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  1. wait tomorrow , price is going down quickly right now
  2. i was too , have seen a lot and made mistakes like many people here. I've never put a lot of money in crypto , so even if I lose all it's not that bad. Still I/we can/should understand frustration , when BTC went from 3k to 8k , XRP went from 0.3$ to 0.38$. for exemple , I got BNB at 6$ and sold at 14$ because I thought XRP would be better profit , well BNB is at 32$ and XRP still in the 30s cents. I still think XRP will have a good increase , but who knows when and If it s the best for making benefits.
  3. you seem really agressive too my dude .. guys getting mad on an XRP forums talking about prices they dont know **** about. priceless
  4. Volume is really low , I think we ll go down if it keeps this way
  5. @Eric123 hey Eric , don't you think we can see a bottom before "the" or a big pump ? There s resistance price at 0.37$ for XRP , but if BTC goes back to 6-7k$ in the next days before going back up to 10k+ , wouldn't XRP go down to 0.28-0.30$ ? Or do you think we ll go up now weekly , without going down to 0.30$ for a long time or ever ?
  6. @BluKoo so after we get to 0.70+$ , we should go down again for some weeks right ? if it happens
  7. that's true , it's only some XRP more anyway not much money
  8. @Eric123 Do you think we ll see 0.30-0.32$ in the coming days ? thinking of buying a little more but I think the price will go down a little more to 0.32$ maybe. What do you think ? make me regret to not have sold 20% at 0.46$ but I would have stressed a lot and bad sleep , not for me.
  9. did some people day traded ? hope we won't be down to 0.30-0.32$ yes..
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