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  1. @Sukrimis correct. It is a benign error. All it means is if rippled nodes have hops == 0 between them then report as invalid. My lab validators were all on the same subnet. Actually makes sense suggesting a decentralized design into the environment.
  2. Good points @Sukrim. This is actually from my local XRPL. I have them hard coded so they do not go out to the mainnet. But every 6 seconds on every one of my validators the members in the [ips] all error out with this message. I was thinking that it needed at least one other IP for the boot cache. The validation works as expected and I can run queries fine. So I am trying to figure what actually causes this error.
  3. PeerFinder:DBG Endpoints drop x.x.x.x:51235 as invalid Anyone know what this log means?
  4. Yes. One of my servers have ledgers 5-XXXX (server_info). Also, you always have 1 ledger before that so I can query ledger 4 successfully. I noticed when I bootstrapped the blockchain the ledger advances from 0 to 3 (which seems normal). When I restarted my full history server (adding more validators to the network) the server_info with the --load option only displays the last played ledger (e.g. reboot at ledger 1000) the server_info command displays ledger 1000-xxxx. Although, the DB still contains full_history because I can query ledger 4 successfully. The reason I bring up the server_info command (I believe it is the same output from peers section in regards to ledger history) is that I thought it used this to backfill the history. So, if that is the case (reading from the complete ledgers field) a server cannot backfill if it cannot "see" the history from other servers? @nikb
  5. What about [ledger_history] = full? I thought that was the way to create a full history server (setting online_delete=0) ? I have noticed it does back fill on the mainnet (have not gone back very far) but when playing with XRPL in my lab (my own XRP network) it does not backfill at all with the same settings. It only starts with the ledger from the network and moves on from there. Any ideas about the discrepancy?
  6. Hi Nik, Is a hash 256 bit generator good enough to create the condition/fulfillment fields? I do not not really understand JS so having a hard time following the examples in the ripple.com/builds docs. http://www.xorbin.com/tools/sha256-hash-calculator Thanks, RJ
  7. Thanks XRPete. Just working and learning from the pros like @nikband @JoelKatz. My main goal is to get XRPL known and figure out how we can get more development around it. Not a big coder but really fascinated how XRPL is so fast and efficient. It is just amazing the lack of (or refusal to) understand this technology because idealists are blinded on Twitter. But it is Twitter.
  8. I may have some exciting opportunities lined up!
  9. Thanks Daniel. Yes I am aware of your company and I am actually going to include SBC in a tweet. My goal is to get XRPL more exposure through Twitter. I am going to run some games and get people excited.
  10. I am interested in creating conditional escrow transactions but I am having a hard time following how to create a PREIMAGE-SHA-256 Crypto-Condition. I am not much of a coder. Has anyone done this manually submitting directly to XRPL via WSS? https://ripple.com/build/escrow-tutorials/#1-generate-condition-and-fulfillment Thanks, RJ
  11. Cool Thanks @Kakoyla But running my own XRPL would work OK, right? I just then have to run multiple nodes in order to get the HA.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I mainly want to do it on XRPL because I want more use cases on it. Also, I like the real time streaming over websocket so the companies can track in real time the progress of their order. I run a validator and like the consensus. I do not support anything outside of trusted validation consensus for prod use case but that is just my opinion. But you bring up a good point about starting my own XRPL and then maybe I could connect via ILP down the road perhaps. The only issue is the 3 digit codes.
  13. I am trying to figure out if it would be possible to create a warehouse mgmt system to track inventory from point A to point B for different customers. Accounts/addresses could represent companies but would it be possible to issue assets (skus/hardware) as currencies? Any responses welcome. Thanks
  14. I figured it out. It was a custom firewall rule that I had that was blocking traffic. I am now validating/voting in my cluster.
  15. Nothing really wrong. You are right there does not seem to be a config option. I am just wondering about the validator modes from the Ledger Consensus logs.
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