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  1. why is it increasing that much?
  2. Baka

    The Truth

    ur own fault following manipulations , smarter richer people rule the thing they make u do what they want. Don't be surprised that people keep telling u it's a good time to buy since January , It will go much more down trust me
  3. don't buy , it will go lower and lower ..
  4. Baka

    Ripple sold $78M of XRP in Q2

    you guys still didn't get it ? total scam , money went into their pocket.
  5. no one is buying , everyone is selling
  6. if Japanese banks accept XRP the 14th of February , price should go up
  7. it happens everyday , it ll go to 0.8-0.9 max , then go back to even lower which is 0.5-0.6
  8. the 14th I'm quite sad because I need to sell all of my XRP to get an operation in march , but even with all my XRP with the actual price I can't pay it anymore.. I don't even know what to do
  9. tests , you mean Japanese banks?
  10. Are you still positive that XRP can get to 5$ in may / June ?
  11. Baka

    Korean traders updates

    if you look on livecoinwatch , you can see that Korean own nothing now , they sold everything.
  12. it's looking really bad for all the crypto.. we'll get under 0.5$ next 2-3 days