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  1. Im not a revolut user. Yet. I don't assume you can send XRP directly right?
  2. Malta will just copy other countries...
  3. You guys anticipate price movements based on their ratings?
  4. What are the advantages to off-ledger trading?
  5. If coinbase lists xrp, would you become a coinbase customer?
  6. I see usd.gatehub on par with usd.bitstamp which is refreshing. for how long though?
  7. HMQ is his next mention.. Just a few min ago. Will it pump?
  8. So maybe, next forks may see a shift of money from BTC to XRP as safe haven instead of out to fiat.. Makes it even riskier to sell in anticipation of a drop..... hhmmm
  9. @Hodor You guys think BTC fork rumors will put a dent in short term xrp progress?
  10. It's supposed to be something they are working on.. 'for ages'
  11. if only i knew how to deal with tax efficiently. just mentioning crypto earns you weird looks :/ Such a grey area... i think i will just wait until a bank accepts crypto as currency
  12. Interesting how everyone wants this at the same time. Including me.
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