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  1. Thank you Silkjaer, But my second question is still not answered. Are they ONLY stealing XRP´s? This important to know. If the hackers only steal XRP, then probably the secret key is leaked and decrypted. If the hackers also steals BTC etcetera. Then we have a password leak..
  2. How do you count them? And are they only stealing XRPs? I have sold all my XRP and hopefully i'm safe in BTC for the time being.
  3. One thing is noteworthy about GH. Under "show secret key" you can simply see / get the ripple secret key. So, yes its stored somewhere (encrypted I hope?) But its definitely going via GHs website. Maybe the hackers found a way to retrieve this information. Anyway, this should be changed or at least removed (or only sent to the confirmed mail address).
  4. Filing in the police report is not useless as it seems. It's a kind of 'receipt', proof, registration, confirmation and later maybe useful in a lawsuit. Now, its simply a outgoing transaction, thats all, as if nothing happend.
  5. This wallet: rpp3ntAuXo24Ne2qvPs52mcciXe7Zy6Wcf is linked to r9do2Ar8k64NxgLD6oJoywaxQhUS57Ck8k. and has at the moment 9,367,024 XRP !. As you can see, there are every hour several transactions, small amounts incoming transactions. So, it looks automated to me.
  6. Oktober 2016. Onder de cent tijdperk.
  7. Yes, still in business. Received payment last week. Low 1xx.xxx€. Just wait and hodl.
  8. One of the biggest bots turned of for maintenance. I will bring it back online as soon as possible.
  9. Choice. Making money or privacy? I think the first, people are seeking for profit.
  10. 20% XRP 11% ardor + NXT 19% Verge 5% SIA 45% ECC
  11. Borry

    Ripple waarom?

    Laten we het hopen!
  12. Borry

    Ripple waarom?

    Ik kwam Ripple vorig jaar op het spoor in oktober ergens. Het eerste wat mij overtuigde was de "bitlicense" die ze ontvingen in de VS. Vervolgens ongeveer alle Ripple medewerkers onderzocht die vermeld staan op ripple.com. Ook toen letterlijk 4 dagen dag en nacht gelezen over technische achtergrond van Ripple/XRP. Alles proberen te ontkrachten met tegenstellingen (niet gelukt overigens). Vervolgens als een gek wekenlang XRP gekocht, ook onder werktijd etc. Tot een collega nog zei:, alweer gekocht? Waarop ik antwoordde, ik wil dadelijk geen spijt hebben dat ik er te weinig heb. =)
  13. I think the banks can buy XRPs for a much lower price than the actual market price. So, yes selling only 1B each month is a good restriction. And dont forget the snowball effect!
  14. Borry

    XRP Pattern

    Almost identical..
  15. I know. I'm in the Netherlands too. But really. 20 cents next monday.
  16. Guys, I really love all of you . Because of you I bought a lot of XRP! Cheers!
  17. "Directors - There are different types of Directors , like whole time Directors , Executive Directors , Non-Executive Directors. Most companies may have Directors who may not be working full time for the company they can be classified as Non-Executive Directors , they may part of the regular board meetings to provide direction to CEO and MD. On the other hand there may be Directors who may be full time in the company system called as whole time directors. There are another bunch of Director Types but most commonly seen types are Executive Directors , Directors , Independent Directors ( this class is a norm required by ROI )."
  18. The XRP Team at Ripple is growing and we are looking for our very first Director of XRP Markets.
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