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  1. sorry to bother you but what does mean cup and handle? You mean it's going to lower and stabilise? For a guy having XRP , is it good to sell at 0.24 and rebuy at 0.20-0.22 for small profit?
  2. Ripplenet and Amex

    so good moment to sell at 0.25 and rebuy at 0.21?
  3. You do think bitcoin will be replaced by bitcoin cash? If so , it's a good moment to buy btc cash right?
  4. I don't get the graph , what are we supposed to understand from it? I'm still newbie
  5. I had small money from selling things on the internet etc , but i can't work because i suffer from really bad anxiety problems unfortunately.
  6. i'm the same as you , been in for 2-3 months , i have no income so i can't put money every month but that's what i would do. I've learnt the hard way , buying when the price was pumping etc but it was with really small money so it's ok and i learnt so it's good
  7. Obviously i'd like too even tho i don't have much money at all , i'll try to keep them for years so maybe one day it'll be 100$ (5 years + )
  8. i think it will reach .30$ at best , in 2018 .50-.060
  9. Since yesterday the price seems to rise little by lyttle. Do you guys think it can reach the .25 before 2018?
  10. BTC price going up again
  11. you think the price will go up soon because of this announce? what are they gonna do exactly? buy a lot of XRP?
  12. ok thanks , when they'll lockup the 55b price will dramaticly increase i guess?
  13. sorry bu what escrow means? 'im stil learning english and when i read escrow the 13th of november i don't understand