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  1. if only i knew how to deal with tax efficiently. just mentioning crypto earns you weird looks :/ Such a grey area... i think i will just wait until a bank accepts crypto as currency
  2. After some brief research, am I right to say that I am better off moving my XRP to bitstamp and withdrawing to my bank account from there?
  3. Hi everyone. Hodler here, asking for some help from the community.. I realize that at some point down the line I am going to make the decision to cash in on my xrp and I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to do this so that I am prepared when the time comes. My situation is as follows: I use gatehub and currently have 100% xrp holdings. Very happy with gatehub service. I have tested withdrawing to may bank account (SEPA) in Euro and all works fine and efficiently. My concern is that withdrawing in Euro from gatehub does not seem to offer the best price nor exchange rate. At this I can get alot more bang for my buck if I buy for example Bitstamp.USD rather than gatehub.EUR or gatehub.USD. Am I missing something? Whats the best way around this? What's the most efficient way to withdraw funds should I want to? Thanks in advance.
  4. Who is Eric wasserstrom?

    Miguels left
  5. Who is Eric wasserstrom?

    If you look close enough, they all have the same ripple 'notebook' so this was not just chitchat. ripple affairs were discussed...
  6. Who is Eric Wesserstrom who should be sitting in empty seat next to Miguel Vias? Maybe a clue to whats going on?
  7. If someones got a private chat somewhere....

    This is not poor English dude.. - Bitcoin is a store of value, but there is no inherent value because it is slow. xrp should and could be a store of value and a medium to exchange funds. Quit acting
  8. Alternative Chat Box

    Agree.. Tired of all the sia wallet setup questions..
  9. I'm a hodler so I'm interested. anyone know how this works step by step, in simple terms?
  10. Am I right in saying this is ideal for people who have no intention of spending the xrp or have huge amounts they want to take off exchanges?