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  1. Ripple is always looking to invest on FinTech start-ups like SendFriend. So they will buy a major stake in MoneyGram and push implementing XRapid. Ripple has a early mover advantage and they are ahead in the race, so they will try to capture as much Market share to maintain the lead in this game. If Ripple buys stake at MoneyGram, it will definitely put pressure on Banks and FI's focusing on cross-border.
  2. Just the news that Ripple is acquiring MoneyGram will push the price of XRP in FOMO.. Ripple can settle Moneygram with XRP and Cash.. Ripple acquiring MoneyGram will put other banks and FI's not part of Ripple ecosystem nervous and they will catch on the boat sooner.. It will be a great news and another strong WIN to boost XRP ecosystem..
  3. XRP will definitely succeed. But we need to have patience.. Ripple is trying to make bank adapt XRP.. which is not a easy task. But Ripple has great minds and great ppl at right sectors and also have had a very successful track record of its partnership with leading FI's and Banks. Crypto space is filled with ppl who want to get rich soon.. When institutional buyers and Seasoned investors start to invest in Crypto, they know where to invest their money and they have the patience to wait.. I dont really feel sad about ppl who bought at ATH . two reasons.. 1. Its part of the learning, we should always buy when there is blood in the market. 2. In next bull run, we will definitely surpass previous ATH and XRP is going to be much valuable in future. We need to play the patience game to make most out of it. XRP is the game changer and it will priced above 40$ in next 3 years at the minimum.. Stay focused on long term.
  4. Don't want to tag anyone. But lot of ppl have bought XRP in FOMO when it was at 3$ but no one cared when it was in 20 cents.. It was oscillating between 14 cents to 24 cents for 6 months until the dec bull run started. Now XRP is at 30 cents and may drop further, but you guys wont buy at this level.. you will buy after the bull run starts at 40 cents +.. Do your research and buy.. I don't calculate DCA for my buys.. I just count the number of XRP that I have.. To be frank I am not sure if I am in Red or green. might be on the reddish green side.. But the point is to, set a goal and try to hold that much of XRP.. Market is full of manipulation, your target can reach within a day or within a year.. As Brad says, we are still early into this. And I am sure, You guys will sell at 3$ or less in the bull run. You guys will never be a millionaire in your lifetime. (Weak hands) One more note to ppl who Short XRP: Most of the guys in this forum are not a expert in reading charts. And even expert TA has failed miserable to predict Crypto.. Whales operates beyond prediction. Since one of your Short worked, dont take that to your head. If you do, you will try to do a much aggressive short next time, if outcome is different , then you will lose what you hold.. You cnat be luckily all the time.. Whales are in control always.. Dont try to fight them.. I will let my investment grow slow and steady and I may become a whale one day and I will fight them at that point.. Fighting with them at this point is going to cause more damage to us.. Ripple is working with banks to push the adaption for XRP. Banks are slow in adapting to new technology but once they adapt., they are not going to replace them for a decade.. Traction that Ripple is having is huge, XRP will have a mass adaption in next few years. But I am happy about this Bear markets, Weak believers are leaving and Strong believers are getting the opportunity to buy more..
  5. I am frustrated because i dont have fiat to buy more XRP
  6. Tether is the reason for big bull run in December.. XRP is backed by utility, so we will succeed for sure.. Check the graph ?
  7. Yes definitely as of now XRP s going to follow BTC. All the best with your trading strategy, I am just going to stay in the game for next few years to come and see where it leads me..
  8. @Sceptic We are always here and will be here forever.. If you have guts, come and post the same question by 2022..
  9. how comfortable are you by sitting in sideline with Cash? If XRP hits 31 cents and jump to 36 cents. I am sure, you will buy XRP at 36 cents.. so why dont you buy it at 31 cents itself? No one can predict the perfect bottom and perfect top. Say in worst case XRP might drop to 20 cents.. which is roughly 42% drop from current price.. if it jumps back to 3$, which is 750% gain. I think its worth a risk to enter in and stay in the market. One thing we know for sure is, this market has lot of manipulators and they will start the bull run when no one is expecting.. Stay in the game.. Dont miss the next bull run..
  10. If you look at 2017 , Ripple was struggling to get partners for XCurrent. But in 2018, they say that they sign 1 per week and confident that 50% of banks will be in RippleNet in next 5 years. Similarly 2018 is just a start for XRapid. 2019 and 2020 will be massive for XRapid. Ripple is doing the right things. They want the bank to get comfortable with XCurrent and slowly move them to XRapid. Also XPring will bring in other usecases for XRP. XRP will be backed by utility which no other cryptocurrency will have. Lets take ppl who sold XRP at 3$+ and they think they have made a best decision. I am going to hold my primary stack till 2022 or 2023, lets see what will be the price of XRP at that point. I am confident that they will regret for selling it for cheap at 3$. Holding is not a right strategy always for everyone. Come up with a strategy that suits you. Say in the next bull run, just sell x% of XRP to take your initial investment out of the market and then you dont have to worry about anything. I am not sure if you read one of the post by @XRPto50dollars where he discuss the odds of you becoming a millionaire by saving money from your employment or by holding 25000 XRP. When I invest something, I am IN for a long game, even if my investment goes 0, I really dont care.. Because the moment I invest, I assume that I spent it on something.. New exchanges are popping every week and institutional buyers are dragging down the market to enter in cheap.. We are still very early into this space. All the stock trading platform will integrate Crypto trading within 2 years. Then money from stock market will flow into Crypto. Still lot of investors dont find it very easy t buy and hold crypto, when it becomes as easy as holding a stock, its going to skyrocket. We are just too early into the game. I am 100% sure , ripple will bring in Utility for XRP through XRapid and other incentives. FEAR of market condition is the one reason why we dont have lot of crypto billionaries of millionaires.. Ppl who bought around 20 cents and who didnt sell at 3$ in last bull run will sell their XRP at 3$ in the next bull run in the hope to buy more when it dips and they will lose their position. You shouldnt have FEAR if you want to become a crypto millionaire. Hold for at-least 5 years.. BTW I am in RED too. But I am still buying in small QTY on a monthly basis.
  11. Calculations sound right.. XRP is one of the solid investment with huge reward at the moment comparing to any other asserts.. But dont waste the next 10 years, thinking about XRP everyday. Just set a price alert on XRP and stop dreaming and move on with your life.. 10 years of happy life is more important than your 1million$.
  12. You dont deserve to talk about Brad. You are just one day dreamer, trying to get rich one day by investing in Crypto. You dont have atleast 10% of his qualification. DOT
  13. Also after big players entering the market, you won't see much volatility because they play the long term game.. Since we are not seeing much volatility in the recent days. I think they are already in market.. may be in small scale..
  14. There is also a on-going case. So Brad or SEC doesn't want to make a strong stance on it.. If SEC sees anything violating their policy, they will go behind it out immediately .. if SEC is silent, then that mean no problem.. But we will get a clear answer very soon..
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