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  1. Strictly speaking, during last month or so EM was moving only BTC + DOGE and only secondarily XRP + other alts. Of the big factors, XRP price is impacted by two: – SEC (short-to-medium term) and – Ripple (long term)*. SEC is responsible. for the current depression of XRP price. Ripple is responsible for creating these conditions of extreme XRP volatility. My point on XRP volatility – example from yesterday, 17.05.2021: H=1,30 Eur, L=1,08 Eur (as per Bitstamp), intraday delta > 20 Eurocents. This is bad for hodlers, but also a veritable profit machine for traders. I am wondering, if we
  2. BNB surprising me. This is one very well managed coin.
  3. Speaking of investing in CB... I hear persistent rumours, that CB is one of those x, that have been using their clients' frozen XRP's to enrich themselves elsewhere. Couple of days ago read of another lady, who hasn't been able to get her XRP's out of CB for this whole delisting period, which goes against what CB help section says ("you will be able to deposit and withdraw..."). Just wondering how much truth is in those rumours.
  4. Not by much. 10 dollars is roughly the target, that makes billion dollar transactions possible.
  5. rom: Sorry to garbage-up this pristine thread with some more politics! I thought you may want to read this short informative article from Forbes magaz. Heavy shelling back at the SEC. Obtained via Reddit/Ripple from CryptoRookieX and Liagala, thanks to you! Liagala: "I had to jump through a few hoops to get the article to display without "X of 4 free articles" pop-ups, hidden text, and all that garbage. If you're having the same problem, here you go: Forbes article: Some agency chairs find an ambiguous statute hard to resist. They overinterpret their authority to regulate, and Congre
  6. That was very strategic from you. Quite a few folks hearts could have stopped. Nevertheless, this is the la futura I intend for myself – cash out at XRP=10.
  7. I did. I filled that form today. Whatever mistakes Ripple did to XRP, those just pale in comparison to SEC attack.
  8. T is a shady business, there I agree w you 100%. My own critical remarks begun to appear ~ 1 yr ago. I particularly analysed market strategies of USDT v.s. XRP. They have really cutting edge market strategists, which XRP are missing (and it shows). And I cannot deny USDT's amazing utility. My conclusion: that shady USDT is THE competitor to XRP in the area of Ripple's activities (and to other coins in shady dealings), but SEC is going after R. Much like looking for lost keys under the streetlight, instead of looking, where you may have lost them.
  9. Forbes magaz is thinking along the same lines. Some spectacular sentences: "The case represents a significant regulatory overreach", "Such turf grabbing is a classic symptom of regulatory obsolescence...". https://www.forbes.com/sites/roslynlayton/2021/12/29/sec-v-ripple-the-cryptocurrency-trial-of-the-century/?sh=72e4adc75417
  10. Thanks! He seems to be competent in law and start-up strategies. Liked his point by point responses to SEC doc. Building a start-up is very different from doing bureaucracy. I had the impression and @Pablo just made it stronger, that SEC bent the truth by picking pieces out of context. Also I decided to share another document, that shines still more light on the whole SEC "thing". This doc predates SEC action. https://chinatechthreat.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Senate-Policy-Letter-Cryptocurrencies-and-the-Next-SEC-Chair.pdf
  11. Thank you for reading the link! Yes, it is it. An academic analysis by former SEC officials of SEC document. Good for understanding and positive for XRP – currency case. Should calm panicking minds, if they read such papers. Why I used the word "shelling" – because it fits business wars, if they spill into open. – to aggressively bombard with arguments the public and the opponents with the intention of "changing public's perception", "gaining advantage", <you name it>.
  12. Please excuse my going off-topic, but this is worth mentioning and, possibly, reading. Found this on reddit. In brief – big guns beginning shelling from the Ripple's side (Ripple owner side). It supports my hypothesis, that we are witnessing a war of business groups over the control of a certain technology/market/whatever. Ugly, as it is, but fairly normal. And, in general, take-over battles are good for asset prices. https://www.iflr.com/article/b1m2pm9g4n65mk/cryptocurrencies-and-us-securities-laws-beyond-bitcoin-and-ether?fbclid=IwAR2jh7GAwBYdyP1aFRpCDaF-MB9h3YKOgoikkMIa7wv4sBpepk
  13. Cheers to everyone, who held through this SEC affair! I largely missed out on the fuss due to other duties. Got very surprised, when setting up a sell order at 0,60 and receiving a buy signal at 0,25 instead. But XRP price graph for the last 24 hours is a clear sign, that not very many got carried away by this PR stunt.
  14. Just finished reading SEC filing and Ripple's first response. SEC have invested thousands of hours to reverse engineer Ripple's strategy and in doing so brought to light quite a pile something. Part of it we did know. What is certain, however, is this trio: – business is about not telling the whole truth, – politics is about not telling the whole truth and bending the rest of it, – behind every move in politics stands business. Correct me, if SEC is not "politics". Therefore and most likely behind this SEC filing stand some large business interests. These are the first shots exchanged in
  15. Best exchanges already have it for users. E.g. Bitstamp has automatic Spark airdrop signup with all wallets holding XRP.
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