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  1. I must admit that I’m getting concerned that first Sbi Vc exchange went live... then the XRP/JPY volume disappeared and no impact on the XRP price. its listed on Bittrex and again it falls.. ??
  2. I’d say number 1 definitely caused by number 4 ?
  3. http://theweek.com/speedreads/660757/simpsons-predicted-economic-crash-from-president-trump--16-years-ago
  4. I believe that advert you are referring to was found to be photoshopped (the rippple & bitcoin logos added). ‘SBi will be taking applications for public users on their exchange from July 2018, not sure how long their verification process takes but we should see a steady increase in price by mid July... then Ripple will announce Xrapid usage and drop the ?.... as all the verified Japanese accounts and the Fomo sets in.
  5. Maybe/‘ ...The clue is within the sentence “Using a program built by San Francisco–based Ripple”
  6. Yes I would absolutely concur that this is Xrapid savings... Santander & BBVA will be the ones flipping the switch first with Xrapid now testing is positive. this will coincide with SBI Vc going out to general public... Then Sec will pull their finger out of their backside.... then guess what Coinbase will actually list XRP but they will be too late IMO.
  7. Hi my name is Enrique, I own XRp but think Ripple are playing with fire and have lots of issues, by the way stellar stellar stellar Stellar lumens, stellar makes me feel like a better person.
  8. I’m sorry @enrique11 but you do come across as a wolf in sheeps clothing. Touting Stellar like they are the good moral choice. stating you own Xrp to throw suspicion away is just lazy reverse psychology, it’s just like Trump saying “I’m not racist, but let’s build a wall” - it’s all a bit oxymoronic.
  9. You guys do know how many days there are in June, right? Just checking
  10. If you are trapped in a building it’s best have someone who knows where the back door might be
  11. But surely you understand the benefits of having a former SEC chair on board.
  12. Such as the former chair of the Sec, who Ripple have hired.??
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