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  1. yes , in France it's the same. even PayPal got a really fast paiement method since some months still keeping my XRP stash , if I can get some $
  2. that's why I stopped buying XRP , bought BTC and glad I did. but I'm sure XRP will go up , soon but I don't know if it will reach 1$ this year
  3. then take profits ! if u still have xrp or other coins
  4. I never ask when moon , I'm asking Eric's opinion because he knows a lot and do TA. Did I ask you anything ? I don't think so. I just read your other post , you seem quite mad or frustrated too. don't give advice when you can't make the difference between he's and his and I'm sure English is your native langage . "Stop asking stupid questions, especially ones which have already been answered." I can ask whatever I want , and I can block pricks like you too. damn , I guess he bought in jan 2018 and is so frustrated . Joined in January 2018 seems like I was right. JUST HODL IT as a profile picture , won't even debate anymore.
  5. that's right , don't need to talk like a prick. "Who are you to evaluate he's work when you have not done anything at all to prove your TA capability to be used as criteria to critique someone else work? Rather, shhhhhhh..." he's work ? really ? #You_learned_something_today shhhhhheesh
  6. @Eric123 do you think we are slowly starting the bullrun ?
  7. BTC and other coins are going up , but XRP is stuck at 0.21$ . Let s hope it will follow
  8. @Eric123 I bought at 8k , because I think it will go up to 8.4-8.5k , will resell at this price
  9. @Eric123 you think it's a good moment to buy BTC? for short term? I'm thinking of buying some cents
  10. @Molten do you have an idea why the price of crypto going up ? whales ? I don't think new customers are making the price going up like this ?
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