearly disrupting the entire auto industry even if they aren’t succeeding in the moment. Brads in the same camp IMHO, but the disruption isn’t so obvious yet to the broader market. People talk about it, but no one is really listening yet. You have to dream big to make change happen and I can’t fault Brad for having the optimism to say the things that he has over the last 18 months. There’s also significant regulatory overhead that I think has caused many of the would-be customers to delay their jump into digital assets as a utility. I’ve been saying for months look to 2019 EOY for a major statement from the SEC / FTC before adoption really begins. Once there is semblance of regulatory clarity in the US the dominoes will start to fall.
  10. Banks and companies will use the tech, but will XRP and the Ripplenet take off like wildfire in the next few years? I’m not sure. No one can be. But they have the most mature tech in this area of blockchain payments area right now IMHO. They have also been building out relationships and partnerships with regulators, banks, and FI on a global scale unlike any other project. Those steps are crucial to adoption of XRP and/or usage of their payments network. Its going to take time. Brad himself said about 1.5 years ago this was the start of a 3-5 year marathon and not a sprint. I believed him and I think the news and progress that has come out since those comments proves that’s a fairly realistic timeline for basic adoption of the technology.
  11. I agree, though probably still ideal to sell into the news as these dates approach closer. Also, I’m thinking a broader SEC announcement is coming this fall before tax season arrives with a little more clarity and specifics to assets that will get the ignore letter granted.
  12. I’m curious what people think about the binance announcement that is going to significantly reduce the US market exposure to small cap digital assets. I’ve been pondering about whether it will cause a temporary lull in the broader market or will it push some of the more common assets, mainly the top 10, upwards as more monies flow that way instead?
  13. Yeah for me I'm going to continue to hold and see where this market moves. I'd love to see BTC break $9500, but I'm watching hawkishly to cash out and wait for a dip back into the $8K's. We'll see.
  14. Both XLM and XRP looking discounted in the 7d / 30d BTC charts. If the 7d moves to -15% I’m shuffling 80% of my trading portfolio that way..
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