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  1. "We can't expect all the companies involved to tell us what they are doing to make this work. But there are publicly exposed clues we can monitor and figure out what they're up to, and how close they are to getting their solutions ramped up and growing." Have you guys exposed some of the clues at SWELL? If so, how close do you think they are to ramping up?
  2. It’s all human emotions. I guarantee you if you woke up tomorrow and XRP is $50 you probably will sell. We don’t know our true selves until we are really tempted
  3. “David Schwartz appears to be saying that steady XRP appreciation would present value and new investors would catch on, driving the price up quickly.” I got this part too but it seems he is saying he doesn’t want retailers like us holding on to Xrp and not selling since they will need the supply. So the over night spike would make us want to sell. Then they can get rid of the retailers.
  4. Seems lots of people may have missed this about David Swartz talking about the price movement. It’s an interesting take and I remember Shane Ellis mentioned price spiking up over night. https://mobile.twitter.com/XrpMr/status/1193254806074191872
  5. Bob is good. I’m on his email list so when he sends out his updates I listen.
  6. XRP is holding up well after the lackluster SWELL. If we can get to .30 maybe we have a chance to go over that and much more
  7. What is your experience in the crypto market or the stock market? How long you been a trader? I thought I ask before I take your amazing advise. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Lol. That guy has no clue hence his every other day price prediction change. most on here predicted this too. It was obvious it was most likely going to fall below .30. Now .14??? lol. Wait for that guy hawk change his prediction when it doesn’t hit .14. The guy even said EOY $2 lol And one more thing he’s not an insider he doesn’t know anything, not even Moneygram he lied. It was on the SEC site all along
  9. That I agree it is definitely not the SWELL pump the last time we had that it spiked to .70 cents. As long as it holds above .30 after SWELL we are probably good.
  10. What worries me it’s not strong at .30. It’s like just hanging there to see what SWELL will announce and if nothing then back down to.28 or even less. I’m hoping for some announcements so we can just pass .30 and not get stuck here.
  11. Back then I was trading amzn daily. Got in and out at $80s. It was in a range. Did the same with Apple. I was thinking of the moment didn’t think long term. Wish I did. I feel XRP Is my second chance.
  12. Funny thing is we are trying to break out of this Skinner box, the rat race , the 9 to 5 job , the bs we were fed as kids about going to school finding a job and work till you die by buying cryptos and hoping for the big break. That itself is another skinner box.
  13. Just be prepared for a possible price drop after SWELL
  14. I’m thinking of buying more btc after I sell this fixer upper. So far most of my profits in flipping has gone into crypto. I could have stopped working and enjoy the profits but decided to work a little longer which is easy job and good salary and still flip homes and invest more into btc. You know the old saying “where there’s a will there’s a way” :-)
  15. Exactly. I think from end of 2020 to summer 2021 will be our time to shine.
  16. Most are anticipating that BTC will reach its ATH before the halving since that has been the case in the past. 2020 should be a good year. 2019 was the year of regulations which will extend into 2020.
  17. The only way to get rid of these whales is for XRP to be in 3 digits or 4 digits with central banks and IMF running the show and that is if XRP is made for that. Just give yourself till end of 2021 if this crap is still like this it is time to move on
  18. The whales will probably pump the price before SWELL which is a week away and the ones that don’t know will jump in thinking it’s some kind of good news to be announced. Now if there is good news it may pump and there isn’t then the price will come bsck down to .25 again.
  19. Not most of the times . The news is. TA is based on previous price movements.
  20. He can come back claiming he has some insider major news and still people that are desperate for any news will believe him again this crypto market and stock market is not all TA. It’s 90% human emotions and the rest is fundamentals.
  21. He was bsing. He didn’t even know about MoneyGram. That was on the SEC site.
  22. This cryptohawk flip flops every day. He will say we will be hitting .40 and eoy $2 then next day he will say Xrp will be heading to .26.
  23. Of course. I made my money in stocks, this is just gamble :-)
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