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  1. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Nice xD. Hopefully we get to see more in future :D
  2. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Haha.. yes man. i had a trigger alarm set at 10% and thought am being too optimistic. But this looks great now xD
  3. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Is this the reason for the sudden surge in xrp value ?
  4. End Of XRP ?

    True. So did btc fall 10% in one hr. Is it become of the cancelling of hard fork ?
  5. XRP fell by 13.3% and as of writing its value is 0.181. what could possibly be the reason for such a hufe fall. we all know xrp was holding pretty good at .20 for over a month. Its advisable to keep a close look at xrp.
  6. Well... am sure its just because of some speculations but eventually it will set back to the same price. More over doubling is like really huge. Investors have been waiting for months hoping for miracles. Dont you think they will sell a major portion of their xrp to make some easy cash ?
  7. So its decided that ripple is going to store 55bil in escrow to aid continuous supply of xrp to the market. Does that mean Ripple hopes to maintain the value of xrp stable so that banks are confident enough to use ripple network ? Well that makes sense as banks wouldn't be happy if the value of xrp falls down while exchanging at the other end. If that happens then investing in xrp and hoping it to even reach a $ by end of 2018 is stupid ,right ? What are you opinions on this ? I'm learning and been doing a bit research so please correct me if am wrong.

    Dude you so excited am all stuck here lol