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  1. ABN AMRO BANK in contact with ripple.

    https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/news-insights/insight/ripple-internet-protocol-inter-bank-payments?articles_uuid=328206CF-5056-B741-DBF388D80399074B deze link al gelezen?
  2. Hi there, just registered to xrpchat

    Hi Karlos, thanks
  3. Hi, Today i read this article in the Dutch media about a Dutch bank Abn Amro, offering a new service, flash payments. Seven or eight banks in Europe participate in this new service where you can sent money to another bank in the European Union and the transfer only takes 10 seconds. They want to speed it up to five seconds. https://www.google.nl/amp/s/www.volkskrant.nl/economie/binnen-10-seconden-is-je-geld-binnen-abn-amro-eerste-bank-met-europese-flitsbetaling~a4522250/amp A while ago i read something about Ripple and the European Payments Council. https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/news-insights/insight/ripple-internet-protocol-inter-bank-payments?articles_uuid=328206CF-5056-B741-DBF388D80399074B Anyone heard about this? Edit: Did not see that somebody else already started the same topic.
  4. Hi there, just registered to xrpchat

    Hi, I am Stefan from the Netherlands. Been looking at this chat for a while now and decided to participe. Bought some xrp a while ago and you can say i am a holder, definately not a daytrader. Thats it for now:) Good day from the Netherlands