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  1. so yes Ive always had my secret key.. stored away safely..
  2. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Is there a site where I can read up on the topic?
  3. By secret key, do you mean the secret key (recovery key) that was provided when I created my ripple trade wallet (if that is what its called)?
  4. I am a happy Gatehub user, and want to increase my xrp holding, but cold wallets are increasingly mentioned to me and I know nothing about them to be honest..
  5. I am quite careful regarding these pitfalls. Will volume eventually play a role in who becomes the most popular of the two?
  6. Thanks for your reply. So a Ripple Wallet with Gatehub (not a hosted wallet) is not sufficiently secure in your opinion? Even with 2-factor authentication. I was under the impression that a ripple wallet is quite safe. Is there any good reference for setting u a cold wallet?
  7. Whats the difference between Gatehub and Bitstamp? Any obvious pros or cons of either? I used to transfer usd to my ripple trade account through bitstamp.. Ever since the ripple trade -> gatehub migration, I transfer usd to gatehub and purchase xrp there. I have a ripple wallet with gatehub. I am a lightweight user so excuse my ignorance.
  8. how would one crash the market ? more so than they could with usd?
  9. I use Gatehub and find it very easy to use and quick to buy xrp with euro.. I don't understand why it hasn't picked up.. I can only think its a question of the publicc not knowing much about ripple, xrp and blockchain in general...
  10. I am a novice so excuse my ignorance. My question is, why is the Euro not traded anywhere near as much vs XRP, than USD or other currencies?
  11. Can one not buy XRP through direct deposit of usd or euro to gatehub and trade? or is that on;y an option for existing ripple accounts before ripple trade closed?
  12. I have fired an email to the inland revenue dept.. My concern is that they don't know much about digital currencies.. I agree the internet is not the right place to ask, but thought id try my luck for some useful insight..
  13. Yes I mean personal income.. Country is Malta, Europe
  14. Hi all, I hold a small amount of XRP and I am pretty much break even (no significant profits or losses to date). I plan to hold long term and I am not in for the little pump and dumps.. My question is, since my balance is all XRP, am I obliged to 'show' my XRP balance or its usd equivalent for tax purposes or should I worry about tax if and when the balance ends up in real currency in my bank account? This has probably been discussed already so if there is a previous post, just point me in the right direction. Cheers