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  1. You expect it to grind up to 10k sats in the coming weeks ?
  2. it's not much money but I've been wanting to sell it since weeks because it goes down day by day.. as XRP. If I sell it's to buy something else that went down in price too , not sure EOS will increase much if at all
  3. @dr_ed big increase for EOS , I hesitate to sell mine but I'm at 40% loss still. do you think it may increase before 2020 ? I don't think so but I don't know much anyway
  4. that's what I think for the moment , may be wrong but I was right about price going under 0.28$ (got flamed for thinking that ) and it may go to 0.22$ or even lower before 2020
  5. or maybe they sell before the price is too low.. they know people who believe in XRP will keep buying and even more when the price is low .
  6. i do hope it's true , but these last 2 years are killing people s hope. Let's see if we can get to 0.5$ before 2020 that'd be a nice start
  7. @dr_ed would you still buy XRP at this price or would wait for it to drop ? since it will surely drop more
  8. it's pretty easy to understand , not many new people are investing in Crypto and even less in XRP. Why ? just watch the market and how people like us are more likely losing money than gaining .
  9. and EOS.. put money in it , lost more then 50%
  10. 2-3 weeks ago I was talking about XRP price going down to 0.25$ soon , and it went down to 0.23$ . I don't think we re at the bottom right now , which is worrying to me at least.. I'm sure the 0.16-0.18$ will come before December , I hope not but I don't have much hope for a price increase this year and even worse I think it ll go down every weeks. What do you think about it ? are you still positive about a price increase before 2020?
  11. i was expecting price to go down day by day , but that move today was unexpected and it's not a good thing .. I mean , 14% in an hour , we went down. to 0.23$
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