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  1. I believe many of these are signed and working with Ripple already. BBVA and a fee others for sure
  2. I think $100 is a long way away. Be positive but realistic. We are excited to see it hit $1.00 in the near future. If you are long on Ripple then great.
  3. I sold mine a few months and diversified. I put a lot in crypto. I think many will go this route.
  4. Looks like we will settle closer to .15 now. I am going to set a buy at .155 and and come back after the 1st of the year:)
  5. I am buying at .155. Looks like we will drop to .15
  6. Those that are gone move from coin to coin looking for a quick profit. As we know, as true investors, the real money will come in time with true patience just like any stock, real estate or other investment.
  7. That seems to contradict their plan and verbal commitment during Brad's Q&A.
  8. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ex-federal-reserve-head-sees-bright-future-ripple-blockchain/ ANother article out on the Palm Beach Group too. Good stuff
  9. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ex-federal-reserve-head-sees-bright-future-ripple-blockchain/ Nope...your good.
  10. LOL. I am just trying to figure out if I can buy at .18 for the last time ever..
  11. I worry about missing the bottom. I dont want to get too greedy
  12. my XRP purchases are long term. If we break .20 I think we will go to .18
  13. Good thoughts. Lets see what happens. I am buying this morning as we approach a break of .20
  14. I understand and yes I agree. It's amazing how many people do not even know about or understand crypto. That will bring new money. I wonder what investors will do when they stop buying the stock market. WIll we see money shift to crypto or gold??
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