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  1. Enej is a thief, he directly stole from me after asking him directly for help in july 2017 .... I have all the communication I had with him.. I did migrate my ripple accounts and those did not have any problem, then from one of those migrated account I did transfer to a new ripple account I created ( Thats what I thought) in the gatehub Platform, it was already pre created ripple account by them with that account that exist since 2014 ( they have the private keys) I did not know that ... but when I transferred my XRP to this new account , the wallet said VAULT wallet ( and I couldnt tra
  2. This happens to me on july 2017 they stole from me 300K, it was a pre created account by them (gatehub ripple wallet) I mentioned in this forum back then, nobody believed ...I asked for Enej help, to unlock my wallet back then directly, and suddenly he answered back that is unlock with a balance of 30 xrp .... its a fraud , they stole my XRP, they havent retunred back my XRP... they should be in jail... thats for sure
  3. I mentioned in other topic Watch out dont trust exchanges and in gatehub check twice when you create a ripple wallet that has not been pre created Thats how they robbed me
  4. They did robbed me 300K XRP, they are thiefs
  5. I mentioned in Mexico and could be others countries- I like the business model ( I tried like 3 yrs ago the same business idea) and I did my due diligence with the Mexican authorities and we find out I cant be done ( airtime tradable for other goods or services) I agree with you the Telcos are the one with the important client base - in Mexico it was to protect the financial industry from the telcos.
  6. Let me make it easy to understand - the airtime credit is not allowed to be used as medium of exchange for goods or other services ( different that airtime credits)
  7. That will not be possible in all the countries, due a telco has not a banking license or money transfer license( some countries protected in advance with law enforcements to avoid the telcos take over the banking industry) as an example in Mexico
  8. And just want to people know and be careful- dont trust them and any exchange to keep your assets
  9. What else you need as a proof( or you work for gatehub) don’t tell me that crap even ripple compliance team help me to find out what they did with my xrp’s. They stole my XRP . I have all the info to prove it and is in investigation.
  10. I created in gatehub client And only used there where else and only uses once to deposit the300k XRP from one of my ripple migrated wallet to gatehub to divesify the risk and not having all in that wallet - I was newbie didnt know how to verify - it was a precreated wallet by them since 2014
  11. They dont give a damn - there is more people with the same problem so be careful . They should be responsible and payback but their communication is very poor and they just mentioned fill a police report jajaj amazing
  12. Tulo Look how they stole it after asking for help directly to enej to unblock my wallet ( why It was blocked in the first place ( watch wallet) so they will know you deposit An answer from him: (enej) after the stealing: On August 15, 2017 3:43 AM a payment of 300,000 XRP has been made from your ripple wallet revY5Lh9KVwYLtaEBJbDoJr5DtNMcusPT ("Ripple Wallet") to rJeK4gefCb2dyo1YytBZCYkorJJ3bzRULP: https://gatehub.net/ripple-explorer/transaction/3E076128301188D9D7727E7B53B55A4E86E526E76724227A212EED739D6E8FF1 NOT using GateHub client. ( i only used gatehub if not what else - absurd )
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