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  1. This Is Why Ripple Will Surge!

    like always .. we hope this comes true
  2. https://yourstory.com/2018/02/indian-blockchain-committee-head-clarifies-cryptocurrency-not-illegal-india/ I dont know whom to blame but the whole forum and media is filled with news that cryptos are going to banned in India. Well honestly our finance minister has only told that they are not considering cryptos as a legal tender which means they are not to be used to settle any official transactions. As of now the government hasnt given any notice that the markets are going to be banned or halted. Things are being looked into and he has also mentioned that the gov would try to embrace blockchain technology to its best use. We already know Sbi india and axis bank india have already showed interest in ripple and its tech, so the ban might actually curd some cryptos and only few might survive.
  3. Found this news in the local newspaper and I was like whatttt 😂😂🤣
  4. Coinbase vs DMM buzz?

    Any idea at what time xrp is being listed in dmm ?
  5. Could not buy Ripple on gatehub.

    been there done that. the issue with gatehub is that you cannot use your btc hosted wallet to fund your primary ripple wallet for activation. Till that ripple wallet is activated you cannot use trade option and also sending btc out of gatehub is quite expensive. The only easy way is to fund your ripple wallet by asking any of your friend having ripple wallet to send you money or else you gotta use any exchange sites like shapeshift.io to fund your ripple wallet. I didnt wanted to buy any more btc so i had to send btc from gatehub to shapeshift and got my xrp wallet funded.
  6. I hope more and more people understand it's potential as hype reaches more people.
  7. Can I delete my Gatehub account?

    Those 20 zerps are included in your balance but you cant really use them. they just stay in reserve and probably if ripple decides to lower the requirement for maintaining the wallet, then you might be able to access them
  8. GateHub: disabled wallet, money lost

    sure, what ever you feel like. but if you are trying to buy eth and repeating your process .. this time its better to buy btc and try exchanging them for xrp ? maybe that might work ?
  9. GateHub: disabled wallet, money lost

    I'm still sticking on to gatehub.net because they give me access to the private key of my address. So even if gatehub disappears i can still add my ripple wallet to some other site and access my xrp. Gatehub can work fine if you just use it to store ripples. Cheapest way to get your ripple wallet in gatehub is as follows: >generate a ripple wallet or activate the existing ripple wallet in gatehub using shapeshift or some other exchange site. you can use any crytos you own. >if you are getting 60 xrp the first 20 xrp will go to reserve. you can access the remaining 40xrp >dont deposite usd or fiat to gatehub. just use it store your xrp wallet >you can use a cold wallet instead but this would give you access to your wallet no matter where you are.
  10. GateHub: disabled wallet, money lost

    honestly i use gatehub to only hold my ripple wallet. I made a trustline to btc which costed me 5 xrp ( before that i got my ripple wallet in gatehub activated through my friend) later I buy btc from anywhere i could and transfer it to my gatehub fifth btc wallet. from that i exchange it to xrp. This method should be fine and i cant believe you worked so hard to buy xrp
  11. Scammers & Spammers

    I can't believe people are Sad to see people are spamming forums too
  12. I do hodl some amount but a person who had invested 100bucks and finds out he can access only 40bucks out of it would certainly make it sad. Imagine a time in future when each ripple would cost a lot more that what it is now. Then you'd really like to get those 20xrp in cash. Won't you?
  13. That makes sense but for that every individual has to make note of his public address and destination tag. He/she would have to depend on some exchange site for transactions and won't be having access to their private key, ryt ? In that case what would happen if the website that facilitates these exchanges has shut down for whatsoever reason ? I'm just learning about this so please correct me if am wrong.
  14. I'm pretty sure ripple network which is meant to handle huge cross-border payments should be able to handle these network spams by individuals. Isn't that so ?