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  1. Earthbound

    Greed is going to kill

    My only regret is not risking everything to buy more XRP.
  2. Enjoy the kite surfing
  3. 1. I have 0 in my savings account. irrelevant question anyway. 2. i don't know where you live but I can buy a loaf of bread under a euro (and cheaper at wholesale price) in the Netherlands (higher than average food prices in the EU) 3. Have you noticed the drastically evolving transport economy and network? Evolving options? 4. The same thing I think about retail in general: can't compete with online retail. Oh yeah, and changing consumer behavior. 5. Who cares? Somebody will turn them into something people spend their money on. Apartments, hotels, vertical farms, etc. Abandoned buildings are great business opportunities. 6. Ignorance. The Bible. Outdated skills. Machines. Intolerance. Ineffective/Inefficient social support schemes. Long term effects of subsidizing domestic food and fossil energy. American people getting mad that they have to share global economic growth with others around the world. So, so many reasons that can not be well explained in a short post. "fiat and central banking" doesn't make the cut 7. Because gold is valuable and historically a good store of value. If I had gold in my backyard, you can be sure I'd be digging it up too (though I'd probably sell it). 8. So can I. I triple dog dare you. I don't think the world is perfect, nor governments. But I think we have done a pretty good job so far. "The system is rigged"? Give me a break. You're starting to go off the deep end. If it is rigged, it has certainly been rigged in our favor. People that say things like this love to see everyone in the world as little pawns at the mercy of some imaginary powerful group, and they get high on themselves thinking they are so brilliant that they can see it. Please wake up and smell the economic prosperity. I know there are economic injustices, I know there is corruption, I know economic cartels are real. Regardless, life is getting better for nearly everybody on the planet.
  4. Sorry, I must have missed the part where everything was getting worse (all this occurring thanks to capitalism and globalization under a fiat regime with central banking):
  5. Earthbound

    Product Overview (March 2017)

    I know what I think of it...
  6. Earthbound

    XRP Pattern

    that volume though
  7. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    that rebound tho....
  8. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    what happened? a massive sell off was bound to happen at some point. what should not have happened is polo crashing and causing panic and making people lose money. the price is still above five cents (140%), that is a good sign.
  9. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    not clear yet. buy support is still massive. the massive dump and polo freezing and not working correctly is causing panic and havoc. but plenty of buys going through at this price.
  10. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    the rebound will happen, and then much more. i just hope that more volume occurs on gatehub and bitstamp. @enej says and stats show gatehub has a lot more accounts, and they even ran out of usd...
  11. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    i hope you are not referring to my rebound statement haha. because as i type it is indeed rebounding very well.
  12. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    prepare for the most miraculous rebound in history
  13. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    massive bitstamp dump
  14. Earthbound

    Zerp Box down??

    i feel empty