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  1. @Eric123Good moment to switch some alts to BTC? (ADA , DOT etc)
  2. in the coming days, it could scare some people , EU is sleeping right now
  3. that's one damaging night and it could keep going down from now for some time
  4. feels bad to see everything going down right now
  5. ADA and ETH for exemple are not tanking much compared to XRP. But we're used to it , when BTC goes down XRP always go down a lot more than others. Soon will be our time
  6. @Eric123Would it be a good idea to switch some alts to BTC before it breaks new ATH? With a 2-3 months consolidation , I'm sure we'll see a big pump in price really soon , to maybe 70-80kg
  7. I think this : That we may see some kind of consolidation/correction this summer , it will lead to some panic sells and people talking about the end of the bullrun, then it will slowly go back up before going parabolic for some days.
  8. @Eric123Bought 450 BNB at 4-4.5$ and sold them at 14$. I was happy to make benefits , but when I see todays price haha
  9. Really good opportunity to buy more right now, I don't have any fiat left but I'd buy at those prices.
  10. short rebound yes maybe to 54k , but to me we need to go down even further to low 40's
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