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  1. It should have came out last week. What’s going on?
  2. It may go lower, decided if I should buy XRP or BTC.
  3. We may hit 6300 before we go up, I may buy at 6300 but if we drop below that then we are screwed
  4. Waiting for another drop then may buy some XRP or BTC. :-)
  5. Yup more stop losses. Lots of people are probably pist. Now it goes up and they end up buying at a higher price
  6. Probably no whale. Just the last two days the bots cleared out the stop losses and now it’s back up.
  7. And there you go. Took out all the stop losses before 10k. Now it’s up. 😁
  8. It only dropped below 10k to take out all the stop losses. Should see 12k in a month. March 10th :-)
  9. There must have been a reason these 50 CB met with Ripple CEO and I'm sure the CEO was not there to advise.
  10. Bearable Bull is embarrassment to the community. I consider his opinions as BS. I just think Ripple must have those XRPs in escrows for something and I do not believe the reason they are going public is because they are losing confidence in XRP, heck they even shelled out $50 million to moneygram to have them start using it just to prove their concept works. I believe the IPO has to happen to satisfy SEC, either the SEC told them to do it or they are trying to force SEC to regulate. Kind of like a checkmate
  11. What if the xrp in escrow now belongs to an institution and Ripple can’t tap into it anymore and they need the cash so they go public.
  12. Funny thing is half of the XRP army probably never heard of Davos until this week. lol
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