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  1. You are right. This one doesn’t have .org the one I use does.
  2. https://medium.com/@vinn9686/xinfins-tokens-xdc-vs-xdce-38bbd97100fb
  3. Stex is a good exchange. But as of tomorrow bitrue will start trading it
  4. In case anyone interested look into XDC. If you missed the the boat on buying Xrp 4 years ago then XDC is the ready to go up
  5. Hopefully XRP does half of that. I’m good with x300 but looking at the monthly charts from the ATH $3.80 it may do x63.
  6. It should have came out last week. What’s going on?
  7. It may go lower, decided if I should buy XRP or BTC.
  8. We may hit 6300 before we go up, I may buy at 6300 but if we drop below that then we are screwed
  9. Waiting for another drop then may buy some XRP or BTC. :-)
  10. Yup more stop losses. Lots of people are probably pist. Now it goes up and they end up buying at a higher price
  11. Probably no whale. Just the last two days the bots cleared out the stop losses and now it’s back up.
  12. And there you go. Took out all the stop losses before 10k. Now it’s up. 😁
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