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  1. we need to break and stay above the new 34.8k resistance
  2. Some alts already lost 80%, not looking good at all tbh.
  3. We could have a rebounce , but it will just be a rebounce so only interesting for day traders. I stopped trading 2 months ago, now I just hold and sell some small % here and there
  4. @Julian_Williams still waiting for this to end , in favor of Ripple ofc You think it's possible this summer?
  5. why would you see the transaction in BTC if you transferred in USD? I don't understand
  6. We get 0 support or any rebounce. We re losing almost all those last months agains in 3-4 days
  7. So * when czn we call a bear market start?
  8. It s not exactly the same thing. They are anonymous , they were exact on the price , i mean the exact price , and the timing. It s not like TA guys on twitter Why is he sharing this? I guess because people opened longs at 31k so price would rebound even more and they are gaining from that too. From shorts and longs
  9. I don't , I just post what I've found like last time. I do post it because he was right about the 31K BTC. Not saying it will happen , but be prepared if it does
  10. yea not looking good , but we ll have to wait some more time to see if it really happens or not
  11. but every year we have this kind of news from China Edit : and India , Nigeria etc
  12. not looking good right now, we may go back down to 32K.
  13. Not sure what you mean here, There s no pain , just good opportunities to buy more . Only people who panick have sold and couldnt even rebuy at lower price because of the exchanges crash. how sad right I didn't sell and will not until I reach my goals :))
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