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  1. Guy from R3 🤔 Moderator: Scott Walker, Special Counsel, FinHub Panelists: Christopher Ferris – IBM Todd McDonald – R3 Kevin Werbach – Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 5:30 p.m. FinTech Forum concludes
  2. https://www.sec.gov/news/upcoming-events/fintech-forum-2019
  3. It is a commercial Madonna was doing and thanking Ripple for matching her donation. We somehow missed this from last year
  4. Interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDjIi3k5peM
  5. Like @Tinyaccount mentioned I don’t think utility will take years. I’m looking at 3 years time frame.
  6. He was right. Needed to go check the price again. Even better at 668X
  7. This is normal though, we have to pull back for a few days maybe a week before then next run up
  8. Depending on which one you are looking at. One I know is $75,000. Binance have their OTC and I think you need to be trading 20 BTC to qualify.
  9. I ran some numbers on the charts , this just purely TA and Xrp can be around $241 first quarter of 2022. How did you get $1k?
  10. What annuity would you recommend ?
  11. This idiot bg characters throws 50 darts and hopes one is a bullseye that is his strategy.. The month of May there is alot of news, even the SEC meeting on May 31st..
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