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  1. Anyone heard of it? https://futourist.io/ It's from my home country Slovenia (just like Bitstamp, Viberate, Iconomi, DTR, Quantstamp...) There is quite a buzz around it on local media.... Ther are collecting only about 5,5mio €, which is quite low and could potentionaly be a good return... even if short term...
  2. Just a regular weekend activity more or less... It's already bouncing up.
  3. Reminds me of a hooker in movie Eurotrip... "Hans, Gruber bring me the flugenkrenkremweer".... or something like that hahaha
  4. I feel you... gained 200 zerps at the previous dip... lost almost 200 zerps today... so I guess I am even... Greed is a true pain in the ***...
  5. Hmmm... Refreshed Bitstamp after few minutes and it's back at .73$
  6. I sold at .6€ .... Will back low... Wish I would done that at 3$
  7. Yes, it looks that way.... But... if BTC breaks 8k... then we're on downhill again...
  8. Weekend is coming... I expect bottom on Sunday @.6x c ? and then right back to 3$ of course ??
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