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  1. You would get on well with my son, his sentiments exactly. ?
  2. Asian bots don’t sleep, at 3am South Korean time they were trading 10 million in the 30min on bithumb and at 4pm they were trading at 55 million in the 30 min. Over the CNY they were lucky to hit 3 million. They are definitely back at work today. It is 5pm now and they are still trading 39 million.
  3. Enjoy your quiet time with the family, that’s what is important,
  4. Whoa! Hold up, miss understanding @rom....... he was just talking about at that moment, it was also deadly quiet here as well. Need to chill. He wasn’t taking a shot at the site.
  5. Corporate job! Now who’s sounding a bit entitled.....?????? just kidding.
  6. Anyone here from Australia trading on Coinspot Exchange? I use BTC Markets, but just noticed the price of XRP dropped to 0.00 last night at 11.01pm on coinspot, so did anyone manage to get a sneaky buy or was it just a glitch. I would have thought a glitch wouldn’t show up on the chart.
  7. I’m confused.......... ?you are the parrot........but now look like the dog....minus the sunglasses. ?Had me fooled, for a minute there. Are you incognito. ?
  8. I’m with you, also 50, run a business with hubby, sooooo....over quoting, fussy clients, chasing payments and physically hard manual labor. Even if our trade does pay well, just over it. ☹️
  9. I’ll put my age out there as 50 while I still can....... March 4th, not far behind you and I already have my dream car. Mazda.❤️?
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