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  1. no I bought in august 2017 , sold most of my stash at 2.2$ in February 2018. Well if you think that price will get x1000 , u should buy more. I'm here to make $ like all of us , I kept a small stash in case it goes to 10+$ but I aint buying any of it anymore and BTC is making me gain much more money
  2. People who left their company for exemple , never say that they don't believe in it anymore. They just say that they have to take care of their family or some other excuses. Hodor did the same , he s clearly not stupid and he realized something about XRP/Ripple , and I'm sure he s right about leaving. I own such a little amount of XRP since march 2020 (sold for BTC) , only BTC and cash now. I don't believe in XRP like I used to.
  3. it's possible , but if we can't break the 10k we ll go down
  4. down to at least 6K as I said weeks before , after reaching 9800$ we go down prepare to buy the coming weeks
  5. my bad , I see most of people are joking when someone is wrong on a prediction and many people aren't posting anymore because of the trolls or bad attitude. My main langage isnt English so I may not understand when you've been sarcastic or not sometimes For the prediction , I was expecting a up from 8200 to 9300 and not 10k , but I still see a downtrend , a big one. This small uptrend to me is to trap people , as usual. I can be wrong , but I stick to my plans and I'm sure that we ll see the 5K price and even 3.5-4k$ price before 2021.
  6. Guys like you and most of people commenting here are just 'trolling' and making jokes on people who use TA and post here. I'm not mad because I know this kind of attitude is childish , but how old are you guys ? I mean if you guys are 12-18 I could understand but you may be 30+ And I'm making $ while I trade and follow my plans, do you ?
  7. i do see a bounce to 9300$ before going back down , for traders it may be a good time to sell if you bought at 8200$
  8. guys it's simple , he realized something you don't and ran away
  9. I'd be happy If we go down to under 5k$ because I really believe BTC will reach a good price before 2025 , if you own even 1 BTC and it reaches 100k$ before 2025 then it's already a good move , especially if you're in your 20s
  10. in the coming 2 months , we ll go back down to 5200-6200$ range if my predictions are good. We may even go down to 3k$ , but I'll start buying back at 6k$ I sold 90% of my stash during the mini bull trend , in term of XRP (I only had XRP before) , I made 2.5x my total stash (if I buy today in XRP) and we re still 'high' in price
  11. long term i still think.btc will go up so if you are an investor you should just keep buying at low prices. but if the short term uptrend is over , we may go down the next 2 months or more and maybe get a new low (under 3k?) before going back up. i was expecting XRP to reach 0.25-0.28$ and LTC 55-60$ before going down tho , let s see the next 2 weeks!
  12. that s how you make money :)) i do hope people didnt buy at 8-9k$
  13. there we go , went to 9800$, and the crash now
  14. True , until majority think it will go down it may go up , that's how it works
  15. Following my own work on the charts/TA , being working at almost 100% . still acting greedy sometimes and could have made more $ but I'm improving
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