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  1. Wait... people come to Chat Boards for advice? Are they crazy??? Entertainment yes. Infotainment maybe. BUT PLEASE: DEFINITELY NOT ADVICE! (Disclaimer: First time I've posted in this topic, having taken the jump from my usual Zerp'n 'hood. Maybe this topic is an alternate universe where experts give away genuinely good advice for free? Good luck with that; I'll see myself out now.)
  2. HOLN'n our XRP, our cars, our partner (most tightly) is what we do 'round here. Just don't bring up sex, religion, or politics.
  3. just put your cursor over the person's name you want to ignore and click on "ignore user." done!
  4. Wow... that didn't take long! Already talking about 10 again!!!
  5. I'm in the same boat. I've already gone down this route with BTC: exchanging some of that for XRP. So that makes me overweight XRP as far as I'm concerned. So I will not be exchanging ETH for it... even though I considered it very strongly. Unlike some on this Chatboard, I'm not "all in" with XRP because I see some diversity in what CCs I'm holding as a good thing. The mix has helped buffer drop of XPR the last few days. Will XRP go up in the years ahead more than ETH? Maybe. I wish had the crystal ball which would tell me for sure. A mix gives me a way to hedge in this very volatile market.
  6. Is Live Coin Watch any better? https://www.livecoinwatch.com/
  7. The actual announcement of the partnerships would be nice and would likely lead to interviews and MSM coverage.
  8. Nothing wrong with a classic Bimmer, as long as it's not your DD. (Source: There's a '97 3 Series in my driveway.)
  9. Some hours ago I was going to -- but didn't for reasons that frustrated me at the time - exchange my biggest % gain to buy more XRP. It's also, coincidentally, the one I've held the longest. That CC has gone up very nicely while XRP has gone sideways. I'm glad I'm not a day trader!
  10. Seriously: it's easy to get to caught up in the ups & (brief) downs. HODL'ers, if that is what we are, can enjoy stepping back and taking a break.
  11. Nope, not my experience (EURO to EURO) at all. I've done 2 Euro to Euro SEPA deposits in the last few weeks to my well-established BitStamp account and each of the transfers were on the account in less than 2 working days.
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