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  1. No problem, we are all here for the same reason... To profit from the rise of XRP. My post was intended to promote positivity in a bearish forum, based on past trends...
  2. Beginning with ‘In my humble opinion there are big things on the horizon’. Solid argument ??
  3. Isn't everything based on assumption if it has not happened? If we all knew that it was going to rise - then we would invest everything for guaranteed profits, right? I only stated it was a feeling - not hard fact.
  4. In my humble opinion there are big things on the horizon. The market is behaving almost identically to last year - but at a higher price. BTC is a lone riser in a sea of red, something which saw BTC rise to $20,000 last year - this money will then flow into the 'smaller' coins as the whales offload their BTC into more fruitful coins, with higher ROI's. I believe if BTC breaks $8,000 today (now at $7,976), we will see a steady rise to $10,000 and market interest will be reborn. This is an interesting time, those of you who have been in crypto for years wil
  5. Told you hehe. We need to stop doubting XRP. Long term this baby is the safest bet out there in my eyes. We will have lows and highs, they are healthy. Look at all the doubters who jumped ship, who will likely buy back in at x3 their sell price due to FOMO. Viva la XRP.
  6. You all sound crazy - This guy can see no more into the future than we can. He is probably f**king with all of us haha. We all know XRP is going to rise, with huge highs and huge lows. If we hold and believe, we will be rewarded. P.s - It’s nice to be back around the $1.00 i must say.
  7. Nobody knows you moron! keep building and accumulating is the best advice you will get.
  8. This is spot on. I guess we are fortunate to have gone through that period from June - December, with little movement and constant drops. The market will bounce back, and bounce back hard. We need to get back to our pre December mind sets and focus on the news and fundamentals, not speculation!
  9. You are comical. Good look with your investment and hopefully you can share useful knowledge with others looking to learn about XRP & Ripple. I am not going to rise to your petty bait! I am doing fine with my investment, thanks
  10. The thing is, 5 years is not even long long! You know the lingo my friend @XRPto50dollars , we know what we have invested in. Why rush and spoil the beautiful dream?!
  11. Bore off with your moronic comments. This is my point summed up in one post. You are likely a bitter investor who bought in at ATH, who is expecting all the answers to your investment. It is an open forum, yes. Hence MY opinion... Instead of posting pointless comments, why not contribute to the community?
  12. Evening Folks, I have said it before, but I am losing touch with this forum (As so many Old school holders have) - Ever since the rise to $3, all I see is predictions based on absolutely nothing. People who bought Jan-Feb constantly asking when the price will go back up - If we knew, we would all be millionaires... What happened to genuine information being posted and intelligent debates taking place? Don't get me wrong, I get the fear and uncertainty in the crypto world. We all experience it. But by regurgitating useless predictions, based on nothing but hope, will not help y
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