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  1. bullish to me still , we stay above 0.5$ and getting and staying in the 0.55$ range getting stronger vs BTC day by day too. I mean okay BTC I may see it goes down before going up , but alt coins to me are way more bullish than BTC. The problem is if BTC goes down , ALT will follow , but if BTC stays at this level , ALT will still go up
  2. that would be the best for us who already have a good stash , I want this scenario btw I sold my play stash at 0.54$ , should have rebought at 0.51$ but I told myself I would only at 0.5$ and under :)) so a dump before the 1$ would be good for me too !
  3. That's what I think , and it may take weeks. I'd love to see XRP at 1$+ before 2021 so I hope we are wrong here
  4. true , i wonder if we may see a push to 0.6$ , then a dump to 0.4's before the real bullrun
  5. XRP getting stronger vs BTC , good thing here
  6. We need to break 0.55$ , and 17300 $ then we can see higher prices. It may happens in the coming minutes
  7. na , it was my play stash. if we don't go at 0.5$ or lower I'll keep it in cash on my account :)) so if it goes up I'm happy , it if goes under 0.54$ I'm happy and will rebuy
  8. We got rejected 2-3 times at 17300$ , bad sign. Now we may go down further Waiting to rebuy at lower prices , 0.5$ or under
  9. To me BTC is the most important , above or below 17300$
  10. yes , don't trade if you don't know how to do. Did you rebuy at higher prices?
  11. We just got rejected at 17300$ , not good .. we may retest our support of 0.47$ and BTC may go down to 15.9$ or 16.4$ We really need to break that 17300$ , maybe BTC will try more in the coming hours
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