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  1. have to say, i just smiled and giggled like a madman
  2. En caso de Venezuela, si hay un poco de uso, pero el gobierno, los cuerpos policiales y de inteligencia estan en su contra (es peligroso, especialmente si estas mining): Estoy de acuerdo, en general la informacion que hay disponisble es de una calidad muy baja.
  3. @xtrapower I didn't word my own post in the best way to express my thoughts. Apologies to anyone who felt I was attacking them. Great post and agree a stronger bottom up approach would be beneficial overall, but Ethereum inherently seems to attract a stronger development community, with dapps and smart contracts and all (correct me if i'm wrong, but I don't believe Ripple offers that functionality currently). That said, I think RCL/ILP can revolutionize supply chains in favor of those at the bottom that suffer from exploitation and imperfect information.
  4. I did not discredit anybody in particular nor will I, and I didn't tell anybody to "leave the train" (and how is that even disrespectful?). I don't need to provide citations of disrespect, plenty of crap (and great feedback, if they even need that from us) has been thrown at Ripple and its employees here on this forum. "Cute"? Lol. Our? Did I say xtrapower was being crude? Are you assuming I may be including you? Evidently you and I have different standards of discourse. What do you expect to come from this forum with regard to Ripple's development? I did not expect much from the report. Why would I? Have you not been watching the markets yourself? Are you expecting news or developments to appear out of thin air? Even so, it did have good news. I thought it was OK and quite representative of exactly where we are: getting started. I also thought it was quite short and I didn't expect it to spend any time discussing digital currencies other than bitcoin (monero/litecoin).
  5. I would like to say thanks for any and all work you are doing. It is also very good to see you engage with us. I am sorry, though, that this thread and forum has been filled with many disrespectful comments. Ripple owes none of us anything. Criticism is welcome, but some of you sound like you have not learned how to have a respectable discussion. Some of you are upset that Ripple has not made you huge returns? Honestly, that feeling is laughable. This is an investment, coming with risk. Ripple does not have to be concerned about what we, contributing virtually nothing to their company's development, have gained or lost thus far. Ripple itself is taking risks with respect to their goals. I doubt that many of those making crude remarks could even work in a professional environment with that demeanor, and I also doubt these same individuals could be doing the quality of work many of Ripple's employees have done, including Miguel. You buy some XRP and feel entitled to bash and get rich quick (doing literally nothing)? Psh, go build a time machine so you can buy some sub dollar bitcoins, hopefully leading to you having never brought your behavior onto this forum.
  6. Not very surprising, if you ask me