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  1. Ask him for proof, a statement from either Ripple or Moneygram, no other source, where they say Ripple is paying MoneyGram. That should shut him up (minus the twisting he will begin with to justify that he have no sources for his claim)
  2. Here is the undeniable truth (like it or not): Cryptocoins value is mostly built on hype and marketing and social acceptance. Take a break and think about that for a while. Take Stellar for example. The project is absolutely garbage compared to Ripple where Ripple had so many good news and official announcements. But here is the sad kicker; Stellar have been touted as the hero to the "centralized" Ripple. The reason behind this is Ripple have become such a big threat to the existing big coins due to its success, they have labeled it as a "bank coin" and "centralized" to try and stop Ripple. Ripple have this label, Stellar does not due to its few announcements. Stellar just does it thing. I challenge you to post something Ripple related on reddits CryptoCurrency group. You will get haters instantly and you will be downvoted to oblivion. Then try Stellar. The opposite happens. Praise and hype. Even though both projects share very similar systems. One is successful, the other is not. One is a threat, the other is not.... The real evidence behind my theory is DOGEcoin. Its a coin based on absolutely nothing. It was made as a joke. The value increase since it started? 50x...All built on marketing and social status. So buckle up, its gonna be a wild ride. Ripple have the projects and the plan, and they will overcome the haters, but as long as the cryptoworld is a chaotic place where you need the peoples acceptance to get their money and investment, its hard to make moves. What will overcome this is when banks start buying and moving XRP in a big rate. When financial institutions join. Thats when the haters petty cash will be reduced to nothing.
  3. I wouldnt worry. Bitcoin lightning is still being developed. Once that is done they need to work on getting customers. Which takes years. Even if they did manage to get customers using Bitcoin as payment, the liquidity of Bitcoin is nowhere near what is required for Ripples customers. Which is why Ripple made 100B XRPs. So Bitcoin is useless for banks and big payment providers. So even if Bitcoin lightning is fast it will be no competitor to Ripple. It will be useful for Bitcoin to reduce fees and get their transaction (buying and selling Bitcoin) faster. Thats about it. And they desperately need it because high fees and slow transactions is what have given Ethereum a foothold while Bitcoins growth have stopped
  4. Well I hope something happens during the next few months or so. Not sure if I can wait another 6 months like the $0.2 era lasted
  5. But the HODL isnt as fun as what we witnessed in December. I want more of that now. Its like going from summer to winter in just a day I know, I dont really fit in this waiting game lol
  6. I dont know man. South Korea officials clarified days ago that they wouldnt ban cryptocoins. China however said they would clamp down on bitcoin miners though, so I guess that is what is holding Bitcoin down. But XRP though?
  7. The value is artificially held down by big players and they accumulate cheap coins from scared real investors
  8. So maybe there is some truth to the whale controlling crypto? Because why would anyone sell more than buying with the MoneyGram news? Its been covered greatly by the press too.
  9. Yeah its almost as it follows a log scale
  10. Tin foil thinking here, so excuse my rambling. Everyone here probably remembers how long we were stuck on $0.2. Let us pray the big whales and those who run the show doesnt let us stay here for that long. 2017 had two big jumps: $0.02 to $0.2. $0.2 to $2. Even MoneyGram had almost no effect on price this time. Is this all coincidence or are we mere puppets and someone is holding down the price? Because interest and purchase of XRP should have overcome the selling days ago right?
  11. Crypto is a game of hype and tossing dirt at competitors, while media plays along with biased articles to create even more disturbance. In addition we have manipulators with great deal of money invested in coins that move funds from coin A to coin B and create fake sell and buy walls in accordance to the hype and dirt tossing to create much bigger swings to maximize their profits. its a game which Ripple unfortunately is part of right now, and as one of the very few cryptoprojects out there with a real world plan and not a made up and fake artificial coin, the swings are real and along with it, weak hands get punished. CEO of Ripple said in the recent interview on Fox that the liquidity is still too low, and what he meant with that is that once the big boys, the banks and the money transfer companies jump onboard, the rest of the shitcoins can sit there and swing along with all the drama on the cryptospace while Ripple’s commercial customers move around XRPs in a pace and force that will kill any negative impact on this coin from the FUDsters and the dramaqueens. Stay strong, hold on to your XRP and patience will pay off. Let the kids do their thing and trust Ripple’s plan and execution
  12. Yep thats one billion xrps transferred today. Idk who got it but it says «client» in the description. It is not the escrow since its a little over 1 billion and we know they atleast sold 200 million of those few days back
  13. Or https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/764434096B4BAE921F89F2ABB2481BE062BB9B633C182039296A7DF3CDA44028
  14. Well I dont think we will go 3 digits this year, although it is still possible. But should go well above $10. Just remember that XRP went 10x in just under one single month. One big bank announcement stating they will use XRP in 2018 is all we need. I still think the media coverage of Chris Larsen was wrong. For one there are rumors he gave away most of his XRPs to funds years ago. And two, the remaining XRPs isnt really money until he sell them. And there is most likely safety and rules in place that forbid Ripple employees to dump XRPs. So its more like a big and steady income for Chris Larsen.
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