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  1. I still hold most of "it" in XRP, but changed some part to BNB this winter. Was considering BTC initially, but then decided for BNB use case. Been thinking since – what if Ripple was a Chinoise company?
  2. Thanks for your thoughtful response! Of course XRP swings with BTC like IDK what, like every other crypto. But BTC cannot be a stablecoin in the near future, because there are too many significant parties interested in its price growing AND capable of initiating market reactions. BTC price just cannot stabilise until such parties leave the market. On the other hand, Ripple has told countless times, that they are interested in XRP price growing, but they are not doing anything to promote this directly in the market. And there is no one else around. Basically Ripple are interested to find out market's long term opinion on the price, which is based on utility and community sentiment. Notice, I did not write market sentiment (FOMO). So we have an actual un-backed stablecoin candidate. And one more thing: "Share of voice = share of mind". Ripple is finally building its share of voice. I wish them the best in this. So, sooner or later XRP will break free.
  3. XRP seems to be slowly morphing into a kind of stable coin as, besides following the BTC price moves, there appears to be correlation forming between XRP and some stable coins. I would say that it may be a blessing in disguise, as XRP is not backed by anything, except its utility (hope of utility at this time, which is essentially zero), but still it's resistant and stable. I would prefer XRP to be a stable and slow-growing asset over it being a swinger. That stability would be the best way of de-coupling from BTC and the market in general. BUT, the relative stability of XRP also describes one condition specific to XRP and not characteristic to other cryptos. There are no significant parties interested in XRP price rising, instead there are significant parties interested in XRP price discovery. I was fuming about this for quite some time, now I take this condition, that helps keeping stability, as a silver lining to the cloud, for I can venture from XRP into speculative things and then return, knowing that XRP is still there.
  4. rom

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks, Bob, for this! You are the first Ripple or exRipple to respond honestly about rebalancing problem. Conceptually Ripple itself hasn't gone that far away from nostro-vostro-intro-outtro accounts, that they seemingly want to free-up. What is their ultimate solution, if there is any known to you? Thanks!
  5. Mind you, "huge XRP supporters" begin from 2 (two) years of holding
  6. I remember my friend's story – in 2017 he bought a lot of Cardano and almost sat out the then market fall. He sold and in 48 hours Cardano turned around massively, his words.
  7. I entered some values closer to reality into the XRP price calculator (0,0001; 5; 0,0005; 1; 40; 5) and arrived at the price 0,02 USD. Pretty enlightening. That was the price in spring 2017. Needless to say, that when I entered real values, the calculator reported "Invalid input". https://xrpbalance.com/
  8. Actually this could possibly be one of the best outcomes and is a definite sell trigger. Pass the ball!
  9. We have SEPA in the EU. A wire to anywhere here costs 45 cents. In 2006, when I was doing a bank consulting project, I found out that for a local transfer cost 20 cents to the customer, the bank's costs were 1,28 cents. Today imho the proportion is roughly similar and judging by the fact that banks only earn from commissions, that proportion is set to rise. Still it's peanuts comparing to a transfer to Thailand – 2k euros transferred at the cost of 51 euro. But even that is peanuts considering that you will pay 9+% to get money to anywhere in the EU anonymously.
  10. There is! In the project I'm watching, there are specific interfaces for both "dark pool" dealing, which does not appear on the exchange order book, and iceberg trading, which means splitting large orders into smaller random peaces, and the large order does not appear in the order book. Both are available to broker-traders only.
  11. Definitely. It is this spat that has taken the whole market down. Rarely one can pinpoint the culprit in market crashes, but this one definitely is it. Somewhere around is the link I posted. Nothing personal, just business.
  12. Now, this is not about XRP directly, but it well explains the current fuss. Besides, it confirms what I learned from Kiev crypto guys couple days ago. Two genital heads sorting their differences at the expense of the whole market. https://coinnounce.com/roger-ver-bitmain-face-lawsuit-for-allegedly-hijacking-bitcoin-cash-network/
  13. I wonder, what the prophet @XRPcalling is gonna say now?
  14. And who is this person marketing here? Registered with the Estonian Ministry of Finance, which is itself 100% transparent – the team shall be visible and, yep?
  15. @P3T3RIS Please at least name yourself, if you want to push marketing msgs! Can't find anything about yōr eksčeindž team, Peteris.
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