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    rom reacted to Crookhead in What if...   
    @BeSeriousXRP What if their comment is the only worthwhile & realistic comment above! What if the real problem is: there are simply TOO MANY XRP to ever have a hope of reaching the giddy heights. It’s simple economics folks: laws of supply & demand .. It applies to the crypto world too - unfortunately. Nothing wrong with the occasional dose of realism here guys.
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    rom reacted to SnoopXRP in What if...   
    There are fairy tail forums for stuff like this...?
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    rom reacted to Spekul8 in Where Are All the HODLers Now - Ha Ha back at ya FUD Patrol   
    There is only ONE supported bottom, technically it's ZERO. 
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    rom got a reaction from Spekul8 in Where Are All the HODLers Now - Ha Ha back at ya FUD Patrol   
    Bravo! My thinking resonates with yours. And as a side note, I highly value any speck of dispassionate analysis over passionate pro-and-contra ****'isis, that abounds.
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    rom reacted to Spekul8 in Where Are All the HODLers Now - Ha Ha back at ya FUD Patrol   
    Everything in my life comes out of trading, investing and creating businesses that have cashflows. However, there were periods in life that I was in pain due to severe errors I made. They were unfortunately emotionally driven decisions,  but they disguise themselves as anything but. 
    To that end, my experiences are my own. You may go through different sets of circumstances and trading opportunities, but consider whether its emotions (falling in love with the idea) or you truly looking at facts. So let me emphasize that for me specifically, the price is always the main factor.    This is what always worked. I look at price as a barometer of business.  I can give you so many examples of companies that were losing money, yet their stock was going up.  AMAZON was one of them. They lost cash flow for years. But, the price was going up except the 2008 crash. The market is also a prediction of the future.   Real estate around Brooklyn, NY started going up 20 years ago, and no one understood why in the early days. They said it's nuts to buy there, it was the "Boroughs"..yet prices were going up and still going up.  Now it's the trendy place. 
    So the price has become my king. 
    I like XRP.  I like the company. But, I am yet to see how their progress reflects in further liquidity.  Every year it's the same argument: "next year". 
    I don't expect anyone to trust my words. I am biased.   My entry to XRP was because I chose a story. I saw the drive to ICOs, and XRP and ETH looked great.  One was a guy who wears Unicorn t-shirts, the other was talking about banks with a programmer that looked like he needs a haircut. Then you had techies, lambo talk, and many BTC parties. I thought that these two ICOs will have a parabolic move, just based on the story and crowd, not because I understood the fundamentals clearly.   So when you put in an average of 5 cents and you see around $3.00...do you change your opinion? or say "yeah, time to take some home!"  Had I know that we will have 90% correction or even thought about the correction, I would have been ALL out and not partially. Not complaining, it was still significant. This just further illustrates that it's not just knowledge of the product that counts, but you read the market and when opportunities presented themselves. 
    I should have been smarter, because, past the "explosion" of FOMO, you left with dust.   My experience is always with exchange-traded products, so I tried to apply the same logic. But, coins are a territory of the so-called exchanges. In reality, they are B-Book Brokers. You lose, their gain. 
    I hope I am wrong. very wrong. I hope that XRP will be in ATH mode soon. But, remember, its never about XRP per se. It's about developing the discipline in general because you are surrounded by opportunities. 
    Finally, just for S&G look at a stock called ETSY, it is 100% up this year.  They sell ceramics, belts, and other homes good. Nothing sophisticated, Just a business that works. So who cares how you make your money, just stay open-minded and don't let one investment steal your mind. There are TONS of opportunities like that. Hop the ride of prices that go up, at first scary, then its fun. 
    A bagholder is not just holding toxic assets, it's an investor that is frozen with one investment that closes his/her eyes to everything else. 
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    rom reacted to Spekul8 in Where Are All the HODLers Now - Ha Ha back at ya FUD Patrol   
    You seem like a reasonable guy, and I also respect the way you took your time to construct an opposing view without offending me. I appreciate that, and you deserve a fair explanation. 
    1) The market does not make the masses rich. To assume that most here will walk away with riches would be against the market's nature. If the market goes back up, many will sell at B/E with a sigh of relief. This is a 99% lose versus a 1% who gain. XRP will not be different.  The market will filter out and smoke out the last of the weak hands whether it is 10 cents or a quarter of a cent.  
    2) The market is not dragging down XRP. The market is trying to find a new equilibrium for utility coins while removing coins that have no utility. It is being repriced, and we will bounce from this to fair prices, and volatility will subside. I mentioned in other threads that we may go back to average gains of 8% to 10% per year on all significant cryptos.  There could be significant rallies in between, but the averages will stay the averages.  If there are big rallies, BTW, it will be a gift from the markets to give people a chance to bail out. 
    3) The early days are the one that gives you the opportunity to gain the most; After that, you have regulation, competition and other variables that could keep price sideways. Time is not a friend now, it is a foe and those who comfort themselves in time are just trading/investing in chance. 
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    rom reacted to Rchopra in Where Are All the HODLers Now - Ha Ha back at ya FUD Patrol   
    All of us here have lost money some less and some more than you , but that was our individual decision not anybody else’s fault,  just because we share ideas here on common platform, and some do it more than others because they are passionate about certain projects doesnt make them liable for anything.  they dont need to apologise to anybody for having long or short opinions on assets. Had things been on the opposite side would you have sent few thousand dollars or xrp to @Chewiecoin or @RegalChicken.....???
    i guess not. Then blaming somebody who once had similar ideas to yours, and  thats why you visited the platform and read things because u somewhere in your heart felt the same thing about certain assets, is bit thankless and inconsiderate. If you have been here for some times and made some comments, how would you feel if somebody who reads your comments and blames you few months later for having opinions..?? 
    I am sorry if i did sound bit harsh brother,  but to be honest i have lost more money than what you mentioned (all Xrp  still sitting bank locker in Nano)  but i would rather take ownership of my both good and bad decisions whether they turn $0 or $10 because even in worst scenarios atleast it teaches me something, where as blaming others  doesnt get anyone  anywhere. 
    My best wishes for you and for all of us who are struggling in these challenging times as its very disheartening to see what’s happening but i guess this is life.
    Disclaimer as usual- None of above is financial or investment advice, please do your own research and see the financial advisor to discuss your personal circumstances if required.
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    rom reacted to culyun in Vulnerable XRP   
    Julian, I appreciate your considered comments.  Not many here take the time to rationalize statements.
    I had a look at the model.  It makes naive assumptions about adoption, namely, it makes no reference to competition or known confounding factors like governmental regulation.
    There's no surprise in the finance sector about Ripple's offerings in general or XRP in particular.  So the price volatility is unlikely to be instigated by large players.  I suggest instead that large players react to price to maximise their purchasing power, ie. they expect speculation to drive the price and react by buying or selling in volume as dictated by their needs.  Remember that FX traders are good at this...
    So until retail opportunities present themselves and while the pool of XRP remains in the hands of a few, the price will remain volatile.
    In terms of models, I think the things to look at are transaction volumes as a function of time and XRP distribution.  Another tell tale would be the change in XRP pool over time.  Are large trades correlated with players who got into the market early?  What is the distribution of XRP amongst holders, eg. What proportion of holders individually hold more than 1% of XRP?
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    rom got a reaction from Deeznutz in Death?   
    Death? Useless would be a better word.
    A little bit different perspective. Last autumn some Big Money, particularly from some Arabian kingdoms, ran away from their home countries and conventional investments. Some of it found safe investments in mining farms in polar Norway, Russia, China and elsewhere. Some more of it went straight into crypto markets to help cut payback times for those investments. My guess is that beginning Febr this year this money began moving again. Why? Money must work and Big Money must also travel a lot. We're seeing this in progress. 
    Now, how does this apply to our beloved XRP and why isn't money loving it as much as we do? XRP differentiated itself as a digital asset with real utility (value). Still money is just being removed from the market in spite of those claims. Turns out differentiation still not working, i.e. no real utility value, XRP not standing out in the crowd. There is fundamental reason to that – XRP ecosystem is still not even remotely self-sustaining. No one, NO ONE is earning in it apart from exchanges and Rpiple itself, whereas with any POW coin miners have at least an illusion of earning by doing work. How can your money (and your XRP's) work in Rpiple ecosystem? They can't. Until this changes, we will continue having terrible ups and downs. I think Rpiple is aware of this reason and their activities point to them searching for ways to changing it. That gives hope.
    Second thing – there are just too many coins. Though I'm in support of pre-mining strategy as being more ecological, it is now plain and clear that pre-mining huge, though finite, number of coins does not support coin value growth per se. Human psychology goes against it big time. Rpiple found this early in the project, hence the escrow, but it did not help. What can we do about it? Probably just hold and agree to be smarter next time. E.g. in the project I'm participating now, we will use different approach to pre-mining. Let's see.
    What I am going to do in the low price situation? Since every bit of success of XRP hangs on UTILITY, I will bang my brain flat to help it find some "down here", while hoping that Rpiple finds it "up there". We will see in two years. If that does not help, I will wait for the big money to come again and then offload. My target is 6,06 USD.
    In the meantime, let's have life.
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    rom reacted to PriceIsRight in Will you buy XRP V2?   
    If you invested in a team and it went to zero, why would you invest in the same team?
    what is the definition of insanity.. doing the same thing over and expecting a different outcome?
    its not going to zero.
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    rom reacted to fatlever in XRP below $0,40 will we see $0,20 again ?   
    Please stop with the it takes courage or humility  to make money in crypto.  Basically, it's getting in early, timing and luck.  There are no geniuses, visionaries or brave people here.   Stop being full of yourselves if you made money.   
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    rom reacted to 2ndtimearound in Almost at $0.40 USD.........Time to buy?   
    This is it - selling on the way up must involve fighting the feeling that you're selling a portion of your stack KNOWING it will probably go higher.  If you can fight that feeling, you'll do well.
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    rom reacted to orcablue in Almost at $0.40 USD.........Time to buy?   
    unless you're really really lucky, it will be very difficult to predict the floor of this one.
    I thought 0.58 was the floor. Anyway I got my zerps and I just have to be content.
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    rom got a reaction from johnlogan in Price analysis of .15?   
    At 0,teen-something I am buying big time.
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    rom reacted to Eric123 in Things are AMAZING   
    @Coretex It's clinton - just shows where these guys are coming from that they could possibly think this is a good idea.  Obviously these guys are based in San Francisco so they are gonna be liberal -  but It's one thing for the officer's of the company to support professional athletes kneeling for the national anthem from their personal twitter accounts, and It's another to have like the main #metoo culprit be the keynote at your largest event just because the guy is a liberal icon.  What does Clinton know about any of this?? Didn't he state that he doesn't use a computer or the internet?? Why cause he was president when the internet caught on?  C'mon. Just makes me think - these guys ain't serious.  No I haven't sold.  just writing it off in my mind tho.
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    rom reacted to Sarnos in Volume - Japan massive declines.   
    i guess a decline of speculation money if it would have been built on utility it would not have changed
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    rom got a reaction from automatic in Why does no other crypto require utility?   
    Imho XRP has a problem, that Rpiple is either unaware of, or is well pretending to be unaware of. There are no earning parties in the Rpiple ecosystem, except Rpiple itself and speculators. Through this, properties of pre-mined asset will keep playing to the downside until utility arrives. Hodlers should be included in the utility formula, they ought to be in the ecosystem for reasons that include long term  speculation, but are deeper than that. This's been missing. 
    And to answer the OP: utility definition for XRP differs considerably form that of those other speculative coins. For them utility is their speculative properties, volatility etc, what they have now. And strangely, there are many earning parties around them. But its not the utility XRP is after. That's the catch. Gotta wait.
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    rom reacted to Eric123 in If you are looking someone to blame today....   
    Honestly I hate that the Vos Twins (as I call them) are even trying to create an ETF.  Screw the traditional financial markets.  I don't want them to hop on the Bitcoin train I want them run over by it.   If people and businesses can't figure out how to get bitcoin without an ETF,  they don't deserve to have it.   The CBOE, the CME and the SEC perpetuate fraud through derivatives!!!  What they call traditional financial markets are just a rigged casino. - I don't want them with us, I want them left behind!!!!!  Stop it Vosses!!!!  
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    rom got a reaction from xrphilosophy in How Do we get back to prices of December 2017?   
    Your perspective seems just right from my point. I have my doubts about Rpiple themselves and that can change my strategy, but other than that I'm willing to wait to see what this prolonged period of pregnancy will bring out
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    rom reacted to xrphilosophy in How Do we get back to prices of December 2017?   
    Although it's anyone's guess I do not think utility will play a major part in many or even all cryptos for a couple years more.  There will be speculation for awhile and forthcoming, and that alone will provide the next true bull run is my assumption. 
    These crypto markets are characterized by boom and bust, for years now.  No one knows how to price them, many are even unevaluatable, speculative, or as to be yet known.
    With no solid market yet developed, and even once developed certainly very young, speculation will still continue to rule the day on this brand new asset class of completely unproven and speculative technological instruments.  No one knows how the blockchain will play out, who the winners and losers will be, and how it will transform from year to year. That's why I suspect we have at least a couple years more of wildly volatile speculation.  We wouldn't be expecting all this insto money to be pouring into the space for less than a two year run would we?  It could be a lot longer.
    As far as XRP goes I see it playing out just like it did last January.  All the cryptos are still tethered to the mothership Bitcoin.  We see several months, i,e. a true bull run with BTC, retail investors coming back into the space fomo'ing the run higher, and then when a 'peak' is reached the money spills into alts.  Awareness permeates, media is interested and fomo'ing the alts. The hype cycle declines, retraces, and another boom bust at higher levels. 
    Stellar does have partnerships, but it was never not going to.  And XRP was never going to rule the world.  Many players will win.
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    rom got a reaction from Wesa182 in David Schwartz IOV XRP   
    Been here since 17.10.2017. Last time sold 23.12.2017. Holding. There are several nicknames I'd like to meet in person, not many, though.
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    rom reacted to GiddyUp in 2019 -full year and a half from now what’s your SERIOUS price prediction   
    I'd like to offer a slightly different take - retail money at the ATH might have been dumb money (FOMO) but we early adopters are at least educated and informed money, soon to be joined by smart BIG money, once regulation and custody issues are resolved.
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    rom reacted to Chewiecoin in I Have Been Wrong This Entire Time. Sell Your XRP Now Whilst You Still Have a Chance!   
    I prefer Uptimist - Ultra optimist lol
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    rom got a reaction from Chewiecoin in I Have Been Wrong This Entire Time. Sell Your XRP Now Whilst You Still Have a Chance!   
    For Chewie's enjoyment I just invented a descriptor for types like him:
    Persimist – persistent optimist.
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    rom reacted to Merxy in I Have Been Wrong This Entire Time. Sell Your XRP Now Whilst You Still Have a Chance!   
    Not sure why you like to keep making these kind of posts for the last few weeks,feels like you're just trying to comfort yourself whenever the price is tanking
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