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  1. Really solid video in my opinion. Definitely a bit rushed and I love David for his intellect and passion. Not sure how technical the audience was (I hope they were predominately computer scientist) because man was this convo high level on a lot of technical aspects. I do agree with his view that the initial promise of blockchain was to eliminate rent seekers so if that's the promise of this new technology it's hard to argue against no incentives and how incentives introduce friction. However, arguing for incentives is also understandable so it's definitely a worthwhile topic of discussion. Definitely recommend watching!
  2. This explains the $8.9MM funding from Ripple to Moneygram in Q4 being treated as a contra expense! While there's been no clear regulatory guidance at least it's encouraging to see the SEC's understanding of properly treating incentives in order to build out a modern day digital payments network.
  3. It's treated this way because the $8.9MM given to MGI was for the offset of operational cost associated with the funds received hence a contra expense. It actually doesn't lower taxable income since it's a wash. However, what it does is provide an incentive to grow the system since this $8.9MM was likely associated with slippage, thus an offset of expenses rather than revenue. The system needs to grow in order to achieve operational economies of scale, which is typically where cost savings are realized. Helping mitigate the expenses associated with growing the system should be viewed as a positive not a negative. Please check out this twitter thread courtesy of @Chris_Reeves https://twitter.com/MrReeves87/with_replies
  4. This! @Chris_Reeves I saw you had a twitter post related to this. I'm assuming the classification is relevant given how it affects the taxable income but was hoping you could confirm/provide broader insight into your thoughts? EDIT: Assuming a lower taxable income is the end result, this would actually increase the amount of capital that could be deployed in other areas, which otherwise would have been a tax hit.
  5. Great feedback! Thank you also @Mitty for keeping this thread up to date. I've yet to actually use Cred but I do hold LBA . I use Bitrue for interest earning purposes which I then allocate into other coins. They just released the ability to stake BTR to earn a higher rate so effectively doing the same as Cred with the LBA token.
  6. Better than having been invested and selling before it broke $0.25! But hey that's just the nature of investing - can't get caught up on the past and miss out on future opportunities.
  7. Can't wait for the days when we're processing $100MM on a weekly basis. Hopefully that level of utility/demand will help establish a floor for the price but who knows. Could very well play out that as ODL volume increase so does trading volume such that the current ratio of trading volume to utility volume stays the same. But you would think this scenario would also have a positive impact on price given the fixed supply.
  8. Not sure if anyone has seen this or if it's been posted in the forum but WOW what an incredible interview by one of the Bitso founders. Extremely insightful and bullish on the future growth of ODL, specifically in the Mexican and Latin America corridors. Thanks to @BANKXRP for uploading this to his YouTube account. Wish there was a way we could get more traffic flowing to his YouTube page and educate the public!
  9. I think we'll exceed $7/per XRP. Based on current total supply that would imply a network value (i.e Market Cap) of ~$700B. If BTC is assumed to overtake Gold then it's network value would approach the trillions. Given the global cross border money flows are in the $100T+ every year, caputring 1% of this total volume would that XRP needs to have a network value that is able to support $1T annually. This excludes an gaming, micropayment, and settlement (for trading ForEx or traditional equities and improts/exports) use cases. Just my two cents on how I'm viewing price potential relative to network value/value the network needs to sustain to facilitate it's use cases. EDIT: I don't think it's unreasonable if we see a network value of $1T. This psychological barrier has been broken this past year in traditional equities with both Amazon and Apple having market caps that exceed $1T. EDIT #2: Sorry for hijacking the thread for a moment @Molten
  10. @Molten you're a TA god! curious what your (and everyone else's) thoughts are on ATH and whether or not we will exceed those levels during the next bull run. My view is that we'll exceed given a number of reason 1) the increase in the total population investing in crypto 2) speculation during last bull run was based on worse fundamentals than are currently in-place 3) ODL is live and growing. However, curious what people in this thread think and WHY. Disclaimer: I don't care if you think the price is going to zero (everyone is entitled to their own opinion) but please refrain from saying price will go to zero and not explain the thought process behind why.
  11. How does the all time RSI look or RSI since ATH? Curious to see if we've even started to break out on the RSI or if we're still largely oversold.
  12. Posts like these are why I love this thread. Thanks for taking the time to explain the fundamentals of technical analysis. I've never been a TA investor nor have I taken the time to learn about it but I follow this thread everyday and everyday there's something new to learn
  13. This is super helpful, thank you! To confirm, if volume is increasing daily then the liquidity index will rise inherently given that it's calculated on a rolling 28-day basis and the lower volume levels become excluded?
  14. @JASCoder - looks like there's been a drop in liquidity the last couple of days, per the below links. Does the data provide any insight into whether or not this somehow correlated with a sudden spike in price? Market makers moving to the sidelines or re-calibrating their re-balancing strategies? Maybe wash trading is having an effect on their ability to arbitrage/re-balance? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/134Likrs0FWvQosyHlx2Z6JvUhCpY1uLI1ujT9dfkhmc/edit#gid=1888946776 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11n81l3KBNEFUnx7PB7L-5ITjUjQGih9Tr7giVoDG-Wc/edit#gid=1888946776 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZ2POpljERK-oV3rusaCmq58U2badn5i9WOCIP9Wtmg/edit#gid=1888946776
  15. Owning a share is effectively a right to future cash flow generated by the company. I view owning a digital asset as a right to interact/engage and participate on that network. As supply decreases in the crypto network you're right to engage and participate in said network grows. If someone wants to engage/participate in the network at a future date after the network has grown (in the amount of value it is facilitating) then they will have to pay more for the right the participate.
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