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  1. I'm waiting it to be a +200$ ofc , in an other life maybe. that was cute
  2. I see , well I have less then 5k so I can tell without problem
  3. yep , that's the mentality I know hence the question . I have no problem telling how much I own , how much money I make a month.
  4. @Eric123 good moment to buy XRP? What do you think of binance coin ? It seems to up everyday since some months
  5. It's the only crypto that isn't even increasing these days.. pretty sad. a lot of promise but price never moved yet
  6. what do you mean? you wanted to sell at 0.345 to rebuy lower? it's already going up again
  7. He's a real joke . number 1 joke on this forum for sure.
  8. not even sure it'll reach this price in 2030 , I'd say if it works well , we'll get to 2$ in 2025 . Lucky I sold mine at 2.2$
  9. yea boring , but as I said in 2017 we had 2 big time movements , 2018 was empty , year full of promise but price went only down. That's why I said it got boring , I think many people like crypto for it's price movements and 'insecurity' too but this kinda of movement isn't interesting
  10. in 2017 ? we had the big increase in April/may , the big increase in December? that's more than enough boy. In 2018? well , going from 3.3$ to 0.26$ ? yea not like 2017 at all boy 2017->2018 : 0.06 to 3$ 2018-2019 : 3.3$ to 0.26$ Yea boy like 2017 , people will keep saying there s an increase ! we went from 0.06 to 0.26$ ! or.. look at BTC it went from 1000$ to 100$ , then some years later to 20 000$ ! lol.
  11. it's sad but it happened to a lot of people , just keep it don't sell at this price.
  12. Yes , but crypto big players seem like early BTC owners that are playing all together to make profit . 0 security here , even the exchange sites don't look legit/honest , and with all the hacking stories .. how can you trust this kind of market ?
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