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  1. This is great news, thanks for the heads up. NOTE: You must update the app to version 4.0 otherwise you'll be unable to add your bank in GBP. @pucksterpete this works for me fine with Revolut
  2. You're doing an amazing job @LeonidasH and you're a real credit to the XRP community, There's so much "noise" in this space but you keep us all informed with everything relevant
  3. Hello, welcome. XRP was never @ $0.20 in 2016??!!
  4. 1. How do you know the spike was due to tests being performed? It's been widely speculated yet, as far as I'm aware, not yet proven 2. Agreed 3. In your opinion. There's lots of sparks that could wake the Whales up from their self imposed Crypto Winter before then. For example a Bitcoin ETF announcement or BAKKT or Fidelity going live.
  5. I now class myself as a vaguely experienced hodler. Usually I hide behind other people's threads and comment from time to time. Not for a while though - what's the point in reading stuff which is mainly downbeat and negative? I have experienced a load of emotions since I came on board in 2017, but I've never waivered from my belief that XRP will become a success. If it doesn't then I am prepared to take a 100% loss. There's no doubt that this recent pump has brought a load of new investors on board in anticipation of Xrapid going live and Swell's potential announcements.There will be lots of positive news at Swell. However, the whales are circling and the likehood short term is the price dips considerably unless there's an announcement that Xrapid has released. Those who have ridden the XRP train for the last 2 weeks, you have until Sunday to disembark. Those with cojones will be rewarded substantially given time. Mine have "SWELLED" considerably since last year.
  6. Same. But I'm sure there's a tipping point after a few cents where market sentiment continues to be bearish. If someone has researched that and sees that happens 65% of the time then overall they will be in profit. At the moment it would generally be between each 10 cent increment before you hit some sort of resistance. I don't have the time or balls for it.
  7. @corak I'm just wondering if you actually read the article or just @Winteriscomming 's quote above the link? It's not about the security debate.
  8. https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2018/04/19/1524110400000/The-Vomiting-Camel-has-escaped-from-Bitcoin-zoo/ Just a bit of fun - no harm intended ?
  9. Approaching 6 weeks and a friend finally got approved on Gatehub on Thursday. Having had all that time to reflect, she only spent 50% of what she originally planned to. Wondering if others in the same boat also throttled back their "investment" having wanted their zerps while riding the wave as opposed to this current dip.
  10. This. Surely THE best way to get XRP to the masses.
  11. Friend of mine still waiting for account verification since 19th December..
  12. What works for me is dropping in on a green day then avoiding on a red day. So not been here much recently but the last couple of hours have been fun!
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