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  1. @Atomic1221 wow, that's one detailed research! Cool and thank you for sharing your findings! ???
  2. And that, folks, is what Western Union+Ripple means to XRP... ??
  3. Or they were banking on Moneygram/Ripple to fail, or at least see what their competitor's test conclusion is so that if it fails, they'll have a plausible deniability. I guess they played/are playing conservatively, sitting on the benches on crypto, might be they feel its too risky for them. I also surmise, at least on their perspective, that being a first adopter on this area isn't that much beneficial for them, might be too risky... Oh well, it still looks like they don't have a choice now but to adapt and be assimilated by Ripple.
  4. @OzAlphaWolf, @Ripple-Stiltskin, looks like we're right on the money. -Western Union- https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2018-02-13/western-union-says-it-s-testing-transactions-with-ripple?__twitter_impression=true Those guys, playing hard to get on Valentines Day... ?? ??
  5. Whoops, there's already a thread about this. I vote to please merge this with the other one Sir @Mercury or delete. Thank you.
  6. "LianLian International- a leading Chinese money service company licensed in Hong Kong with 150 million registered users in the region — has joined RippleNet to receive real-time, cross-border remittances, invoice payments and e-commerce payments." Its still xCurrent, but I believe its a big step forward for Ripple. I great timing (after all the regulatory fiasco) would you think? https://ripple.com/insights/lianlian-pay-joins-ripplenet-provide-faster-payments-china/ UPDATE: Redundant post; there's another one already. Too excited I guess. Sorry about that. UPDATE 2: Thanks Sir @Mercury for the merge. It won't happen again! ?
  7. Yup, we should let others know about -xrp tip bot- here at the forums cause these guys (JK, Tif, xrptrump etc.) need all the help they could get and am not sure if enough awareness are said in letting people here know that there is a means to appreciate these guys financially.
  8. I actually posted earlier on a livestream thread here that Mr. Giancarlo is referencing Stefan Thomas' article regarding how ILP can help alleviate the poor.
  9. Yeah totally agree. There were some posts from that thread from David that you can really see he's fed up with all the FUD and he's getting frustrated. It's really unfortunate that almost all FUD against xrp, after debunked, give it a day or two, someone will attack again. Feels like an echo. I totally sympathize with JK, Tiffany Hayden and Xrptrump doing they're best to debunk FUD everyday at twitterverse.
  10. Debunked already, they got they're **s handed to them by Mr. @JoelKatz
  11. Did anyone caught CFTC Chairman Giancarlo dropping Stefan Thomas' article in which how blockchain can alleviate the poor? I specifically heard him mentioning it on the meeting towards the latter part but unfortunately did not namedrop Ripple... UPDATE: Its on the 1 hr 38 min mark. Yup, I believe this was what Chairman Giancarlo is referring to in regards to the value of blockchain/Interledger Protocol. http://digitalempowers.com/forget-internet-things-internet-value-will-boost-worlds-poor/
  12. Agree on bots should be banned. But as far as I understood it, it is totally prevalent in the market as bots used as a tool to gain a quick buck on the ebb and flow of normal market movements, thereby artificially manipulating it to further own gains... Scarier scenario is that if bots are used as a "weaponized" tool/ consolidated attack by certain state/s ( Russia, North Korea, etc.?) that aims and/or causes financial markets so out of whack thereby triggering a worldwide collapse, exploding world debts, starting a chain reaction, starting a new Global Financial Crisis 2.0 and causing hyperinflation and worldwide unrest... It looks like Nuclear Weapons are becoming obsolete as a WMD... I sound like a Conspiracy Theorist! So... Added some links... https://www.google.com.ph/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/world/913712/North-Korea-latest-Kim-Jong-un-cyber-attack-elite-hackers-trained-in-China/amp https://www.google.com.ph/amp/s/qz.com/983186/global-hacking-attack-has-russia-and-korea-paying-out-bitcoin/amp/ http://www.computerweekly.com/news/450426775/Nation-state-actors-responsible-for-most-cyber-attacks
  13. @Tripple Yeah! Cool observation! Weird how human patterns are affecting the market. Or is it? Might be the start of an AI attack... Read from cnbc's report that the sudden "flash crash" felt was without any fundamental reasons... It just "happened"... https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/05/why-the-stock-market-plunged-today.html Financial markets used as Economic Warfare..?
  14. @OzAlphaWolf High quality piece you put up sir. These kinds of opinion piece are relevant and much needed by all of us especially on times like these, as fear, uncertainty and doubt are on an unprecedented level and not only on cryptos, but on all markets as well. Here's hoping that xrp's future would be the brightest among its peers. ??
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