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  1. Eric I have to disagree on it. There is no visible progress on Lightning so far. And can you list 5 major update that went into BTC from Jan 2019 to May 2020 ? Unfortunately Bitcoin is center of the Crypto market's sentiment. But with the current capability of BTC if it even crosses 25k, its no better than a Tulip mania. Satoshi's original vision for Bitcoin is to be a peer to peer electronic cash transfer system.Because of BTC's network congestion issue, ppl want to call it Digital gold. Just because there is a finite number of BTC out there, it can't be valuable. Value have to be built into the system. All the early investor of Bitcoin have milked out lot of money out and they want to keep milking out more money without trying to add more value into the ecosystem. “During the gold rush it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business” - Thats the reason all the early Billionaires and Millionaires are into Crypto exchange business and dont want to be part of the Crypto ecosystem. I am not a person who invest in 10 project in Crypto and one of them moon and I think I got rich by luck. I invest in 1 that I believe in. Diversification is typical financial planning advice that average investors use to protect themselves from losses. Simply put, diversification is ignoranceprotection. It is admitting that you don't know what you are doing. But you are feeding in higher targets to retail investors in this forum and it can end very bad very few of them here who dont understand the tech behind it.. But its after all a speculation forum. So I cant say anything. Anyways I will warn about BTC when wrong information is put here.
  2. Liquidity won't be built overnight. 54 Million $ of Payment from US To Mexico is through XRP in the last week. Thats 7.5% of the Remittance volume to Mexico from US. Did that kind of Liquidity for XRP exist 6 months back ? - NO.. Bitso did 54 M$ trading volume through XRP in a week. That translate to 2.5 B$ annual volume at the same run rate.. did Bitso had a 2.5 B$ annual volume through Utility in 2018 or 2019 ? - NO. Will Bitso love more XRP volume ? - Yes .. Will it make more money than 2019 ? - Yes . Will more exchange try to get benefited from this ? - Yes. Will more Market maker try to make money out of it ? - Yes What does more exchanges, more market marker means ? - > More and More Liquidity. I don't care about the XRP's price is short term, I am just watching the Liquidity growth of XRP in different corridors. Price will follow eventually. Yes there is always a risk in investing in Crypto. But if XRP with this kind of strong ecosystem can't succeed, everything else will fail. Crypto is one of the diversification asset in my investment portfolio. But my crypto portfolio I am "ALL IN" on XRP.
  3. Ripple mentioned that there is enough liquidity for XRP in the market and they are going to stop selling XRP on open market. And they need cash to acquire or capture market share rapidly. They are doing the right thing by doing a IPO instead of selling XRP. Ppl spread FUD, but still we can't predict how this whole thing is going to play out. But I will stay till the end and figure it out. I don't have any concerns at this point.
  4. Ripple announced in their Q3 report that there is already enough XRP liquidity in the market and they will distribute XRP only to enhance ODL related activities. Ripple’s IPO will give them a good cash power to execute their plans without selling XRP. Most of the venture capital investors wanted a ipo before next recession cycle. But either wise I don’t think Ripple will do anything to harm the price of XRP. Most of them are looking into the short term aspects of a IPO but it’s hard to judge the long term impact of this move. Even if you have a sighted concern about XRP , you should start looking into other assets that you feel comfortable about
  5. Ripple may be distancing itself from XRP to make a clear case to prove that XRP is not a security. Ripple has been pushing ODL corridors, why could they do if they want to abandon XRP ? Ripple has very big vision for XRP and they are aggressively pushing it through all silos strategically.. And their vision won't be fulfilled in a year, its going to take 3+ Years easily to get regulation clarity in all country and then we will see the bloom in adaption. XRPL labs, Coinfield, Coil, SBI Japan, KAVA Labs, Startas , Polychain ,LOGOS, Forte and lot more firms are working around XRP Ledger. Biggest accusation till date is XRP can't be successful without Ripple. I am sure XRP Ledger will have lot more players in next 5 years. Ripple is carefully addressing that slowly and carefully without hurting the value of XRP. I am 100% on XRP and I will continue to accumulate until the price stays below 30 cents.
  6. Are you following all the recent progress ripple is making? ODL is finally keeping up the traction. A year back, every bank and central bank mentioned that they don’t see a value in crypto for payment. Now everyone is talking about using crypto to solve the payments problem. And don’t get me wrong, if you are not confident in XRP, why did You invest 80k aud in XRP ? . No one can predict the price. black swan event can swipe away everything. But XRP is trying to solve a trillion dollar problem so it has the better odds of success compared to other projects. But if you are doubtful, kindly re-evaluate and make a decision. Don’t ask others opinion. I believe in XRP and I am 100% on XRP . But I could be wrong but it will teach me a good lesson good luck.
  7. I am personally not going to sell XRP until 2025. I am accumulating slowly from 2017.. I will stop accumulating once XRP crosses 40+ cents.. that’s my interest zone at this moment. Ripple has done a very big dent for Swift and There is no blockchain fintech document without a mention about Ripple. Ripple won’t take 100% of the marker but they will definitely be the google of modern payments. if you have a paid job that can take care of your expenses. Just lock your XRP in ledger and forget about it for the next 3 years. Bull market will start and all your colleagues will start taking about crypto. That’s the time to sell. Literally no one wants to talk about crypto right now, so this is the time to buy :p
  8. Do what your hubby says. You should listened to him long before 😂😂
  9. I think everyone is getting too attached to XRP’s price. XRP’s price is not your happiness. Distance it a bit and focus on other things in life. XRP will raise and shine. I expect XRP to reverse strong before Dec 9th.
  10. Lot of XRP chat folks bought csc Coin and xdce coin.Truthfully It all looked like a paid promotion to me. Because everyone started to post positive things at the same time. Ignore that part. But always looks into the scale of problem a coin is trying to solve. Considering the market condition, I feel safe invested with XRP. Ripple has been engaging regulatory from the beginning. And they have been laser focused on increasing the liquidity. Even though the gains are going to slow and less, I am comfortable in leaving my money in XRP just invest based on your beliefs and research
  11. If you think XRP is not going to succeed, just sell and move on to the project that you like.. It is as simple as that.. You don't have to keep complaining about the price. Brad clearly mentioned that they are at Mile 2 of the Marathon while still many projects hasn't even crossed the start line. Ripple is still early and its going to take years to see the real adaption. If you like XRP and if the price is cheap. Lucky you, buy more. And do you know about the concept of Market share? Cross border market is 27T$ business and growing at a rate of 10-20% every year. Ripple is not going to take 100% of it. There will be competition. But Ripple will get hold of a decent junk of it. But that won't happen overnight.
  12. Whales and Bots are doing the exact reverse of the Mass mentality. Most of the folks are disappointed about XRP price right now and selling to catch it lower. Lot of TA folks in Twitter are calling out 17 cents, 7 cents.. I guess the opposite is going to happen and ppl won't have time to jump in back.. 300+ customer and 24+ ODL customer and 3 live corridor. Its just the beginning. Ppl are still chasing Airdrop and staking rewards. XRP will be have the highest liquidity in next 5 years.. XRP is the patience game and a Marathon.. Take care everyone.
  13. That must be Jed. He pumped XLM and must be waiting to crash XRP's party.. pure manipulation. still investors can't pick the right project. no other Digital asset have a enterprise grade working solution that can solve a trillion dollar problem.. Brad on stage in 3 mins.
  14. I am expecting XRP to run up today after ripple releases their response. Their is lot of rumors that Ripple has obtain ."No Action letter" from SEC already and that will be filled as part of this response. https://www.sec.gov/fast-answers/answersnoactionhtm.html I wish the security FUD ends today. We will see 40 cents if this happens today. Exciting day.
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