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  1. I also see the risk of a BTC correction and an altcoin bloodbath accordingly. I'm forecasting that XRP might drop to 0,12-0,16 cent when BTC corrects. I entered at roughly 0,22 cents 4 days ago, but since then BTC has just gone nuts. However, I cannot sell due to severe tax implications this year (Im in Germany) and at least have to hold until 1st Jan. Under normal circumstances I would wait on the sidelines.
  2. Over 15 months ago or so I changed my XRP to BTC because nothing significantly enough happened for a while. I recently dropped out of BTC to cash in some gains, and consequently had a bit of cash lying around, so I decided to purchase 360K XRP after the recents drops at around 0.22. The main reason is that I think it will get back to 0,5 or 0,6 cents as before the SEC news. The US government will not allow the SEC to destroy the US's market leading crypto-company, Ripple will strongly lobby against this SEC suit and they have more than enough ammunition to succeed. The SEC was only to pursue
  3. Absolutely agree, it would be great to see how Ripple propose a standard integration lifecycle to their (potential) customers. The FI's legacy payment systems that hook into Ripple are not homogeneous, some FI's may use a software product, some have self-developed systems. How long a project may take until go-live is dependent on the technology, people, capability and mindset of executives and technologists, and how fast they can make the relevant decisions. I would suggest projects lifecycles up to 2 years until fully supporting business operations. This is a big change in FI's operating mode
  4. I sold when XRP was lingering around 30cents for a while last year and then missed on on the jumps to $1,2 and 3. Slowly bought myself back in using a bit of dollar cost averaging (around 0.8 cents average). I'm deep in the red now, but still plan to hold for 2-5 years. Why? - I still made a profit overall. I only consider my very initial investment real money I put in. That, I can still afford to loose entirely without doubting myself in case XRP doesn't scale - I'm way too curious for the next years, and still believe in the utility. Everybody is talking about it in the traditional
  5. To give this thread some sense, I will add the price speculation as I have discussed today with a work mate: Objective: Unlock our famous 20 trillion locked up funds nostro accounts 2018: Increasing xCurrent adoption & first integration tests for xRapid -> XRP ~0.5-1.5 (yes, I believe we might actual have a flat year for cryptos, but why do I still hold? I certainly wont miss another great zerpning in case I'm wrong 2019: More xRapid adoption, unlocked first 1% of 20 tril. => 200 billion, giving XRP at least a price of ~ 5 USD. Adding a bit of growth speculation, let's
  6. Set a Safe Withdrawal Rate (https://www.madfientist.com/safe-withdrawal-rate/), quit my IT job and go to med school. With the hybrid skill of being a doctor and a technologist, change the world for the better. Unless I get to jump on a Ripple integration project... I would complete one of those and go to med school after
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