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  1. no permission to see it . stacking rewards like on celcius app ?
  2. @dr_ed what do you think of EOS at 4$ ? I bought some at 6.5$ and I'm thinking of getting some more in 2 days if price stays at 4$.
  3. well if it goes down it's ok for me so I can buy more If it goes up it's cool too. I just hope it doesn't crash at 0.10$ or less. because It would mean something else..
  4. I have to wait 20 days to buy more , but I'm sure price will go down some more
  5. that's crazy... LTC getting under 80$ , EOS at 3$ ; we re back to the pre mini bull run 3 months ago
  6. well I guess it's luck only , but it seemed like the market was going to fall off and it happened. I'm happy because now I own more then I wanted to have before 2020 , I own more than 10k . New goal is 20k before 2020. yea it's not much I know , but if it goes to 5$+ it's going to be good , even if it's in 5 years. 3 months ago I had only 5-6k , by selling some at high prices (0.47$ rebought at 0.38$ etc). I made like 2k XRP in 3 months and yesterday +25%
  7. @baobeiiiii @dr_ed I don't know why baobeiiiii keep talking about me , yea I sold at 0.4$ and rebought at 0.30$ , just made 20-30% of my total portfolio in 24 hours . Even when I sold at 0.4$ I was winning , since my average was 0.34$ You seem frustrated baobeiiiii , in less then 24 hours you talked about me many times. Plus I don't even own much XRP so even if it went to 0 It's not that bad. But finally , just made free 25% more XRP . And if the price keeps going down , I'll buy more in 2 weeks. All good here And remember baobeiiiii , I bought at 0.17$ in 2017 and sold at 2.2$. 80% of my total XRP (I had to , when I think about it I'm happy that I had to because I was a 100% hodler like people like to say here)
  8. huh ? I can buy today with 25% more XRP? well good idea there. 25% more in 2 days done. So I'm still in with 25% more in my portfolio
  9. 0.25$ in the coming hours ? So sad I don't have any $ , I'd buy some other coins
  10. only now people open their eyes , ofc there was something/someone selling when the price rose
  11. I think you're right , I always had doubts on Ripple/XRP and I don't trust Brad and his team. Sold my XRP made money with XRP end of 2017/early 2018. since I made more money with ANY other coins , even ****** coins , than XRP .
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