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  1. Yeah Xmr maybe another pump and dump and that maybe what they are waiting on. So many coins going up to $50 to $80 and than back to 0. I seen this so many times in the past. UP UP and Up and than crash! Off to a new worthless coin to pump. Zerp is here for the long run and undervalued. So I am all in.
  2. I found this to be interesting. This is what tech support said about adding Monero to Ledger Blue and Nano s. I wonder if Ripple will have the same issue? @miguel @JoelKatz @Tim " We have clearly understood the interest from the Monero community and we do not have any doubt about the fact that we would sell a lot of units once XMR is supported. However, this is a very complex project (because of the ring signatures) and we are not sure we can port in on our hardware devices. We are assessing feasibility, and it will still take some time. Therefore, we do not have any ETA for the moment. " What are your thoughts on this?
  3. But they may vote for Monero because there are a lot of Monero pumpers on Polo. So by spamming polo you may increase the votes for Monero. If you spam in the future just don't post it here ok. LOL There are 1200 members on this form. There should be enough voting power on xrpchat to kick up the votes from this form alone.
  4. @Haydentiff Same here. Active Topics is down.
  5. Wow! 1200 members! That's great. Now if we can get all 1200 to vote we will be doing good. This would give xrp a huge boost!.
  6. Same here. Active Topics is down.
  7. I noticed a lot of the votes for xrp are from today when this post was made. It looks like it may work. Pass it to as many folks you know and we will see if this works. Its worth a shot.
  8. Wow! I This is a GREAT opportunity for Ripple! I have been wanting this for sometime now. Please pass this to as many people that you know so that XRP gets added to Ledger Blue and Nano S. Please Vote! Vote! Vote!@miguel @Haydentiff @rippledigital @kanaas @Earthbound @papa @Vinnie @Tim @JoelKatz @Dizer @tomb
  9. As coming from a Ripple employee I find this to be interesting. Is this a plan of action for Ripple? @Dizer @Hodor @tomb @Haydentiff @kanaas @Duke67
  10. @zerpdigger iota? Here is iota used in a sentence. iota buy more XRP.
  11. Just out! March 13th maybe the day for the Bitcoin ETF decision. Fun times are here folks! Check out the story. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Will it get approved or rejected? http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/03/06/psa-bitcoin-etf-decision-will-occur-march-13-not-march-11/
  12. I was buying BTC in the $300's because it was so low. I am buying more xrp now because it is so low. Looking good for 2017! I am a sliver bug too.
  13. Great to know now. Thank you David. I was surfing on youtube for music to play when working and I thought of playing some Greatful Dead and the Ripple song popped up. It may make a great commercial for Ripple the company.
  14. I like this one! Asked about Swift's plans to modernize its system, Griffin offered a critical take. "Ripple is a significant upgrade. Swift does not represent an innovation in the payment structure," he said, adding: "We roll out product and Swift does not."