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  1. Thanks for posting this. It's a definite concern. You may have inadvertently made the best case yet for a SWIFT/Ripple solution. If SWIFT sees the handwriting on the wall, they will have to choose between Ripple and IBM as a partner. (Not Stellar, IBM is just using them like a cheap date.) Hopefully Ripple's class-act and inside man, Marcus Treacher will help SWIFT leadership see that Ripple and SWIFT can be great partners in fighting the IBM behemoth.
  2. CrossingtheRubicon

    Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

    It seems to me that the interest will be paid in their Universal Dollar coin. No expense to them.
  3. CrossingtheRubicon

    Uphold to make big announcement on Oct 9th

    Just received Uphold email summarizing the announcement: "Access to better yields & flexible credit on digital assets The surprise is out! During today’s livestream from San Francisco BLOCKCHAIN WEEK, we announced a revolution in the earning power and utility of your digital assets held at Uphold. In case you missed it, you can soon generate a substantial yield or secure a flexible credit line against your cryptocurrency holdings: Uphold Earn allows you to access a yield of 2-to-5% on your digital assets. Uphold Borrow gives you flexible credit at interest rates as low as 9%. Soon, you will be able to use your Bitcoin or ETH to earn a return or participate in the world's first non-term Crypto Line of Credit (the C-LOC). Over the following months, we'll add more cryptocurrencies - including XRP - to provide a comprehensive yield and credit offering for digital assets. We are launching the powerful new Uphold mobile app in November. Register here for early access to the new Uphold app, and for more details on Uphold Earn and Uphold Borrow. If you register before Wednesday, October 31st, you’ll qualify for these great rewards: 1% off the interest on any loan. 1% higher yield on digital deposits. Oh, and a few more things: We're giving away $500k in UPUSD, the new Universal Dollar stablecoin; we're soon launching both physical and virtual debit cards, and we're going to turn this waiting list into a dynamic leaderboard rewarding early referral, community participation and transactional activity!"
  4. CrossingtheRubicon

    Swift and Ripple Working Together?

    Just to add to the intrigue..... Why didn't Ripple have Swell during SIBOS again? I thought they intended to meet and educate all of SWIFT's clientele....unless the relationship somehow changed.
  5. www.nexo.io is having a vote for which coin will be added next to their crypto-backed loans site. This site enables you to take a cash loan by using your crypto as collateral. This is good because it avoids selling and taxable events. I wanted to point out that Nexo registered people who have at least 100 Nexo tokens will have their vote multiplied x10. Nexo is not the easiest token to get a hold of but I would be willing to give 100 nexo tokens (around $5) to those who register and vote for XRP and get the x10 multiple. Here's the details from the Nexo site: It is super easy to register at Nexo. (No ID necessary) Just validate your email address and then set up a 2FA. This will populate your Nexo address. Just copy and paste that to me. I will send you the 101 nexo and after that, vote like you are 10 people. I'm not guaranteeing an unlimited supply to this offer. I will just ask those who are interested (in good faith) to pm me and we can arrange the transfer.
  6. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/19121-a-detailed-technical-stellar-xlm-scp-vs-ripple-xrp-xrplrcl-thread/
  7. CrossingtheRubicon

    SBI is going live next week.

    The real significance of an SBI exchange is that they are a very well known and trusted financial institution throughout Asia. For those in the U.S., it's similar to Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan offering XRP.
  8. CrossingtheRubicon

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    Your opinion of the new symbol is totally fair game. Trash talking Claire is not. She's here as a liaison from Ripple to build bridges and comments like that destroy them. If you are serious about the success of xrp, then use your talents to work together as a team.
  9. I hope so. Coil is so revolutionary.
  10. CrossingtheRubicon

    Second Kuwaiti bank to join RippleNet!!!

    I think Ripple is obliged to make an announcement if a customer has already announced a partnership publicly.
  11. CrossingtheRubicon


    I did as well but I have not been able to login (with my correct info) the last couple times I tried. Has it been glitchy for you also?
  12. CrossingtheRubicon

    Ripple donates $4 million to Ellen's fund

    Wow. That's how you do marketing.
  13. Great series of posts @rippledigital. You called it from the start!
  14. About a month ago I put $500 in just to see how it would perform. It happened just as they said. Once they received my USD, they staggered the balloon launches over a few days with various currencies such as Dash or BAT. Each balloon was launched with about 10% or so of the funds. The algorithm tries to time the rising currencies until there is a pullback and then it jumps to another currency. Each time it jumps, they send me an email of what currency that balloon jumped to and how much of it I now own . Each transfer has a 1.25% fee attached. Interestingly, none of my balloons have actually popped yet. I'm not sure what percentage gain it needs to be in order to pop. I know I can do that manually by withdrawing the funds but I haven't. In my opinion, so far it has performed roughly equivalent to just buying a basket of currencies, both crypto and fiat, and holding. All told, as of today, it is worth $518. For around a week it was actually worth less than $500 but then it bounced back. They have a pretty detailed roadmap of planned improvements to the algorithm and the addition of more currencies such as XRP. https://heleum.com/roadmap/ For my part, I am just going to leave what I have in there but after seeing the performance, I am no longer inclined to put any more in.