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  1. Ahhhh yes that explains it. He’s a disgruntled poor kid with no experience and now is trying to deter everyone else from buying at these amazing prices. 😂
  2. You are right. This one doesn’t have .org the one I use does.
  3. I use this link https://ewallet.xinfin.org/#/
  4. https://medium.com/@vinn9686/xinfins-tokens-xdc-vs-xdce-38bbd97100fb
  5. Stex is a good exchange. But as of tomorrow bitrue will start trading it
  6. In case anyone interested look into XDC. If you missed the the boat on buying Xrp 4 years ago then XDC is the ready to go up
  7. Hopefully XRP does half of that. I’m good with x300 but looking at the monthly charts from the ATH $3.80 it may do x63.
  8. It should have came out last week. What’s going on?
  9. It may go lower, decided if I should buy XRP or BTC.
  10. We may hit 6300 before we go up, I may buy at 6300 but if we drop below that then we are screwed
  11. Waiting for another drop then may buy some XRP or BTC. :-)
  12. Yup more stop losses. Lots of people are probably pist. Now it goes up and they end up buying at a higher price
  13. Probably no whale. Just the last two days the bots cleared out the stop losses and now it’s back up.
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