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  1. Kraken is working well following their tech upgrades. Have also beefed up staff and response times are much better.
  2. You have to realize, a substantial portion of the market had already put enough pieces together to feel fairly confident that Western Union was trialing xRapid. It was news to some and confirmation to others, but it doesn't have the same impact as this news coming out all at once. It's been softly rolled into the market over the last month or so. Also, a trial is not the same a full deployment. There is always risk these money transfer businesses don't pull the trigger. I believe that is unlikely over time, but that is absolutely a non-zero risk. xCurrent partnerships aren't moving the market. That's just a fact. I think the market is mispricing the xCurrent rollout and how it lays the rails for future xRapid deployment. Just think of it as an opportunity to buy a potentially undervalued asset. People need to be more qualified and objective in their perspectives on this board. Throwing your hands up and saying the market is stupid is never the entire answer (maybe part of the answer at times, yes).
  3. It was their central bank. We knew about this last week.
  4. Actually, this was already announced last week.
  5. Yeah, the bitcoin comments are their way of extending an olive branch to the crypto community. It's wise, because the constant FUD battles can actually create a challenge.
  6. Your logic is flawed. The strong coins that last will absorb much of the value of others.
  7. Nobody on the call said this. That was a Bloomberg interpretation and they mistakenly put it in quotes. Probably trying to quote it like nomenclature, but misinterpreted as a direct quote.
  8. The CFO didn't say anything about "no big unlock" on the call. The Bloomberg article inferred that themselves. He simply said they haven't made any decisions yet that will materially change their current operating environment, and noted that their current structure is very stable and reliable. There was absolutely nothing on the call that should be considered negative. Simply that they will move forward when they feel great about it.
  9. Yeah, I'm listening to call now. It does make some sense to downplay. If you haven't made a definitive decision and it won't impact earnings this year, you probably don't want the stock getting frothy prematurely.
  10. He did say, "they haven't found anything yet that would be a big unlock." That could be interpreted negatively, but it's also fair to say they would downplay any benefits for competitive purposes. Interesting comment, nonetheless.
  11. Western Union reported earnings today, I bet it's in their conference call transcript.
  12. Just wait til Coinbase puts the olive on top of the collusion sammich.
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