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  1. It’s obvious why the entire market is not moving first it’s the bear market and I don’t see any moves until pass summer and then it’s the SEC moving like turtle trying to get the regulations in place.
  2. There is also Digital Asset Investor. He’s good too. I most go to his channel and Alex.
  3. https://dailyfintech.com/2018/03/31/how-to-make-money-in-the-blockchain-economy/
  4. The only link I see regarding ripple is from 2015 mentioning using Ripples DLT. The email I got was directly from DTCC their blockchain dept in New Jersey back in January, and she clearly said they are not working with ripple or using XRP. I posted the email 2 weeks go on the site. Maybe @BobWay can clarify for us.. Funny thing is I posted the email on discord and they still didn't want to believe it. :-)
  5. I had a back and forth email with DTCC and their rep said they are not working with Ripple or using XRP.
  6. I’m curious how many fidelity , bakkt and nyse will hold?
  7. Now that’s what I was looking for. Thank you!
  8. That is why SWIFT needs Ripple and they WILL use XRP to settle.
  9. Couldn't find the exchanges showing XRP only. Wish there was a live site specifically for XRP and they show each exchange with how much XRP they are holding
  10. Hi Bob, not sure if you have answered this and please do not take it the wrong way, but I'm curious why are you coming out now on the forum and taking your time to answer everyone questions?
  11. Maybe one night I will go though each one of those exchanges and see if I can pull the exact amount they have. :-)
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