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  1. you think it can go to 0.8$ again in the next following days? it seems like..
  2. 9-11 am gmt? how much is it in europe?
  3. 1.20$ on bittrex , Korean are making the price grow?
  4. @knoxy there s a pump , you think it s whales playing ? I'm curious to see what s going to happen when korea wakes up , maybe a pump
  5. so i guess XRP to 0.7$ is possible tonight , maybe i'll be able to buy some more
  6. you think price will drop when koreans wake up ?
  7. There s a 1.6 millions $ buy order on Bittrex at 0.99$
  8. price will go down again maybe for some days i think , but then.. it ll grow steadily
  9. i think it ll go back to 0.8 $ in some hours , so if you want to buy
  10. SOLD!

    back to 0.2$ you think?