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  1. Wallet UI/UX improvements sound interesting :)
  2. Hi, I am a Gatehub user, and am a fairly happy user. I just want to ask the guys at Gatehub, if there is anything exciting in the works from their end (new features, services etc) that we as users can get excited about? Would be great to know something new is round the corner. @enej Thanks
  3. I use gatehub.. transfer to gatehub (SEPA) took 1 day for me on my lasy 2 occasions. Not the best but Bitstamp took me well over 3 days I remember
  4. What would the XRPchat equivalent for Ethereum be? Or the closest thing. The reason I ask is I know nearly nothing about Ethereum, whereas I have learned alot about Ripple and XRP mainly through this site. Based on my perception and understanding of news over the past years I am very optimistic about Ripple and XRP (as a speculator), however I sometimes feel this community is biased in favour of XRP because of their vested interests. I want to learn more about what Ethereum has to offer that is 'better' or 'potentially huge' I don't see my perception of Ripple and XRP changing, but you never know.. As for bitcoin, I am not really interested in it and don't believe in its long term success.. Thanks
  5. Ok I know what you mean. Yes that is true. I have just transferred some Euro to Gatehub. Im guessing it will be 3 days at least before I can use the funds. With my luck, the rate will shoot up..
  6. Cant you buy XRP directly through Gatehub?
  7. does this affect gatehub wallets ? @enej
  8. Up for discussion. - If not in right forum, feel free to move this..
  9. This is big news in my opinion! I am surprised there is not more excitement about this.
  10. Maybe it's not Ripple and like seve7ete said, we will all be disappointed.. I personally think Ripple is in the mix somehow. But that's just my opinion..
  11. That has to be good news.. Back in 2015, I remember the Aussie banks were experimenting with ripple proof of concept and trials. - This news can only mean that trials started then were successful. OR they are going a completely different route.
  12. so yes Ive always had my secret key.. stored away safely..
  13. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Is there a site where I can read up on the topic?
  14. By secret key, do you mean the secret key (recovery key) that was provided when I created my ripple trade wallet (if that is what its called)?