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  1. I'm doing really well thanks for asking I'm excited to see what 2022 has for us , crypto holders
  2. 200-400k mid 2022 @Eric123 Today i'm buying more too !
  3. soon we'll get big movements , hopefully
  4. I think we could reach 52-54K at lowest , before going up to 70k +
  5. I don't think so , it's just that some of the bears are acting like children here. Some of the bulls too for sure , but not Eric or any other people i read recently on this topic .
  6. @Eric123i'm a little bit concerned about the volume , isnt it too low right now for a strong bull pattern on the really short term
  7. we need to break and stay above the new 34.8k resistance
  8. Some alts already lost 80%, not looking good at all tbh.
  9. We could have a rebounce , but it will just be a rebounce so only interesting for day traders. I stopped trading 2 months ago, now I just hold and sell some small % here and there
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