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  1. I'm not in the Tinfoil Club, but I've followed Bilderberg for the last 15 years in the US alternative media and European mainstream media. Very powerful group. They're responsible for creating the EU via what were initially free trade agreements and almost always hold their conference in key countries during election years where they vet their preferred candidates, amongst other things... I remember getting ridiculed about it being a "conspiracy theory" by uninformed people in college back in the day even though it was a provable fact. The group was forced to be transparent about the existence of their meetings, attendees and discussion topics thanks to the efforts of independent reporting and the existence of social media platforms. The latter has proven invaluable in comparing notes, archiving pertinent information and highlighting inconsistencies in messaging.
  2. The Bilderberg Group meeting just wrapped up in Turin Italy. Expect to see the start of something occur, good or bad, once all of the attendees get home and start implementing whatever off-the-record globalist consensus was reached.
  3. Nothing has fundamentally changed with XRP. Old man BTC is just dragging the rest of the market down like it usually does. I just bought a few more zerps on this pull back. Keep stacking while it's cheap.
  4. Ha! I've been watching that on repeat for the last 20 minutes! I'm so freaking pumped! ??
  5. I can't speak to Revolut, but I don't think Uphold wouldn't show up on there because they're not an exchange don't have their own order book. I think they use Bitstamp.
  6. I think the window of opportunity for cheap zerps is finally closing. IMO, after Q3 this year all bets are off.
  7. The DVD/downland version of TurboTax allows for direct import of Bitcoin.tax TXF files. https://bitcoin.tax/blog/bitcoin-tax-import-txf-turbotax/
  8. Lmax CEO in an exclusive interview on Fox Business yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen this is going to be freaking HUGE. Cryptocurrency exchange draws ‘unprecedented’ demand: LMAX CEO: https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/cryptocurrency-exchange-draws-unprecedented-demand-lmax-ceo “It really has the excitement of the institutional market,” LMAX Exchange CEO David Mercer told Liz Claman during an exclusive FOX Business interview on Wednesday. “It’s exactly what they’ve been looking for, and we’re pleased to play a part in the growth of this industry.”
  9. Yeah. I have a lot friends that are from there. Funny enough most of them went to Topeka High School a few years after Brad did. Small world.
  10. So much this. Ripple/XRP/us are in a great position, but we should still be cautiously optimistic. Swift is a cash cow for the major banks. If they're somehow able to cludge together a blockchain and settlement solution that works "good enough" it might limit our success in the cross border use case. ILP is a different story.
  11. I've delt with numerous Japanese people in the past. I can confirm that their obsessive attention to detail, strict scheduling and utter commitment to excellence exists. I can also confirm via comparison and direct feedback that I lack all of those traits. ?
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