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  1. I never said it was , we are into this for making money. if you bought yesterday at 6200$ and resold today at 7200$ , then you made money who cares about safe haven or or high risks. you need plans to make money
  2. To me we re still in a bear trend and even a pump would just be for some days/weeks , before going down again for months. I still do think we ll get to 5200-5400$ pretty soon
  3. exactly what I see , could be a good opportunity to buy at these levels
  4. I still see a down to the 5k levels , before thinking of going up
  5. totally . we 'll be under 5800$ in the coming days and I wouldn't be surprised if before 2021 we ll see under 3k$ BTC. id be more than happy to see those prices , to buy some just sold the part I bought yesterday night at 5900$ , sold at 6520$
  6. I really think we ll go down from here. yesterday night when we were at 5800$ I was expecting a pump to 6100-6200$ before going down to the 5200-5400$ but it got higher (at 6450$) , it doesn't change my plans thought and I think we ll go down from here. buying points are : 5700 $ 5400$ 5200$ after those levels we may go up to 8000$ or 9800$ , but first we need to see the 5200$-5400$
  7. everything s going fine atm , we reached the 4 , now we shall see 5 or at best the Y (new entry point)
  8. calm down my friend , you seem hateful with your comments . What I'm doing since some time is trading , so yes I'm making $ that s why I'm still here. I aint holding anymore waiting for a miracle that may not happen . I'm far from having a lot of money , but what I can tell you Is that with my "confirmation questions behavior" I went from 500-1000$ from selling shoes , invested in XRP only to 50k$ in January 2018 . how ? I did daytrade from October to December with my initial investment of less than 1000$ and before the December pump it was already worth 2000-2500$ in XRP; which went to x20 with the pump. checked your profile , yes your are a hater , you've been hating and wrong all the way my friend. I hope you'll do better in life and become a better person , for the moment I'll block you .
  9. I'll be back in the confirmation questions thing when we ll get a bullrun More seriously , the reason is because I knew this would come , the downtrend since 2 years but I preferred to ignored it and believe in a rapid bullrun and follow people charts/beliefs here. The truth is , we re still going down. and maybe for a long time
  10. we may reach 0.25-0.28$ in the coming weeks , which is not bad if you guys bought at 0.11-0.15$ . but , I don't see the price going higher atm , if it does then maybe we'll finally leave the 2 years+ bear market , if not , then it's again lower highs lower lows and we ll go under 0.1$ before 2021 why I don't think we ll leave the bear market ? because not enough new people are investing in , and with the coronavirus ? we may go down for 2-3 more years. quite depressing yes
  11. making profit , it's that simple. But honestly , it's getting hard for bears to make much money atm , they ll search for the 8000$ because there , there is $$$ to make it went at the exact numbers I planned, I sold at 6800$ days ago because I knew(never 100% ofc but was my trade plan) it would go down to 6000 , I rebought at 6100$ , resold at 6900$ and was waiting for this price , 6270$ exactly to rebuy. Now we need to reach 7200$ and 7800$ for more profits.. The night is not over yet , if we go under 6000$ then buy price is targeted at 5200$
  12. as expected , we should go down to 6000-6200$ . if we go under that , then plans change and we may revisit the 5200$ , 4500$ or at worst 3500$ 6200$ tested , now we should go up to 7200$ in the next days then 7800-8000$
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