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  1. Vote for Ripple https://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/97452
  2. Many more offices like this to come. They have a great engineering team + funding + leaders.
  3. Me too. Made me puke. The same exact sentences and numbers. Aaaa
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/a-network-of-networks-will-unleash-the-true-value-of-blockchain/
  5. This is cool. Gonna participate. I developed the same application but on Ethereum. @eXRPe how did you technically achieve this on XRP ledger without using smart contracts? Or do you manually collect all TXs and then sending them manually to the winner?
  6. nooo, u killed the party. Although the jump in XRP price was nice, that's why i opened the forum... sad still
  7. Just saw this article on LinkedIn. Someone has any thoughts? I hate this article. First stating Ripple is not XRP and then that XRP is a bad token... That logic is completely misleading. XRP on its own is the only stable, fast and most efficient blockchain out there. Blockchain as a tech that can be successfully used without a token is great as well. Combining them -> perfection. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/tokenomics-study-token-prospects-aleksei-antonov/
  8. I just saw this tweet, sounds familiar? Anyway, I like http://xrptipbot.com/ so much more!
  9. Everybody know what IBAN is At least in Europe
  10. so typical for XRP lol. But some BCH publishes an updated whitepaper still figuring their tech, it goes up 50% :D
  11. Amorefinance should first make their HTTPS certificate valid before doing any finance work :P
  12. Yep, the chargebacks are one of the problems indeed that's why nobody did it properly yet. The problem with KYC, is that if you have a normal mobile app, you register a user, and you give him a way to purchase XRP/ERC20 token, he can not do it with credit card and if you enforce KYC for small payments, you are killing the mainstream adoption because it's annoying (not saying not useful, well, not useful for small payments at least). Would be awesome if there would be some limit like < 500€ that wouldn't require KYC.
  13. I see. If you could just develop an API where users can buy directly the XRP for Euro without the verification (up to a limit, per credit card) that would be insane. I need that for a project I am working on at my company to make it user friendly for normal people not realizing cryptos are behind the scenes. Basically to "top up" funds. And something like https://changelly.com/ but without the 25% fee cut... (or other asset, or exchange the XRP for other asset as a second step). If you have any idea how to solve it, let me know please!
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