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  1. Funny thing is half of the XRP army probably never heard of Davos until this week. lol
  2. One thing I’m confused about is why the $200 million investment ? I thought ripple had $75 billion war chest?
  3. But if Ripple the company does it it won’t go well with the SEC and the lawsuits
  4. Like buying backing stocks. Company always do that and like timat said it would look like a stock buyback
  5. I see so many negatives comments, I know most of us are in the red. But aren't we in this for the long term? I know I'm, I'm looking for a turn around in mid 2021 and by mid 2022 we will be making new ATH but I can be wrong just like all the TA out there. The bottom line is this is a long term play from 2018, so by 2023 we will see our results. in 2 years we will be looking back at 2019 and it will be part of history.
  6. Bought so much more, now if it goes to .15 then I'm loading the truck.
  7. If my chart analysis is correct 2020 is going to be boring too. Mid 2021 we will see the start of the bull run.
  8. The old saying goes, trying to call the bottom is like catching falling knives. Nobody knows when the bottom will be
  9. Cat food is to expensive, I eat bird seeds much healthier .
  10. Well it seems November XRP is crashing, was this part of the plan? What is the plan?
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