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    Good afternoon, Mr. Way. Thank you for sharing your experiences at Ripple and your thoughts on a number of related topics. Your responses make for a very interesting read. I have a question, which I do not believe has been asked in these terms. If it has and I missed it, please just say so and I will try to find it here. My question relates to value and price, but it is not of the sort that wonders how high XRP may potentially go, something nobody knows. What I would like to hear is your opinion as to 1) what goes into XRP price formation, 2) whether you think XRP's current price accurately and fairly reflects the state of play as to value (recognition of Ripple's work to date, actual degree of adoption, etc.) and, if price and value are instead far apart, 3) what factors and parties, if any, may be involved in distorting price, and is this situation likely to continue? You mentioned that the perception and expectation of future utility is an important driver, but I am hoping you can expand on this topic per the above. Thank you in advance, and thanks again for sharing.
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