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  1. Thanks for replying! What would be the gateway between my user on Gatehub and my user on FlashFX? Ascertaining the public address is what’s been the point that’s evading me. Gatehub asks for it when setting a new trustline.
  2. So I am new to all of this cryptocurrency. I just set up my first wallet with Gatehub, got my account verified, and began trying to transfer USD from FlashFX to my ripple address. FlashFX alerted me that I needed to establish a trustline, and in following the tutorials I can find out where to go to enter details. But I cannot work out for the life of me what the public address is that I enter so that the payment clears. Every google search has turned up empty. This is probably a super simple fix but I need help to work this out. Thanks in advance!
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