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  1. There is! In the project I'm watching, there are specific interfaces for both "dark pool" dealing, which does not appear on the exchange order book, and iceberg trading, which means splitting large orders into smaller random peaces, and the large order does not appear in the order book. Both are available to broker-traders only.
  2. rom

    Ring of Fire (XRP)

    Definitely. It is this spat that has taken the whole market down. Rarely one can pinpoint the culprit in market crashes, but this one definitely is it. Somewhere around is the link I posted. Nothing personal, just business.
  3. rom

    As predicted

    Now, this is not about XRP directly, but it well explains the current fuss. Besides, it confirms what I learned from Kiev crypto guys couple days ago. Two genital heads sorting their differences at the expense of the whole market. https://coinnounce.com/roger-ver-bitmain-face-lawsuit-for-allegedly-hijacking-bitcoin-cash-network/
  4. rom

    As predicted

    I wonder, what the prophet @XRPcalling is gonna say now?
  5. And who is this person marketing here? Registered with the Estonian Ministry of Finance, which is itself 100% transparent – the team shall be visible and, yep?
  6. @P3T3RIS Please at least name yourself, if you want to push marketing msgs! Can't find anything about yōr eksčeindž team, Peteris.
  7. Yep, they could. Interesting in this respect are the relatively new phenomena – private stablecoins.
  8. Right you are, but cryptos still correlate with wider picture outside regulated markets, namely capital flows. If in 2017 it was possible to point the finger at particular events, that created money flow into cryptos, today I see nothing to point the finger at, except "institutional money". Waiting game for some flow to return to cryptos.
  9. Notice how stablecoins are gaining volume.
  10. 'd think you need so much so that interest income covers your yearly budget, that is, if you plan on living forever. If you can estimate your "lifespan", then, probably, a lot less.
  11. Thanks! I confess that I plan to sell part of my XRP's and get back to BTC.
  12. I took the time to read the document. Did you?
  13. Nope, this guy is harmless. I remember one XRPcalling, who wrote the notorious "XRP will hit $5.02 within the next 16days". That guy did a lot of harm and, worse still, like genital herpes he's still around.
  14. Thanks for your thought and time! Though your price seems low, there is a bright side to this – you arrived at a projection of pure utility value of XRP. Utility value is always less than price. Price XRP = Utility value + Speculative value. I speculated earlier in the year, that at the lowest of lows utility value is about half of the price. That means in your scenario and assuming that would be a depressive situation XRP price would still be 2x utility value ~ 0,40. In a growth situation the multiple could easily jump to 10 or more. The thing is – the volume oughta grow.