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  1. I don't know the futur , I'm just saying what I think will happen. Don't be so butthurt. I already sold and I'm already winning 20-30% with this XRP crash (from 0.29 to 0.23) Wouldn't be surprised to see a crash in the coming days to 0.18$ , maybe we ll eventually get to 0.25$ before going to 0.18$.
  2. up to 10.6k$ btc then months of going down (with some triangles) , to maybe reach 3k$ . Putting money aside to buy at lower prices
  3. Dont forget the 3.5k$ BTC gap. 8/10 chances to fill a gap . Keeping my money for the red months coming
  4. well , people said if we break 10.5k than we re in bad situation , 10k BTC went from a support to a resistance. Even if we go back to 10.5-11K BTc in the coming days , it may be just a bounce and we shall go down even more. Let's see.
  5. Since we are on BTC topic , I'll talk about my BTC targets : I'm sure we ll see the 8k-9k's BTC pretty soon , if we get under the 9k$ well we can go down to 3-4k , there is a blank , not sure how to say in English but there is a blank at 9k BTC too , and we often(really really often) refill the blanks. So.. 3-4k may be possible. if we get to those levels , it will suck maybe because people will maybe leave for good the market and it can cause great long term damage. It won't for me , I'll buy all the way down , and as always , sell when the green candles arrive . Don't think abo
  6. @Master_of_Brain will soon be time to rebuy . I see price going down for some weeks/months , not just days All the youtubers stopped posting since a week , all were so bullish and said 14k in september , well .. we re just early September but you can see that we re going down an that s only the beginning
  7. @Master_of_Brain you're right , XRP will one day go up (hopefully) so always keep a stash I'll buy eth soon , when/if it gets under 280$ , that 'd be a good price for me. XRP under 0.18$ , but already starting to buy back at 0.24$
  8. you do think that ? I do think we 'll see BTC under 10k^pretty soon . XRP much lower too.
  9. Yes , more on chainlink than on XRP. Chainlink price can go up and down 3-5% each hour , easy to make some $ but I don't have time . I just wait to get under 14$ again to rebuy and resell higher. XRP , well I sold at 0.29.5 , rebought at 0.27.6 a good % , resold at 0.29.1$. it's not that much but we re already at 0.27$ again. To me we would see a down after BTC reach 12100$ , that happened like expected . not a good sign for me I'd love to see price going up and a lot of youtubers are saying that it 'should' go up , but from my TA we should go down .. I always hope I'm wrong .
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