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  1. Interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDjIi3k5peM
  2. Like @Tinyaccount mentioned I don’t think utility will take years. I’m looking at 3 years time frame.
  3. He was right. Needed to go check the price again. Even better at 668X
  4. This is normal though, we have to pull back for a few days maybe a week before then next run up
  5. Depending on which one you are looking at. One I know is $75,000. Binance have their OTC and I think you need to be trading 20 BTC to qualify.
  6. I ran some numbers on the charts , this just purely TA and Xrp can be around $241 first quarter of 2022. How did you get $1k?
  7. What annuity would you recommend ?
  8. This idiot bg characters throws 50 darts and hopes one is a bullseye that is his strategy.. The month of May there is alot of news, even the SEC meeting on May 31st..
  9. The question is will it go x74 from its ATH or from the price of today? It may do x64 from $3.84 which will be by then 2022
  10. It is pure manipulation. BTC is going up while the other crypto’s are now following. But hey I take that. :-)
  11. One major hold back for Xrp is the SEC and now they are having a crypto meeting may 31st in DC. Maybe they can shed some light on Xrp too.
  12. You obviously didn't do your research or didn't have an exit strategy. Once you pull the trigger you should feel comfortable with your investment. BTC may go back down to the 3000s or even 2000s this summer before we see a bull run or we may not, you have to plan it so it is a win win situation for you.
  13. I see it over $200 end of 2021 and this is based on past performance of XRP and BTC charts, you never know though what can happen.
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