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  1. Long time Reader first time Poster. HI Everyone, I have a future problem I would like some help with. I have done a solid amount of research over the past 18 months so my grasps on crypto are decent. One day in the future when XRP is worth 10,000k$ since liquidity will never be an issue because there will always be transactions buying and selling to transfer money. Does that mean that all the bag holders of XRP will never have an issue off loading there bags one day down the track ? Watching how BTC bag holders over the past 18 months if anyone was holding anything over 50btc ( MT
  2. Swell just had a Panel of the oldest users of RIpple tech. Person in the crowd asks "are your FI's or Bankslooking at using Xrp?" Everyone on stage said No
  3. After the Panel they just had at Swell, unfortunately anything is possible
  4. I find that the answers to the XRP question although being negative, It felt like they only referred to it as any other crypto, not from a technical point of view. Since using XRP has a purpose for banks and apparently is suppose to help benefit them would they not eventually adopt ?
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