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  1. It may go lower, decided if I should buy XRP or BTC.
  2. We may hit 6300 before we go up, I may buy at 6300 but if we drop below that then we are screwed
  3. You know there are others posting their predictions and we are in the speculation forum no?
  4. I always wonder how much investment experience these negative people have if any? 🤔
  5. The haters are deep in the red that’s why. 🤷‍♂️
  6. I gave you my date and it’s not a financial advise. I’m not saying it will go to $2k overnight. It will take time. But I firmly believe in the 4 year cycles in investing at least in the crypto market. but at the end it’s all speculation and yes I agree there are to many out there with riddles and bs claiming they know insiders and it will moon overnight.
  7. Just for you it will be $240.22 a week before :-)
  8. I could be wrong but like I always mentioned, we may just see XRP going sideways until Mid 2021 then it will start the move up to its previous ATH of $3.84 and a new ATH in 1st Quarter of 2022 $241.73 Cycles are your friend :-)) Forgot to mention this is without utility just charts and cycles
  9. Hello again! XRP is dropping , you think we will hit.50 by mid march?
  10. Waiting for another drop then may buy some XRP or BTC. :-)
  11. Yup more stop losses. Lots of people are probably pist. Now it goes up and they end up buying at a higher price
  12. Probably no whale. Just the last two days the bots cleared out the stop losses and now it’s back up.
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