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  1. not looking too good for XRP , could see 0.3$ tonight
  2. Yes I bought at 0.13$ , almost put my XRP bags in FTM at this price but instead I chose to do it safe way and only put a small amount , huh.
  3. @Eric123i m still really bullish on BTC , but i do see a correction bigger than what we re having right now , to the low 40's then low 30's on short term . Ofc if we go in the 30k's it will become a really good price opportunity to buy more
  4. BTC to 40k , XRP to 0.3x , BTC to 30k , BTC to 0.2x
  5. may be better to stay away for a couple weeks , I'll try
  6. hold , we knew that big corrections were coming still bullish
  7. I'll be happy if XRP gets to 1$ atm it's nothing;
  8. not used to see XRP being 'strong' while BTC goes down and other coins and FLR strong too
  9. yes it could if BTC recover and stop going down. Tbh I'm really confident about BTC , even if we go down today or this week
  10. Oh we re already back in the 0.58's. Was a good small pump
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