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  1. Brabant is cheap and life is good. I love it !!
  2. Haha. recognise the brabo part of the name I guess
  3. RIPPLE/SWELL/XRP What is all the fuss about on twitter my dear followers? You read a lot of complaints on twitter about XRP. Let me explain you something without abracadabra. Let’s first focus on Ripple: What a beautiful company with a passionate staff. They are innovative like you never have seen before in Crypto world. They have developed a product with a real powerful use case. We feel ripped off by banks and want to move to bitcoins. And here is Ripple, developing a plan that can help the banks for now. I say “for now” because I guaranty you that I will have a bank account as long as I live. And so will YOU. Maybe the children from your children don’t need banks anymore, but we do. We do so to get paid, we do so to buy a house and we do so to buy our bread. Ripple helps our banks to become more reliable and faster. I transfer money between a few countries. The fees are huge and every day my money is in cyber space I believe the banks are taking profit, which they should do to survive. Times are changed and we don’t want to be ripped off anymore. New options appear and we have a choice, with Ripple filling the best gabs for costumers as well as for banks (remember that banks will stick around for a while). Swell: So many complains about Swell. Why? Just because of XRP dropping for a few days. Come on!!! I come back on XRP later. Swell is amazing and has never been seen before. They show their very best and are all available for questions. Swell is transparent. Costumers are learning and so is Ripple. They show their cases to everyone and listen to feedback. This feedback is broadcasted, it’s not even a secret. They expose their selves and they can. Did you hear how fast the transactions are from Japan to Thailand? Did you hear how happy the costumers are with this? Did you hear that the bank employers work less stressful now. I know myself, if a transaction takes a day longer. I’m on the phone with the bank and this is stress for both sides. The bank and I and we can’t help each other, but I still call….. How about Bill gates , Veem and I’ve heard a lot of other good news. I didn’t hear any bad news and even if there is no significant announcement today, I had a great few days following Swell, it gave me a lot of comfort for my investment. If there is a big announcement, it doesn’t matter how big it is. It’s not bigger then what I’ve seen in Swell. Swell is the big news. Swell showed exposure to learn. Swell showed commitment from existing clients to go there and tell their experiences. Swell is getting commitment from potential clients. Swell is unique and this one will go in the history books. I wished so mush to be there but I was not chosen (I understand why). I hope to get invited for the next one. XRP: A lot of complaints. But….. XRP found support at USD 0.17 a month ago and now it looks like there is a new support level above USD 0.21. The last 10 days, 4 bln XRP was traded above USD 0.22 and most of it over USD 0.25 Swell didn’t drive XRP and was never meant for that, but swell did have a big impact on the stability of XRP and its bottom. Banks need that and you, as a trader, will benefit from that as well. There is a lot of shouting and screaming on Twitter but spare you the stress because your stress has not even a little bit of influence on the price. Korea trades 1 bln of XRP on a good day and they have showed 2 bln as well in the past (big companies are jealous looking at these figures by the way), and Ripple is just kicking off. Ripple’s and XRP potential is beyond what you can imagine now. Soooo XRP is a good investment. Step on board or not, scream or not, do whatever you want but this train isn’t stopping. These are just my thoughts. Please investigate for your self before you think you should buy or sell now. Thanks, CryptoBrabo
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