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  1. @mars75 your posts are always legendary, and one of the reasons I still come back to the forums from time to time. As always, thanks for the wall of text!
  2. I'm still here since 4/5/2019 Joined the forum in October 2017, but lurked for months.
  3. Assuming that this pump was due to xRapid usage, then this is just a taste of what's to come. xRapid is a production ready platform, with a small fraction of the overall cross border market share. We can then assume that when more FI's integrate xRapid, we'll see more volume and demand for XRP. Furthermore, the FI's currently utilizing xRapid have not even tapped into the full potential of the technology. It may take some time for the right circumstances to arise that optimizes the flow of money via xRapid, and it will be a collaborative effort on behalf of those FI's that partake in that ecosystem.
  4. Your questions are valid, but I find them more to be "concerns" rather then "problems". You seem to have a good understanding of xRapids use case, so I'll just echo what has already been said in the past. Liquidity and Volume will be critical to the appreciation of XRP's value. xRapid supplies the perfect underlying infrastructure to facilitate that appreciation. Therefore, xRapid could certainly have a strong impact on the price of XRP. Wether or not xRapid actually injects the amount of volume necessary to naturally increase the price of XRP is up to time and adoption. Besides the commonly understood reasons that XRP would appreciate due to xRapid, I like to think of alternative reasons. Let's consider that xRapid has the potential to spawn a whole new kind of day trader. Entire Businesses could be built as ancillary Market Makers, profiting off a new industry based on micro-transactions that utilize XRP as it's base asset. Furthermore, it's almost impossible at this point to imagine the kinds of other use cases that could be generated in a world where money flows like information. David likes to use email as a prime example of this. It was a disruptive technology that, in short order, overtook traditional mail, and exponentially increased the flow of information by an order of magnitude. Businesses started picking up on this, and entire email industries formed based on this new kind of frictionless technology.
  5. I honestly did not expect SBI to be this close to launching on day 1 of the summer. Furthermore, I've been cautiously optimistic about their claim that XRP would be the only digital currency at launch. I'm pleasantly surprised that they're actually coming through on there promises. Time to shut up the naysayers!
  6. Totally. Dumb money constantly falling into bear traps set by whales. The playing field is set for XRP though, and it could take off overnight if whales and day traders start utilizing it for what it is. They just need to let go of their emotional attachments to BTC.
  7. I'll try and keep this short. We all know the key factors that will drive demand and the price of XRP in a positive direction. xRapid adoption Institutional Investment Favourable media attention and publications What doesn't get spoken about enough, and something we can all play a part in today, is using XRP as the standard means of value transfer in the current cryptocurrency ecosystem. While we're all waiting on Banks and FI's to use XRP as it's primary source of value transfer, we can actually do that on an individual level right now. It wasn't always easy though considering the low liquidity of XRP, and the lack of fiat pairs. What's different about the current climate is that XRP has never been more easy to purchase, and use as your base trading pair. As XRP continues to get added to more exchanges, Traders have every incentive to access their trading corridors in the fastest and cheapest means possible, and we all know the answer to that question. Most of BTC's and ETH's volume can be accounted for this alone, and they fail in comparison to our beloved digital asset. Because this is the speculation club, I'll just say that I think this is one major sleeping giant that has the potential to wake up whenever it bloody feels like it. All it takes is for market sentiment to sway in favour of smart trading and investment principles (cheap, secure and fast). We can only hope that our friendly neighbourhood day-traders mount their whales and make ripples (I'm sorry, I had to do it...) Obligatory, "This is not investment advice"
  8. Your using Wordpress, which is fine, but consider using a hosting platform with a proprietary security system that can secure Wordpress websites. (WPEngine for example) Wordpress is notoriously insecure if it's not updated consistently Make sure to security audit any plugins you use Get an SSL certificate when you launch Give yourself an accessibility audit before launching Reconsider the Orange on Blue Logo Also consider getting a logo designer, or purchase a logo template It's very clear you purchased a Wordpress theme and made some minor adjustments. Consider getting a professional Wordpress Developer & Designer who can make the theme sing. The Mega-menu needs troubleshooting. It often closes prematurely due to hover state issues Add some padding around Product sub-categories. Sometimes the thumbnails bleed into eachother Troubleshoot the white wash effect used when loading. It didn't dismount after navigating to a product page http://612.569.myftpupload.com/cryptocurrencies-101/ not liking the bold text throughout.
  9. I know I'm late to this thread, but I found this odd as well. It's clear that the demo in question was run on a local (localhost:5002) server running on David's machine. I wasn't going to dig into the ledger to confirm, but I suspected this was more of a "live" demo, rather then a demo of a "live" transaction. There are ways to access API's from a localserver, but it often requires setting the appropriate headers on the API Call, including some kind of API key, as well as making sure the live server is setup to accept that request. If you've ever worked with API's and local servers, you know what I'm talking about, how difficult it can be if the API isnt settup correctly, and why sometimes it's requiring administrative access to the API's server settings. It's entirely possible, but I find it difficult to believe that David was hitting the live API in this circumstance (especially using the conventions internet connection). I don't blame him for it though considering that this is how live demo's are generally managed. Perhaps they could have chosen better language when marketing this particular demo.
  10. Short answer no. If they were using XRP (xRapid), the two parties in question would never have to hold XRP themselves. Market makers like exchanges within relevant corridors (who are taking the risk) would facilitate the swap between XRP and Fiat. The receiving FI would only ever receive fiat. Edit: In a perfect world, if XRP was legal tender, and was used by both FI's, then yes they would both hold XRP as an asset on their books, and therefore could trade with it.
  11. My (hypothetical) friend bought XRP Dec 07 and sold Jan 05. He made enough to buy 4 cars, and two houses and will be mortgage free in just one investment. It's all relative dude, and there a bunch XRP success stories you don't hear about. EOS had a solid run recently, but good things don't last forever. If you believe in XRP, hold on for the next takeoff.
  12. Are you kidding me? First of all, if "The Virtual Economy" wants to be a relevant news site, they need to jump on news a lot quicker. Secondly, who just quotes twitter and doesn't link the tweet? Thirdly, can this author not bend over backwards to use phrases like "as good enough for them", when it's 100% clear to everyone else that MercuryFX is stoked about xRapid.
  13. it doesn't settle instantly though? Which is what xRapid is for. Correct me if I'm wrong, since sometimes Ripple's language is slightly ambiguous on this particular difference between xCurrent and xRapid.
  14. It's been discussed before. They are focusing on domestic payments as far as anyone can tell (so not a direct competitor, and there's still room for a partnership). Still no explanation as to why JPMorgan visited Ripples offices in force last year Also, they've been using the term "The Ripple Effect" for years now. https://www.jpmorgan.com/pdfdoc/jpmc/community/04commPart.pdf
  15. Appreciate the write-up @KarmaCoverage! Your expertise lends itself well to this kind of detailed speculation. Just noticed a small grammatical error in the second paragraph: "This is a simple be a change in the value’s denominator".
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