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  1. KaMpi

    Now the riddler is gone, will sanity prevail?

    =Evjjw +loxx &PTJj > $538 Q2 2019
  2. KaMpi

    5 Years From Now ;)

  3. I like the word publicly in this part..
  4. Nothing, your phone just skipped 2 years.
  5. KaMpi

    Accounts by balance and %

    Wish I knew.. I could say any random number but that wouldnt make any sense. Plan is to hodl 3-5 years or till my goals have been reached. Make an exit plan and stick to it or reassess if something unexpected (good or bad) happens. Thats what I am doing.
  6. And real XRP use still has to begin.. The big bank and investor FOMO hasnt even started. Let alone all the FUDsters that will be silenced once major banks use it as a standard.
  7. KaMpi

    Accounts by balance and %

    I dont know, what is rich by your definition? Can you HODL for a couple of years?
  8. March: $1.86 June: $5.58 September: $16.74 December: $50.22
  9. Coincidence, i work for a civil engineering company from the Netherlands and we will be doing some work in Karlsruhe. If i have the chance i would like to go there. Love Germany and Weizenbier.
  10. KaMpi

    Rippled - Bearableguy123

    The mods and XRP Chat are part of it. We are not allowed to dig any further, it means you are onto something..
  11. Thanks, didn't know this. I hold a bit of both and all i know is that i get a little bit of GAS each month for holding NEO. This GAS is also a tradable asset. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/gas/
  12. Little correction here. GAS has nothing to do with ETH, its the "fuel" for NEO, all the fees are payed with it.
  13. KaMpi

    Friends reactiion...

    Only one of my friends is investing in crypto and i told him about XRP in august last year. He told me its worth nothing, Ripple can increase the supply, hold most of the coins etc. etc. all the basic fud. Now even after the surge he still thinks the same about it and keeps telling me al those great partners dont have to use XRP and will start tokens themself. This is also what i commonly see at Reddit for example. XRP is possibly the most hated crypto in the community and it will take some time for this to fade away. My hope is that once xRapid is widely adopted we wont be tied to speculation and value comes from real world use.
  14. Maybe we can start a XRP pool with all xrpchat members, donate x amount each and buy it, along with an island.