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  1. I think it's inevitable that central banks will issue their own digital currencies in the future. Would this affect XRP? My understanding is that it wouldn't be much different from fiat because the fundamental model of cross-boarder transactions should still be the same, but what do you guys think?
  2. I agree, I think Ripple should really focus on non-bank FIs and global tech companies at this moment while they work with regulations on the issue of XRP.
  3. From the talks so far I think one major hurdle right now is regulations. If they get over the regulations then future is very bright for XRP. This is natural though as they are the pioneer in this space and every new innovation starts here. Good thing is that the Ripple team is well aware of this and are working really closely with regulators atm, and from Bernanke’s support to Ripple yesterday, I believe they’ll make progress on this matter.
  4. The reason why people went crazy over the IBM news is mostly because IBM is a well known global company so people thought it was huge. It’s just like if Ripple does a trial with Amazon.
  5. I don’t really expect any major news today or from SWELL, but in regards to Ripple’s marketing team, why would they tweet so many ambiguous quotes from speakers but don’t tweet that one quote from Veem that states they are using XRP???
  6. Looks like SWIFT and Ripple just shaded each other on Twitter?guess partnership is not happening
  7. I think Ripple not appealing to and focusing on the day traders just shows that they know what they are doing because the most important thing for them right now is establishing relationships with future customers and we as individual investors are not their target at this stage.
  8. I mean there’s nothing wrong with short term investment but if you just want to gamble you should probably go to some other coins that are purely based on speculations or gamble at a casino lol I guess you could have also “gambled” with Amazon’s stock in the early 2000s and shorted it
  9. I don’t wanna spread any rumor but this article published by Financial Times today said Bank of America is one of Ripple’s partners? https://www.ft.com/content/268c9668-af56-11e7-aab9-abaa44b1e130
  10. People forget Warren Buffett got rich by value investing and holding long term on investments he believes in. Traders are not investors.
  11. I have no doubt that Stellar is gonna soar with this news as it already is but for the long term I personally still believe in Ripple more.
  12. Probably would have invested into Stellar right now and short it but too bad my bank is still transferring my money lol and I don't wanna liquidate my XRP
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