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  1. Ripple XRP is on Forbes! Here is the article. “You now have a network that is able to tokenize brand new assets or create token versions of physical world assets and move them around in a virtual world,” she says. Sandra Ro, executive director of digitization at CME Group http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2017/01/10/what-is-one-of-the-worlds-largest-derivatives-exchanges-doing-with-bitcoin/#2dff9e654162
  2. I will put it on my calendar. Jan 17th watch XRP land on the moon. Got it.
  3. Ok! I will sell at a bargain price $1,000,000 pr coin. Contact me if interested.
  4. Well its nice to see Ripple was the first on the list as a distraction in 2015.
  5. @Vinnie @rippledigital @kanaas@Dizer@JoelKatz@Haydentiff Well, what a great start of 2017! It looks like Coinbase and GDAX is open to add more currencies in 2017. WOW! I think Ripple should jump on this grand opportunity. Pass it on folks. Droopy
  6. Well what a great start of 2017!! XRP may get listed on GDAX and Coinbase. Here is the blog post from Brian Armstrong. Coinbase is open for business for more coins to be listed in 2017. Completing our transition to becoming a digital currency company (not just a Bitcoin company) Brian Armstrong. Here is the rest of the story. https://blog.coinbase.com/completing-our-transition-to-becoming-a-digital-currency-company-not-just-a-bitcoin-company-6bcc44ca40ee#.1vhs796vl
  7. Its nice to see a lot of people voting. Pass it on to as many people you can. It would be nice to see XRP on Coinbase. I think we have a few more hours left to vote. Cheers!
  8. @Dizer @JoelKatz@VinnieCoinbase CEO Wants Your Vote! Lets get community support behind this folks and see what happens. This maybe fun! Please pass it on. Vote! Vote! Vote! @Haydentiff @kanaas@rippledigital
  9. Great!! I was about to post this too! Lets get community support behind this folks and see if it helps XRP to be added to coinbase. Vote! Vote! Vote!
  10. Ok, I just wanted to know everybody's views on a wallet for XRP like the bitcoin Trezor wallet. Is there something like the Trezor wallet out there for XRP? Here is the link about the wallet. https://bitcointrezor.com/ I want one of these that will store XRP. Please let me know. Droopy
  11. Ok here are my views on XRP. As a member of a trading group community that trades crypto and many are full time traders in this community. I know only a few that are holding XRP as a long investment. I am probably the only trader in this trading community that is in XRP as a long term investment and I pass a lot of good news about Ripple to these traders. Here is a list of feedback that I have received from the community of traders. 2017 will be the make it or break it year for Ripple. XRP is on the radar of many of these traders in the community but they will not buy in unless the price of XRP gets out of the dirt. I remember a few months back coinmarketcap had a glitch and displayed XRP as $800,000,000 or something. XRP was on the front page of all the crypto news sites and was the big talk in this crypto trader community. Many traders in the community where going to buy xrp on the dip but it turned out to be a glitch with coinmarketcap and the excitement soon faded. Volume, price action and price is huge for the trading community. If they see volume and price action of XRP go up they will get on board because XRP is on the trading community radar. Many traders that I know that are in a long position with XRP have voiced concerns about keeping large amounts of XRP on online wallets and exchanges. Many of these crypto traders do not trust online wallets / exchanges and many would load the boat of XRP if they had other options to store large amounts of XRP. Being that you are a employee of Ripple there is probably a great business opportunity here as a Trezor wallet is a very hot item for bitcoin now. I myself would be your first customer for a Tezor type wallet that supported XRP. There are many members in the trading community that have stated that they would invest more long capital into XRP if there were more safe storage options of XRP out there. Here is the trezor website. Great business opportunity here if someone created something like this for XRP. https://bitcointrezor.com/ VHS Vs Beta days. The battle of VHS and Beta comes in mind here from the past. Even though Beta was the better tech at the time it lost to VHS because I think they call it the network effect. I believe in Ripple and is in a great position but the price of XRP has to get a boost sometimes in the near future or it may get passed by a competitor . If XRP gets a boost than it will make the front pages of the crypto news again and everyone will follow. I think 2017 will be a great year for XRP but I think it is way under valued today. Droopy.
  12. I am new to this forum but have been into ripple and cryptocurrency for sometime now. I wanted to hear people's opinion's on what is the best and safest way to store your investment of XRP. Where would be the best and safest like websites, devices, exchanges, gateways, your grandmother's sock drawer etc.