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  1. Hey, Guys Ive just started to use the ledger nano s and have some questions on how to operate it correctly im wondering if im doing it the safest way or not. So I get the ledger and create an xrp wallet, install the ledger live software and every time i want to send or receive XRP i just log into nano live to make the transaction is it as simple as that? My other concerns is if the device some how goes fails or doesn't work, how would you recover your funds, is there a process through the codes that ive written down on paper? Last question if my computer fails and the ledger live app is no longer accessible on my computer how would i log into it? Help would be much appreciated.
  2. https://cc.gentosha-go.com/archives/7692 In Japanese and needs to be translated the source is unconfirmed.
  3. We were here last time by market cap at around 170,000,000,000 in September 1st 2017 then it just kept climbing all the way up to our ATH at 800,000,000 by market cap on Jan 8th 2018. So it took around 4 Months to make it there, lets hope history repeats its self..
  4. On day 12 the Quadruple Witching. Quadruple witching refers to the third Friday of every March, June, September and December. On these days, market index futures, market index options, stock options and stock futures expire, usually resulting in increased volatility.
  5. I think big bull run is on its way as soon as sec says go!!
  6. I know most people may have came to this conclusion before but it really just hit me how sophisticated these pumps and dumbs can be, I just watched a documentary called The China Hustle worth a watch if you havn't seen it. It goes into detail how big investors manipulate prices and get a particular stock so hyped up and overvalued. They will preach how good a stock is through media outlets and other sources of marketing that will then hike up the price. They will then ride the wave till its peak once thats done the pricks will then tap into media and marketing outlets again saying how much of a fraud this is but in the background they have a shorting position on that stock that they once preached how good it was, the stock will then crash to the ground so not only do they make money on the way up they also do on the way down. I don't think just a hand full of people can globally have an impact on a stock, My theory is that these is a big syndicates with global connections to be able to reach people with the news they want you to hear they most likely involve big companies and house hold names. In the documentary it also has some info on the sec and how these things are only punishable by a fine and hardly enforced so the crooks will take the fine that they might get into consideration when evaluating there profits. So the conclusion is that you will hear good news about bitcoin when these whales want the price to go up, then you will hear bad news when they want the price to go down. They will also take you to court and make all sorts of allegations to throw dirt on your name so you loose some value on the company you represent which what i think is happening to Ripple right now. Dont be surprised if government officials get paid to this world is cut throat and money is king only the smartest survive and. This is just my theory on what is happening none of this is FACT.
  7. Alibaba, Ant Financial and Ripple are attending this event this morning. https://tc.technode.com/2018-hangzhou/en/side-stage-blockchain/#blockchain-3rd-en
  8. Its in Chinese but an interesting read http://finance.jrj.com.cn/2018/07/02094124755314.shtml
  9. Check this document that got released by SBI last night looks like some big things are happening world dominating stuff even mentions LINE. http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/
  10. LINE joins a growing list of major Japanese corporations including the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan’s largest financial institution, financial services giant SBI and Yahoo! Japan to make moves toward launching or acquiring existing cryptocurrency exchanges to enter the sector. https://www.ccn.com/messaging-giant-line-announces-new-global-crypto-exchange-excludes-u-s-japan/
  11. Does anyone think there might be any links tied to his statement in the article below the youtube channel Decentralised TV stated in his video that Ripple might be opening a branch in South Korea, Let me know what you guys think. RIPPLE VP CALLS FOR MORE CRYPTOCURRENCY FRIENDLY REGULATIONS IN SOUTH KOREA http://bitcoinist.com/ripple-vp-calls-for-more-cryptocurrency-friendly-regulations-in-south-korea/ 2018 Blockchain Open Forum in Seoul 28th June 2018 https://www.en.blockchainopenforum.org/
  12. Ripple has its name in this report Was browsing through Sec Documents and came across this letter dont know what it might indicate something along the lines of greyscale trying to get Sec approval or?
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