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  1. You forgot one critical aspect of poker. I only played online and once at a company dinner and when I play with lots of patience I always win. In poker patience is the key to winning and of course having a good hand.
  2. Anyone know if we can buy call options for Xrp ?
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches .25
  4. He has been on point with BTC back in December 2017. And what he said is a big “if” but if BTC drops XRP probably will be getting hit.
  5. I have actually recently started listening to your videos. You don’t hype it which is a good thing.
  6. They are changing their predictions daily. Two weeks ago one of them was saying we will hit $5 in matter of days. Now it’s $10 in a month. One of them posted that we will see $50 end of the year. But they don’t say what they are basing it on and so the followers take their words for it and they start buying. I based mine on previous performance and data and I don’t say it will definitely will happen, it’s educated guess The same educated guess I used on BTC a few months ago and I’m in the green. I definitely won’t say we are going to hit $5 in a week or two either and if I do I need to base it on something not just a wild guess to get more followers.
  7. I have gone through Xrp charts from 2014 till 2018. I know it’s not much data but it shows from end of 2014 to mid 2016 it was going sideways and not much happening until it reached its previous ATH from 2014. Then it slowly started climbing. I see the same thing now. 2018 it each ATH and so we probably will see the $3.84 in summer 2020. All this is speculation. Nobody will know for sure what will happen but these YouTubers cheerleading that any day now we will hit .55 to .60 are just bsing
  8. They are running out of things to say about Xrp. The same story that it will blast .50 cents but based on what? News? lol i said it before and you don’t need to listen to the YouTube channels because they want to sell you Nanos. Have to wait after September but even then it won’t go up much but .50? Nobody going to be happy about that The real bullrun will be mid or summer 2020.
  9. I read his tweet seems $120 in 10 years? That’s long time. He wrote that in French.
  10. But he mentioned this is something new, I guess they will be using Xrapid
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