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  1. I think they would be more keen on smart contracts as a government. And also by embracing blockchain I think they mean regulating its use. HSBC is one of the 2 major banks in Malta. Also, a big portion of the most popular betting companies are based in Malta because of the countrys beneficial tax regime for the gaming sector. I'm sure blockchaain would be interesting to these companies..
  2. Saw this on local news. It might be of interest to @JoelKatz, @nikb @mDuo13, @Tim, @miguel maybe as an opportunity for ripple .. I believe that Malta dosent have anyone even nearly as knowledgeable enough to put together a proper strategy at this point in time .. Maybe Ripple want to introduce themselves....
  3. Agree. But a step in the right direction nonetheless.
  4. So when do we welcome her to the forum?
  5. Bumping this...
  6. I'm not technical enough to know how to do that I'm afraid..
  7. Fair enough.. Those are the time frames that came to mind while typing.. Yes, low value wallets is also interesting but I didn't want to ask too much. What I want to get out of this is a very rough idea of 1) long positions / long term holders (can also be people with empty accounts who have lost interest and cashed out, which can be determined below 2) low value wallets (probably people who left / cashed out, or empty accounts for whatever reason)
  8. Hi. I am not technically savvy enough to research this on my own, but very curious to learn the following details which I am sure are possible to achieve.. At the time of writing this, there are 263357 accounts created.. I would like to know How many accounts have been idle (no transactions) for 12 months How many accounts have been idle (no transactions) for 24 months How many accounts have been idle (no transactions) for 36 months Is there anyone who thinks he can get this information without too much trouble? Cheers
  9. Thumbs up for gatehub
  10. ok now i see what you are getting at... fair enough. Id need to see it stay at this price for another few days to be confident of that personally.
  11. thats pretty short term to call it a trend... imo anyway
  12. lock up should be the next big factor effecting xrp price. If we are to believe it to happen. Soon
  13. No problemo m8